Leap into Poetry: More ABCs of Poetry

Leap into Poetry: More ABCs of PoetryPoet Avis Harley Continues Her Winning Combination Of Poetic Forms And Bright Illustrations In A Handsome New Collection For Anyone Who Delights In Playing With Words, Leap Into Poetry Celebrates The World Of Tiny Creatures In This Clever Array Of Original Poetry Each Letter Of The Alphabet Introduces An Insect Or A Spider Along With Its Corresponding Poetry Form From Ants To Zebra Butterflies, From Alliteration To Z Jel Fledgling Poets Of All Ages Will Be Inspired To Try Their Wings And Discover New Pleasures In Language Structure Brief, Intriguing Facts About Each Creature Are Listed In The Back Leap Into Poetry More ABCs of Poetry is a book about different insects and small creatures with different names going alphabetically This book is a great read for ages 6 10 The different insect names can be extensive and others are very comprehensible for young children This poem is fabulous to demonstrate alliteration which is a form of figurative language The poem is titled, ANTS The first stanza the poet is explaining what ants look like, what amazes ants, and the shape and size of ants The poet also uses different adjectives to keep the alliteration going This poem does not rhyme, yet the meaning is expressed as active and happy, just like ants appear The poet also adds in words that can further be discussed in a classroom or at a later point after reading The poet says, An ant as ancient as Allosaurus which can allow the children to further research what an Allosaurus was The tone of this poem is happy and anxious because the poet is relating an ant to the qualities humans perceive with ants Also within that line we see the use of a simile because of the comparison with the ant and the ancient Allosaurus This poem is very appropriate for children because of the fun qualities associated with ants Children will also like the story because of the constant alliteration in the story As a teacher this would be an excellent choice for a class project teaching about alliteration and how it is used The word choice does in fact heighten the poem because it will make the reader see ants in a new and different light. Personal Reaction I was intrigued by this poetry book because they incorporated different types of poems and made poems beginning with that same letter For example, Allis Harvey wrote a poem containing alliteration and called it Ants, and he wrote a ballad and called it Bluebottle Fly This is the perfect poetry book to use in the classroom when introducing various types of poetry It also includes fun facts about different insects that will keep children engaged and learning at the same time Purposes Read aloud or independent reading for 1 4 grade Enrichment enjoyment due to the various types of poems written about insects Students will love reading these poems, while looking at the bug illustrations that are included.Curriculum read aloud or independent discuss various types of poems and poetic devices e.g Alliteration, Ballad, Clerihew, Dialogue poem, Epitaph, Fourteener, Gradatio, Hyperbole, Iamb, Jargon, Karanamala, List poem, Monometer, Newspaper poem, Occasional poem, Palindrome, Quintet, Riddle, Simile, Triplet, Univocalic verse, Visual Rhyme, Waka, X ray Poem, Yes No poem, Zejel This poetry book can be used at separate times throughout the year, depending on what type of poetry is being taught to the students This poetry book can also be used in the classroom when teaching students about insects I have now read this book at least 3x and look forward to reading it again What a DELIGHT November 23, 2018 I just can t get enough of the poetry of Avis Harley Her poems are absolutely delightful I highly recommend that every teacher and parent read these poems to their children Yet, adults will love them, too October 27, 2018 I discovered Avis Harley by chanceand what a DELIGHTFUL discovery it has been I absolutely love her poetry that is fun not only for children, but adults as well If you have not read her poetry, I encourage you to take the leap and do so.

Avis Harley has written several books of poetry for children, including THE MONARCH S PROGRESS POEMS WITH WINGS She lives in Vancouver.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Leap into Poetry: More ABCs of Poetry By Avis Harley – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Leap into Poetry: More ABCs of Poetry
  • Avis Harley
  • English
  • 05 February 2017
  • 9781563974380

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