Three Wells of the Sea

Three Wells of the Sea An Alternate Cover For This ASIN Can Be Found HereOur World And The Five Quarters Are Shadows Of One Another, Joined By Death And Three Wells Of The SeaWhen Nechtan, Warrior King Of The Five Quarters Is Murdered, He Leaves His Land On The Brink Of Civil War His Closest Adviser, The Druid Lyleth, Has A Price On Her Head And The Evidence To Condemn The Real Killer Seeking To Unify The Land, She Strikes A Bargain With Her Green Gods And Weaves A Forgotten Spell To Summon Her King From The Land Of The DeadHugh Cavendish Is Torn From His Life As A High School English Teacher And Pitched Back Into The Turmoil Of His Previous Life As King Nechtan If He And Lyleth Fail To Regain His Throne And Prevent Civil War, The Ice Born Reaver Known As The Bear Waits To Snatch Up The Scraps Of The Kingdom As Hugh Clings To Life In Our World, In The Other He Must Face The Rebellion As Well As The Bear If He Lets Go Of Life In Either World He Will Lose Not Only His Kingdom But The Woman He Loves

Terry is the author of the fantasy series Three Wells of the Sea She has won top awards for both fiction and screenwriting Her subjects range from historical to science fiction and fantasy and she s as fascinated by the warfare tactics of the Celts as she is by orbiting space telescopes Terry has worked in molecular biology and genetic research labs and currently teaches high school chemistry

[Epub] ➞ Three Wells of the Sea Author Terry  Madden –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 376 pages
  • Three Wells of the Sea
  • Terry Madden
  • English
  • 12 November 2018

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    An old school portal fantasy, harking back to the roots of all portal fantasy, as introduced by George MacDonald the Celtic Otherworld I don t usually read portal stories or Celtic fantasy any , but this was a good one.There are two protagonists, one in each world, and both of them are focussed on the same man in two versions A rebellious schoolboy in our world s California knows the man as his teacher and mentor to a druid in the Otherworld, he is the king to whom she is bound Life and death, evil schemes, war, courage, loss, love, all crash together in a satisfying manner The characters are vivid, and driven by their internal issues, not the demands of a pre scripted plot Originally I added it to my Well edited shelf, but I ended up removing it, thanks to a few dangling modifiers, incorrect word choices mindless heedless, clamboured clamoured, timber timbre, sheath sheathe , a couple of misplaced apostrophes, occasional missing commas, and some comma splices We get a few sudden medievalisms among the ancient Celtic details squire, palfrey, surcoat, even a corset At one point vambraces armour for the arms cover somebody s knuckles These are minor and occasional distractions in a book that mostly reads smoothly and well, and I look forward to reading the sequel I received this book at no charge through an association with the publisher.

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    Dig your teeth into this two world fantasy and feel the gristle It s the real thing The Bear comes for the throne of the Five Quarters I m here to stop him And so it begins Hugh Cavendish, a boarding school English teacher slips from one world to the next, to take back his life, his throne and his soul companion He is truly neither here nor there, and his loss leaves Connor, his student ward, scrambling to discover the truth of his passage through the well of the moon s flood tide The two halves of Cavendish s life will soon collide, but will he survive the closure Riddled with Celtic and Norse myth, and rich in new perspectives, The Three Wells of the Sea is the first book in an elemental new series of heroic fantasy, and can be thoroughly enjoyed as a stand alone novel For fans of the dual worlds of Stephen R Donaldson s The Land and Stephen King s The Talisman Let s welcome Terry Madden s Five Quarters to the world just outside the one we live in It has a spark of wonder, indeed I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Three wells of the sea by Terry Madden I received this free eBook from the site book exceeded my expectations at a whopping 437 pages I was shocked at how long it was.With most eBooks I have read they have been 200 pages or less but I loved this book none the less I was supremely happy with how this book turned out it satisfied my need for adventure fantasy folk lore fiction and romance.Genre fiction ,fantasy SOME SPOILERS About Conner is a troubled boy who attends a Christian boarding school in California he tries anything to leave by playing pranks skipping class and not turning in assignments when his teacher who he calls Dish coach of the track team but is know by everyone as Mr Cavendish takes him under his wing and keeps him from getting expelled after his last major prank Dish gets Conner into running on the track team thinking that will help Conner deal with his issues.We slowly learn that Dish has been looking for something ,a way to another world that he has obsessed about and poured over books looking for Dish has been looking for a way in but someone in the other world has been searching for him too ,one tragic night during an accident Dish goes into a coma and Connor is blamed because he was driving the car.Connor learns about the world Dish was searching for and that his soul has been taken to that world to finish a task.Connor aims to get him back before his Dish s sister decides to pull the plug Forgiveness ,acceptance ,adventure this book has it all.This book takes you and pulls you in and makes you root for the characters in both worlds I was hoping the whole time that Connor wouldn t give up as he met adversity after adversity.Terry Madden thought out everything and gives us well rounded characters , a suspenseful story line believable for a work of fiction I believe there are books to come in this series because of the way that the story left off I cant wait to read them as well.

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    Three Wells of the Sea is about two different worlds that are connected by wells When King Nechtan died in one world, he lives in another in the teacher, Mr Cavendish, a.k.a Dish Nechtan s solas, Lyleth uses magic to draw Nechtan s soul back through the well and into a body that was once a bird of prey This leaves Dish in a coma Troubled student, Connor, saw Dish get drawn through the well and a tattoo appear on his arm The second time Dish was drawn through, he went into the coma Connor tried to get through the well, too, in order to draw Dish back to this side, back to his body, which lies in a hospital.In the mean time, Nechtan s widow has declared herself king and a war is about to begin.Read the book to find out what happens wink

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    I picked this book to read from Story Cartel and I m glad I did I m a big fan of fantasy and have read the books of Stephan Donaldson and this one is similar Two different worlds where humans are different, such as Hugh and Nechtan same person, different worlds.Terry Madden has written a wonderful story here and does quite well when changing worlds I didn t lose my place where she left off with one and remembered what was going on in the other, Not many writers can pull that off The only thing I hated was the ending it was a cliffhanger so now I have to wait for the next book to come it It will be worth the wait.

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    Very engaging read the storyline is well thought out and although the plot is complex at times, the writing makes it easy enough to still understand everything that is going on I enjoyed the way the story was able to seamlessly jump in between worlds as well as the fact that the plot stayed interesting to the end my predictions kept being wrong I am definitely keeping my eyes out for the next book

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    This probably the longest it ever took me to read a book It wasn t a slow moving book in the least Just not a lot of time was dedicated to reading the past few months This was a great fantasy novel I liked the passing between the real world and fantasy worlds Great characters and not predictable in the least I will look forward to the next release in the series.

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    Mystical Enchanting, hard to stop It is a book of that takes you to a magical place, one full of wonder mythology Only this is, some of the story is confusing to follow, almost as though this was a sequel. but overall I loved it

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    I just loved it Has a touch of Thomas Covenant White gold Wielder in there somewhere, without the angst of Thomas Covenant Will be looking out for Book two.Thank you to Story Cartel for their free download File for Review.

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    Thoughtful and well written A truly different approach to an afterlife Characters have all the foibles and nobility, high purpose and driving needs of real people Lyl is truly driven and Nechtan is of great honor to correct the problems he created karma fulfilled.

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