Cassandra In Oz

Cassandra In Oz When Conrad Crane Retired From Active Duty To Become A Research Professor, He Never Expected To Become A Modern Cassandra, Fated To Tell Truth To Power Without Being Heeded After The World Transformed On , He Warned The Army That It Was Not Prepared To Execute Stability Operations, Counterinsurgency, And The Eventual Reconstruction Of Iraq Crane S Work Attracted The Attention Of Generals David Petraeus And James Mattis, And He Soon Found Himself In Charge Of A Team Tasked With Creating The Groundbreaking Field Manual Marine Corps Warfighting Publication Counterinsurgency, The Very Counterinsurgency Doctrine He Had Pleaded For A Unique Blend Of Traditional And Modern Theory, This Manual Would Prove To Be Essential To The Success Of The Surge In Iraq That Changed The Course Of The WarCrane S Account Of The Creation And Implementation Of The Manual Addresses Its Many Criticisms, Details What Went Wrong In Iraq, And Explains How The New Doctrine Was Never Properly Applied In Afghanistan From The Debates Over The Content To The Ways It Was Used In The Field, Cassandra In Oz Covers Lessons That Should Be Gleaned From Years Of Global War And Displays The American Military As A Learning Organization At Its Best

Conrad C Crane is chief historical services, US Army Heritage and Education Center, US Army War College.

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Cassandra In Oz  Author Conrad C. Crane –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Cassandra In Oz
  • Conrad C. Crane
  • English
  • 27 July 2019
  • 9781682470077

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    Reviewed by Michael Shulman for San Diego Book ReviewAccording to Greek mythology, Cassandra had been given the power of prophecy by Apollo when he tried to seduce her When she rejected his advances, Apollo spit in her mouth thereby laying a curse that whenever she tells her prophecy, nobody would believe her Cassandra in Oz is the story of the modern day Cassandra, Conrad C Crane, the author of the book Crane, a career army officer, warned George W Bush and his cabinet of the dangers of invading Iraq and the dire consequences it would bring on the entire Middle East You can read this entire review and others like it at San Diego Book Review.

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