The Bourbon Kings

The Bourbon Kings4.5 stars Well, that was quite a ride Have you ever read a book where so much was going on your head was just spinning when you finished Thats kind of how I feel right now There was so much going on in this book, so many characters, storylines and drama drama drama And I loved it I loved that Ward could write a book like this and have everything come together so perfectly Honestly, even with everything happening, I had no trouble keeping track of the characters or story line so that is a huge plus I was consumed when listening to the story This book focuses on the Baldwine family Including Lane, Edward and Gin Along with their father William and brother Max who isn t talked about much Lane and Lizzie are who I would call the main characters of The Bourbon Kings Lane and Lizzy have a complicated past It s been two years since they ve seen each other Two years since Lane has seen anyone in his family Now he s home He s determined to get things together and fix things with Lizzy, if she ll have himI can t go back, Lane I m sorry I just can t He fell silent And then after a long while, he nodded All right, but can I ask you for one thing No Yes Just don t hate me any I m doing plenty of that on my own timeLane was by far my favorite character of the bunch, with Edward being a close second I can t wait to read the next in this series I m interested to see if it will focus on Edward or Gin Either way, I hope we get Lane and Lizzy I don t see their story as over J.R Ward is one of those authors that can do no wrong Whether it s writing my favorite paranormal series thats full of action and emotion, or writing a story about a wealthy Kentucky family that s full of drama and secrets and twists and turns, she masters it all This is a total win for me I was addicted to this book and couldn t stop listening The only issue I had with the story is that there was so much going on, it didn t really focus on the main couple like I would have wished Also, I wonder if when the next book comes out I ll have trouble remembering everything because SO MUCH happened Overall, it was still a fantastic read and one I would highly recommend 3.75I m going to need a Venn diagramStarsFirst off, please forgive my casting laziness as there are a ton of characters in this story and although not identical to any television show it sure has the night time soap opera feelthe Bradfords truly did take dysfunction to whole new levelsAs enjoyable as this story of one of the wealthiest family s in Charlemont, Kentucky is, I think I jumped the gun reading it at this time I m not sure how much I ll remember until the next book is released Old money, debutantes, trophy wives, deceitful men and ill equipped adults top notch soap opera feel of it all This story brought the DRAMA in forms of embezzlement, affairs, no protection, arranged marriages, hidden paternity, possible murders or suicides, rape and love.The story centers around Lane, the prodigal son who returns home after word that his mother is ill He runs right into his wife and his lost love Lizzie King both of whom he hasn t seen in two years Lizzie is the love of his life and his family s head horticulturistYou re the love of my life, whether you re with me or notWe are treated to many povs and thus along with Lane Lizzie we meet Edward Edward is Lane s big brother who has survived being kidnapped in South America and is now disfigured and broken He owns and runs Red Black Stables I enjoyed Edward s story line the most I could read a entire book based only on him and Sutton SmytheI wish I had done this before, he said in a voice that cracked My body was once something worth seeing I should have I should have tried to have you before, but I was too much of a coward I was an arrogant coward but the truth was, I could have withstood anything except you turning me downGin is the only daughter of this family and has a sixteen year old daughter that no one knows her true paternity and has a love hate, tit for tat relationship with Samuel T Her father, the king pin and assuming manipulator of all that happens in this book, insists she marry anotherI love you Samuel T This is who we are, who we ve been since we were teenagersThere is another brother Max who is supposedly hard to get in contact with and so that makes a total of four children to William Wyatt Baldwine and their mother who is bedridden The siblings were raised by Miss Aurora who is ill and the reason Lane came home There are suicides, deaths and a ton of money missing, all the while Lane tries to figure out what is going on and him and Lizzie fall back in love The story ends on a crazy cliffhanger and left me with a MILLION QUESTIONS and THEORIES.Unless you have an impeccable memory, I would suggest you wait closer to book two s release to dive in I know it sounds harsh and I have never recommended this course of action before but time will only tell how much I actually retained from my crazy ride with the Bradfords. FULL 6 STAR REVIEW NOW POSTEDYou re the love of my life, whether you re with me or notI have the biggest book hangover ever I am literally struggling to find things to occupy my mind with just so I wouldn t go back to re read this fabulous, oh so addictive, sinfully ish book, because at the end of the day, no matter how many times I flip those last few pages, no new ones are going to appear The first instalment in The Bourbon Kings saga, this is the devastatingly compelling story of a very prestigious Southern family from Kentucky the Bradfords and it follows the four Bradford siblings and all the scandals and heartbreak entailed upon them by being born into such wealth and privilege The best way I can describe the feeling of reading a book such as this would be to say that if Dynasty and Downton Abbey had a baby, this would be it I am telling you, this book will ruin you, break you, steal your breath away so many times, you ll be breathing into a paper bag by the end of it, and once you recover, you ll be begging forI was almost over you, Lane I was getting my breath back, my life backWhile the story as a whole is comprised of a number of intertwined subplots as we get to hear several distinct voices belonging to each Bradford son or daughter, as well as their romantic interests, this book in a way belongs to the youngest Bradford child Jonathan Lane Tulane Baldwine and the woman he lost two years before but never got over Lizzie King Lane has been wasting his life away for two long years, hiding from the world in New York City and spending his days either drinking or playing poker, but the ill health of the only quasi parent he s ever loved suddenly brings the prodigal son back home, to a house he never wanted to see again, forcing him to face the woman he cannot stop thinking aboutThe one man she never wanted to see again was going to come homeLizzie has been working at the Bradford Family Estate for ten years, working her way up to become one of their most valuable employees Independent, diligent, proud of her hard work and determined to make it on her own in life nothing prepares her for the return of the youngest Bradford son, her body betraying her from the moment they lay eyes on each other again, but two years of separation have not even dimmed her heartbreak or the sting of his betrayal Lane, however, is a changed man, unwilling to let the love of his life slip through his fingers once again, and prepared to do whatever it takes to convince her to trust him againI m prepared to be a very patient man when it comes to you I will seduce you for however long it takes give you space if you need it or follow you tight as sunshine on your shoulder if you ll let me I lost my chance with you once, Lizzie King that is not going to happen againLane is not the only Bradford we get to fall in love with in this book, his sister Gin s and older brother Edward s storylines being even captivating and intense at times Virginia Gin Baldwine, is a woman who lost her self respect a long time ago, a woman who feels deeply and hates herself for all her downfalls, and yet for all those around her she maintains an air of pride, perfection, superiority, and complete emotional detachment Spoiled by a lifetime of depraved luxury and blessed with good genes, Gin is used to getting her way in everything, especially the men she sleeps with, but ever since she was a teenager, she has loved one man and one man alone the only man she can never have For almost two decades, she has played a torturous and unhealthy cat and mouse game with Samuel Theodore Lodge III Samuel T to his friends a successful attorney and old family friend, always one upping each other with their sexual conquests while maintaining a very casual friends with benefits arrangement between them But when two very headstrong people play a cruel game with each other for too long, they eventually end up forgetting why they started playing it in the first place, possibly losing the only chance they get at finding their happily ever afterTo sacrifice her body at the altar of money Fine She would do what she had toAnd then there is Edward Baldwine, the eldest son and heir apparent to the Bradford throne , a man whose broken body coupled with a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father have forced him to leave his old life behind, and become a recluse who spends his days training horses and his nights drowning himself in self pity and alcohol But even as a shadow of his old self, his heart continues to ache for Sutton Smythe, the daughter of the Bradfords biggest competitor and Edward s best friend since childhood, a woman he never claimed when he had a chance to but secretly loved all his lifeYou must know that I fell in love with you a long time ago You must know it How could you not I ve been following you around for years is that why you hate meWhile he fall head over heels with each Bradford sibling and the people they are destined to love forever, we also see them facing one common problem, a monumental setback that would change all their lives collectively and would require them to either join forcesor watch reality as they know it disappear in a puff of smoke.A sinfully addictive telenovela esque collection of jaw dropping twists and turns, secrets and lies, set against a very enthralling backdrop of Southern wealth and privilege, I never wanted this book to end Ever I loved all the main characters, felt heartbroken over all their storylines, and cannot wait to see where the series takes us In the meantime, I ll be the one rocking in a corner, begging the universe to make the wait for the next book as short as possibleThis is your time, Lane God has provided you with a sacred duty to keep this family together You are the only one who can do it This is all falling into place because it is your destiny to bind the blood once again It happens every couple of generations It s happening now This is your time6 STARS See this review on my blog Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter US UK CA ARC kindly provided by NAL via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you a lot 4.6 stars Blurb For generations, the Bradford family has worn the mantle of kings of the bourbon capital of the world Their sustained wealth has afforded them prestige and privilege as well as a hard won division of class on their sprawling estate, Easterly Upstairs, a dynasty that by all appearances plays by the rules of good fortune and good taste Downstairs, the staff who work tirelessly to maintain the impeccable Bradford facade And never the twain shall meet.For Lizzie King, Easterly s head gardener, crossing that divide nearly ruined her life Falling in love with Tulane, the prodigal son of the bourbon dynasty, was nothing that she intended or wanted and their bitter breakup only served to prove her instincts were right Now, after two years of staying away, Tulane is finally coming home again, and he is bringing the past with him No one will be left unmarked not Tulane s beautiful and ruthless wife not his older brother, whose bitterness and bad blood know no bounds and especially not the ironfisted Bradford patriarch, a man with few morals, fewer scruples, and many, many terrible secrets.As family tensions professional and intimately private ignite, Easterly and all its inhabitants are thrown into the grips of an irrevocable transformation, and only the cunning will survive. I won t lie, guys, there are a lot of things going on in this book.I ve come to realize that this is the kind of story you will love or hate It could be all full of clich s or it ll be a brand new adventure for you I m in the amazing side of things and I have only good stuff to say about this book.Gosh, I don t even know where I should start After reading this book I was like man, I m glad I m not rich because, hell, that was pretty messed up. Totally dodged the bullet.Get it LOL kay, I suck at joking.The story follows the children of this new generation of the Bradford family There are three men Edward, Maxwell and Tulane, and the woman, Virginia Gin, if you like They re all messed up, yeah But we don t actually see Max in this book, only flashbacks.The main thing here is that Lane wants to get his old love, Lizzie King, back but he also has to try to do things right and make amends but his family gets in between Well, like his father and his businesses get in between.I really have to say I was invested in the side characters rather than in our MCs but hey, their storylines were very good.Here we have Edward, right heir to the Bradford Empire, yes We re told shown this man was once full of life and he was smart as fuck and ruthless when it came to business but also gentle and good person We see glimpses of that but this Edward This is a very broken man, a weak shadow of the person who used to be After the events of his kidnapping and torturing, well, how can you be whole The scars are not only on his body but he is a living reminder of what was done to his persona He s become an addict an alcoholic, a loner and a prostitute user.His character was so interesting, I think he was the one I enjoyed reading the most.I liked every aspect of his personality, I m not saying that he was right about how he was dealing with his life but I can tell you I understand the whys I even liked that he had a crushWas he madly in loveon Sutton Smythe, heir to Sutton Destillery a.k.a Bradford s enemy I liked Sutton, I truly did but she and Edward don t work for me I rather they end up as friends but something tells me they re endgame Would I be okay with that Yeah, I guess Do I have another person in mind for our broken guy Hell yes Guys, meet Shelby Landis.She s the daughter of the man who got Edward back on tracks Jeb Landis told her daughter to go find Edward when he died Since Edward owed the man, he got Shelby a job and a place to live while she works with his horses.I really loved her character, even though there was little of her in the bookI m not lookin for no handouts I need a place to stay and work to do I m good with horses, just like my father, and bad with people so you re warned up front on that one I got no money, but my back is strong and I m not afraid of nothing When can I startThat s how she was She was blunt and she didn t give a shit whether she could hurt Edward s feelings and she gained his and my respect I think that s exactly what he needed after all this time No pity looks but someone who treated him like a regular alcoholic dude I d like to read about her in the following book and I d love for them to be together even though she s 22 and he s almost 40 or past 40 I don t care, really Or at least I want them to grow closer and closer because there s some serious potential awesome friendship there.Those two were my favorites, what can I say.Now, back to our MCs I had a bit of a hard time liking Lane I mean, he was a sweetheart, yes He was sexy as fuck, yes He had honor, yes but I just don t know We really didn t hit it off.He used to be a bad boy two years before the events happening here and there was already a story created between him and Lizzie so maybe that s why I couldn t fall in love with them I d say I know Lizzie better than I know Lane but still, I was almost done with the book and I still couldn t say I knew for sure who they were I m not saying that I know Edward and Shelby and Sutton like the palm of my hand but I like them so that helps.Lizzie is a really strong independent womanDon t you think we say this a lot she s such a strong, independent woman like it s a rarity in this world Why don t we say he s such a strong, independent man I feel rather annoyed with this It s not Ward s fault but just the thing in general We have to educate ourselves and women that being strong, capable and independent are not ultimate qualities to conquer and show off and to attract people but adjectives to describe us because that s what we are, not what we got to bewho works for Lane s family Now, I don t think I d be working for the family of the man who left me to marry other woman I know, I know what happened but she did not know because, on top of that, I d be working for that woman too That s self torture, Lizzie She s a really good person and she wants to finish the payments of her farm and all of that but I would have found another place to work Anyhow, I liked the girl but that was it Y all know honest to God pure of hearts characters and I don t get along well so maybe that s why she wasn t my favorite And honestly I didn t really care about her and Lane If the two of them had managed to make a good impression as a couple, I d have root for them but I felt like I was reading just part of their story and not the most interesting part.With that being said, I still want to read about them because I want to give them another chance because of what happened with Chantal, Lane s wife ex wife, well, I couldn t appreciate them.Now, the deal with Gin is a whole different thing.She s the party girl The woman who makes terrible decisions and is often humiliated She s also the manipulative kind of woman.She has no advance education and she lives off her family money Yep, she s the typical spoiled heir.I have to say I somehow care about her It s hard not to, really I didn t want to because I just hate this type of person but Gin isn t cruel nor a despicable villain Her survival instincts are just strong enough to move mountains and that s, uhm, something great.Her relationship with Samuel T is something I don t think it d work Ever They go back and forth with this sex fest they have and I could understand why they kept their relationship but I just think it s a bit way too sick to me Granted, they care about each other but they haven t been adults in the situation They re not teenagers any and the way they behave is just beyond stupid at times.It was entertaining for sure but, in the end, it s not healthy for anyone and now that Gin has made up her mind, well, she chose her well being first.Like I said, it s hard not to sympathize with her and I know everything will come back and bite her assAfter much introspection, she had come to acknowledge a fundamental truth about herself She couldn t survive in any other world And Richard could give her this lifestyle she needed even as her family might no longer be able to.It was going to cost her, apparently but she had lost her self respect years ago.To sacrifice her body at the altar of money Fine She would do what she had toI mean, yeah, I should totally hate the woman but I haven t been able to.I ve found TBK than entertaining and I enjoyed reading it so much I love when I jump from conclusion to conclusion Sometimes I spoiled myself but it is too fun.I liked the villain, Lane s father, but I wish we could have of him We all see his evil acts for afar or just the results and I really wanted to see him in action I mean, being the complete SOB that he was.Guys, I like me some refined evil minds and on top of that the man was a total asshole so I d want to read about him and despise the living shit out of that bastard I hope we get that in book two view spoiler I doubt that will happen considering the tiny little fact that said asshole is dead But we could totally have character development even if he s dead I trust Ward to do it right hide spoiler NOW LIVE 5 Bourbon Neat Stars PleaseBourbon Kings is part of the Bourbon Kings series, it can be read as a standalone, but like I said, it s also a part of a series I m a mega fan of J.R Ward and when I heard about The Bourbon Kings I think my panties got wet just a little bit If you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, just know that The Bourbon Kings has the same writing style, but it s nothing like the paranormal BDB series The Bourbon Kings has mixed reviews and it s because of two things the only thing I can think of The book is not focused on one main couple The story is about the Bradford siblings There are four of them, Max who isn t in the story, but is mentioned Edward the eldest, Lane and Gin the sister The main couple is Lane and Lizzie, but a huge chunk of the book includes, Edward, Gin, Stephen T the family laywer , Sutton heiress to a competing competitor and Shelby a staff member The main couple is Lane and Lizzie she works on the flower arrangements for the family and has been for over ten years , but like I said there s a huge chunk of the book that includes the other siblings Just my two cents, I loved this Because J.R Ward included the other siblings, I felt like the story moved fairly quickly and there was PLENTY of stuff to keep me happy Also, I felt like I was getting a solid foundation on every character each have their vices Lane and Lizzie s Story Lizzie has worked for the family for a long time When she was just hired, Lane was in college They had a short fling that ended badly you will find out why, but I think it s best to leave it as a surprise When the fling ended, Lane went away for two years and now he is back Lizzie still loves Lane, but he hurt her badly It s really bad in my opinion and you feel for Lizzie Lane tries to redeem himself and he wants to make it right with Lizzie because he still cares for her You re the love of my life, whether you re with me or notIt matters this matters to me even than my family Do you hear me, Lizzie You have always, and will always, matter most to me I loved Lane and Lizzie s story It s so tortured and so dramatic I was just consumed by the problems and I wanted them to fight, make up and have steamy you know what Lane tries really hard to win Lizzie back and I love it when the Hero chases the Heroine You also feel for Lane Lane is a complex character, he has major daddy issues Lane is kind of the butter to the family He keeps everyone together and he has a lot on his shoulders He s the guy you go to fix problems Gin and Samuel T and other people Gin is the sister and she is a spoiled princess She doesn t have any empathy and she spends her days shopping and having relations with anyone she wants, married or not When you first meet Gin, it s really hard to like her She basically is self centered and really mean BUT I have a soft spot for these girls They are the way they are for a reason and Gin has her reasons Samuel T is the family s lawyer He grew up with the siblings so don t think he s the creepy old guy He s good friends with Lane and he s helping Lane with some problems Samuel and Gin have a past They have a very abusive and explosive relationship that I am just addicted to reading If you could think of a love hate kind of relationship, they are it They are all about hurting and using each other.I really enjoyed reading the small parts with Gin and Sam, I found them fascinating and completely different from Lizzie and Lane I liked how dark their story was and I loved the direction J.R Ward was taking them Edward Sutton and maybe Shelby Edward is the oldest and he s story is the saddest I don t want to give anything away, but some stuff has happened to him in the past that has forever changed Edward s outlook on life He s basically just a shell of a person and you can see his self destruction I really liked Edward s story because you just couldn t help, but want to cry for him and give him a big hug He, like Lane, has daddy issues too and it has left him with many open wounds.Sutton is the heiress to a competing competitor her family and the Bradford s have be rivals, they are both successful Sutton is introduced a little towards the middle of the book and her story is adorable I really like Sutton and she s the kind of girl you want to be friends with Her interaction between Edward is minimal but it s really important to the story That s all you are getting from me.Shelby is a mystery to me and I am not sure what role she plays in the book, but I do like her, even though I am confused by her presence I have a feeling there s something big that will happen in the future books with her My thoughts I am not sure if you wanted to read about each character, but it s was the easiest way for me to break down the story What really worked for me is how every character interacted with each other It s not a book that is broken up by three couples, no, each person is somehow related to another person and they all have a story kind of woven together That right there made the book for me.Some people wonder if there are too many characters to follow and my answer to you is no J.R Ward writes in a way that is easy to follow along and is completely captivating I may be a little biased because I married a Southerner yes, including southern accent so all of this is something I understand It s all about how you are presented towards the outside, but not everything is what it seems.There are some negative comments about the romance in the book Let me tell you here, it s not an overly romantic book, but there s plenty of love if that makes sense The thing is, these characters are so messed up, confused and have major chips on their shoulders, it s hard for them to love , but they do have passion, lust and high emotions There was plenty of tension to keep you happy, so do not be let down by the few steamy scenes there are in the book Because, just like J.R Ward fashion, when she does write a steamy scene, it counts and in a major way Finally, there is a main major plot in the book and it kind of ties all the mini stories together I really liked the overall plot and it starts out as a mystery and as you read, and is discovered I simply loved this If you are a J.R Ward fan, you will not be disappointed by Bourbon Kings It has everything you are looking for in a J.R Ward book, with tension, drama, complex characters and overlapping plots I LOVED it and I can t wait to re read it via Audio An ARC was provided No star rating I m DNFing this one.Normally I adore JR WARD s storytelling and I ve never DNF d one of her books, until now One might assume I DNF d this one because of the genre, but that s not the case here In fact, I loved her earlier contemporary romances written as Jessica Bird and can t wait for some of those stories to continue Not holding my breath, thoughSo, what s the problem, you ask Well, here s my take on this first installment of The Bourbon KingsFirst, let it be known that I went into this story with no high expectations so that s not the issue Honestly, the short and bittersweet of itit just didn t draw me in The world JR WARD created just didn t do it for me I wasn t a fan of of the night time dope opera, Dynasty, and couldn t give a frog s fat ass who shot J.R Other than the narrator s luscious voice there was nothing to keep me invested, nothing that had me excited about or mildly interested in continuing And that kinda breaks my heart.As a rule I don t rate stories unless I read than 50%, and I didn t make it that far into The Bourbon Kings When book 2 comes along, and if it can be read as a standalone story, I ll give it a shot This is the WARDen, afterall. If you ever enjoyed the night time soaps of the 1980s, get ready for the next generation of big money, family dynasty drama The Bradford family made its fortune in bourbon, not oil, but all of the major elements are in place a southern palatial estate, high end cars, private jets class divisions, a spoiled daughter, and a dastardly patriarch that could put JR Ewing to shame But this is JR Ward, you say How does it compare to the Black Dagger BrotherhoodSimply put, it doesn t This is in no way, shape, or form like the BDB books There s no street slang nor product placement Nobody s gotchu Nobody is drinking Grey Goose Oh and spoiler alert both the hero and the heroine survive the entire book So there s that.The books follow the four grown children of the Bradford clan three brothers and a sister, though one of the brothers, Max, appears only in flashback in book 1 There s the oldest brother, Edward, who was once the heir apparent and is now recovering from a horrific event that we learn about as the book progresses There is Gin, the sister, who is a stereotypical rich girl with no skills or redeeming personality traits And then there is our hero, Lane, the family playboy who left town after breaking Lizzie s heart.Obviously, Lizzie is our heroine and serves as a horticulturalist on the Bradford estate She fell in love with Lane despite herself and it has taken her the past two years to try to get over him Now that a family emergency has called him back home, the two of them realize that what they had between them never went away and Lane makes it his mission to wipe every obstacle from their path as he tries to rekindle their romance.It isn t easy thanks largely to his wife Now before you get all worried that this is a cheater book, it s not You ll be ok with this Just give it a chance In the meantime, there is a major family calamity unfolding and it threatens the only life the Bradfords have ever known.I was a little surprised to find that I enjoyed the book, much in the same guilty pleasure way that I binge watched Dallas in reruns while I was in college It s over the top, but that is part of the indulgence I ve never been a huge fan of the playboy hero, but Lane really isn t that it s who he was before he met Lizzie Now, he s all about fixing his mistakes and finding a way to save his family.As for Lizzie, she is a little too good to be true at times I mean, would you keep working for the family of the man who broke your heart, just to prove your fortitude Would you serve his wife Put everything aside and feed him lasagna This is an educated and independent woman She could do anything But she chose this path I found a little unlikely I also felt like I missed something because of the fact that these two fell in love long before I entered the picture I wanted them to get together, but I didn t burn for it, you know I found I was invested in the set up for Edward s story I love a broken hero And I am kind of excited about the fact that all of the players in these books are at least in their 30s Imagine romances about people who are full grown Anyway, I am so intrigued about his life and ill fated feelings for the daughter of the rival bourbon makers.And then there is Gin I can t say I like her, but her story is a doozy There is at least one really hardcore scene with her and the only real emotion I felt in the book came from what happened when she put her heart on the line.So final verdict I liked it Don t read it looking for what you re used to from Ward But if the premise intrigues you, I think you ll like it too I will definitely check out the next installment.Rating BARC provided by publisher The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Black Dagger Brotherhood Delivers The First Novel In An Enthralling New Series Set Amid The Shifting Dynamics Of A Southern Family Defined By Wealth And Privilege And Compromised By Secrets, Deceit, And Scandal Upstairs On The Sprawling Estate Of Easterly, The Kings Of The Bourbon Capital Of The World The Bradford Family Appear To Play By The Rules Of Good Fortune And Taste Downstairs, The Staff Works Tirelessly To Maintain The Impeccable Bradford Facade And Never The Twain Shall Meet For Lizzie King, Easterly S Head Gardener, Crossing That Divide Nearly Ruined Her Life Falling In Love With Tulane, The Prodigal Son Of The Bourbon Dynasty, Was Nothing She Intended And Their Breakup Proved Her Instincts Right Now, After Two Years, Tulane Is Coming Home And No One Will Be Left Unmarked Oooh New series from JR Ward that has already been optioned for TV film as well I can t waitan enthralling new series set amid the shifting dynamics of a Southern family defined by wealth and privilege and compromised by secrets, deceit, and scandalRELEASE DATE July 28, 2015 TWO POINT SEVEN FIVE STARSWell, I m not sure if my lack of loving this book is because I listened to it instead of reading it or if this book just didn t grab my attention Either way I did listen to all 13 hours of it because I m OCD like that lol In true Ward form she created an interesting secondary story lines that will most likely have me reading the future books in the series to see what happens The Bourbon Kings reads like a 1980 s night time soap opera set in modern times As a child I didn t get to watch soaps but I did watch some in college They re addictinglol SERIES The Angel s ShareContinuing story

J.R Ward is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series She lives in the South her family.

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