Oasis The Oasis Saved Them But Who Will Save Them From The Oasis Alif Had Exciting Summer Plans Working On Her Father S Archaeological Dig Site In The Desert With Four Close Friends And A Very Cute Research Assistant Then The Sandstorm HitWith Their Camp Wiped Away, Alif And The Others Find Themselves Lost On The Sands, Seemingly Doomed Until They Find The Oasis It Has Everything They Need Food, Water, Shade And Mysterious Ruins That Hide A Deadly Secret As Reality Begins To Shift Around Them, They Question What S Real And What S A Mirage The Answers Turn Alif And Her Friends Against One Another, And They Begin To Wonder If They Ve Truly Been Saved And While It Was Easy To Walk Into The Oasis, It May Be Impossible To Leave Katya De Becerra S New Supernatural Thriller Hides A Mystery In Plain Sight, And Will Keep You Guessing Right Up To Its Terrifying Conclusion

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  • Oasis
  • Katya de Becerra
  • English
  • 12 July 2017

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    What an exciting thriller this book proved to be Alif Scholl s parents are archeologists, so she has grown up around various digs and actually enjoys the task of washing and labelling archeological finds She is thrilled to spend her summer at her father s current dig near Dubai Alif s friends Minh, Lori, Rowen and Luke are joining her There s also Tommy Ortiz, Alif s father s student and assistant On their way to the site Alif reads a blog post about the site which claims that there is a kind of curse on it She brushes it off as a publicity trick, but later Tommy tell her that there was indeed a strange accident in which two people were hurt Another strange event happens when a young exhausted and severely dehydrated Frenchman wanders into the camp and whispers the name of a Messopotamian deity Alif manages to get a few sentences from him before he is taken away to a hospital.Everything is going well and the friends are beginning to get the hang of the dig site routine, when a terrible sandstorm hits When it passes and Alif comes round, she sees no sign of the camp Her friends and Tommy have to get back to civilisation, but they have no idea what their current location is When the situation begins to seem desperate, they reach an oasis with crystal clean water and abundant fruit But can they trust the oasis and can they trust each other Soon strange dreams beginAlif and her five friends are all flawed characters with their own distinct personality something that becomes very important at the end of the book The group dynamics was quite complex Bear in mind, we only get Alif s perspective and, as the book progresses, it becomes clear that she is an unreliable narrator.I really enjoyed Katya de Berrera s seemingly effortless writing style and the way she kept my attention throughout the book I did wonder quite often whether the events were just a hallucination brought by the gruelling journey through the desert under the unforgiving sun or whether the post oasis events are manifestations of PTSD and then the author surpassed all my expectations by giving us a mind bending explanation.I had a bit of trouble trying to categorize this book in terms of its genre a thriller a horror fantasy science fiction Although set in an entirely different context this book made me think about two of my favourite reads from long time ago Solaris by Stanslaw Lem and The Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Nathan Strugatsky both books belong to the classic science fiction genre.Oasis is a gripping genre bending story that will be appreciated by those who like a good adventure book set in a fascinating location.Thank you to Edelweiss and Imprint Macmillan for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

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    After reading What the Woods Keep by the author, I knew I had to get my hands on Oasis The summary along with the cover had me absolutely intrigued And did somebody say desert My, my, yes they did Alif was the perfect protagonist because she was imperfect and you loved her, and you wanted to ask her what she was doing at times, and you were right there along with her wanting to know what was going on in this desert And Tommy Swoon I loved him Inside the oasis, Alif and her five friends encounter things where it makes them hard to trust each other, where it breaks them apart, where it creates new bonds, and it utterly had my pulse accelerating.Now, let s get down to this desert business It was magically eerie and creepy with a side of amazingly weird There is mystery, and worry, and at times I wondered, is this even real I could definitely see this on and episode of the Twilight Zone the old ones that were awesome And seriously, this needs to be made into a movie ASAP The writing was addicting and the story an intense page turner I can t wait to see what book the author comes up with next Oh, and genre bending books are the best

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    Welcome to the oasis, where sand is life and nothing is as it seems CWs are listed in the end of this post and some are marked as spoilers Please let me know in comments if I missed something Oasis is my second novel If you haven t read my debut, What the Woods Keep, yet, check it out, if you wish I wrote Oasis exclusively on the days of heavy rain in my hometown of Melbourne, while alternating between listening to Ladytron s MIRAGE and London Grammar s NIGHTCALL on repeat Oasis is my love letter to archaeology, deserts, and genre bending adventure horror I hope you love it And remember you can take the girl out of the oasis but you can t take oasis out of the girl.Content warnings general mention descriptions of blood and injury, turbulence, mentions of bullying, mentions of violent behavior, smoking, swearing, physical verbal fighting, mentions of divorce, mentions of racism and racist micro aggressions, experience of injury strain, dehydration, drinking alcoholContent warnings spoilery ones view spoiler death by impalement, human bones, mentions of artifact theft and trafficking smuggling, hospitalization, medical procedure IV drip , seizures observed, not experienced , fear of drinking poisoned water hide spoiler

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    In the tradition of The Twilight Zone or Tales Of the Unexpected, De Becerra skillfully presents the reader with the known world with its laws of nature, time and space then carefully bends reality, drawing you inexorably deeper into a narrative both terrifying and irresistible Tense, electric storytelling that makes you wonder what you would be willing to sacrifice to have your deepest longings fulfilled.Alif and her friends join an archeological dig in the desert outside Dubai Rumors are rife that the dig is cursed things keep going wrong When a catastrophic sandstorm obliterates the campsite, Alif and her five friends must survive the unforgiving heat and hostile barrenness of the desert Hope and wonder soar when a glittering oasis appears on the horizon Against their better judgment they follow what they fear will prove to be a mirage to a lush haven Dense palm trees, soft grass, clear water, luscious, impossible fruit it all seems too good to be true A powerful, invisible will throbbing at the heart of the Oasis whispers to each survivor about their deepest longings and fears Soon, the friends grow suspicious of one another in their pursuit of the Oasis favors.When a search party rescues them, they return to a world that seems pale and dim by comparison to the vivid intensity of the Oasis A stolen artifact from their ordeal fractures the group even further when the power of the Oasis follows them home The outcome of the story left me reeling in the best possible way An audacious story, unsettling and masterfully told.

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    Archaeology and Hallucinations in an Egyptian OasisMy mom loves everything to do with archaeology and so I ve always had a soft spot for stories about archaeologists Oasis sounds like a fun, supernatural romp for sand diggers and occult fans Plus we get to travel from Australia to Egypt Did Oasis haunt this Fangirl with its horrific dilemma I had high hopes for Oasis First, I assumed it would be a thriller type of the supernatural variety This was a poor assumption Then, I assumed there would be this great group of friends that would make me anxious and heart sick as they ripped each other apart Yeah, not so much And finally I assumed it would be a stand alone where, at least, I d get answers to all the supernatural hijinks in the end Nope, totally open ended.The friendship wasn t there, nor was it compelling.At the core of Oasis is a group of friends who ve been close all through high school Off for their break between graduation and college this is their last time to be all together There should be natural rapport between the different friends and their closeness and support of one another should shine through The first problem was the friendship was all narrated to us through Alif, the protagonist We didn t even have face time with a couple of the friends until 26% This is way too late By this time the group dynamics still felt superficial They had shallow connections but not enough scenes together for me to care One friend came on so aggressively that he felt very much like a stalker And without any background or foreshadowing why it felt contrived There was very little meaningful dialogue between the friends Not to show rapport, illustrate bonds or reveal tensions It barely moved plot along.While not thrilling, it did deliver on supernatural mental illness.Setup with thrillers is crucial Oasis took way too long to introduce everyone let alone develop tension between the friends However, once the storm of plot hit, just after a third of the way through, the supernatural elements made Alif s experience way creepier than I expected I will admit that the trek through the desert was something I might not have survived And I understood the friends secretive and paranoid reactions Once events in the ruins took their toll on the group everyone got seriously mentally ill It wasn t exactly the wild and thrilling ride I as expecting but it was creepy how crazy everyone acted.Oasis does deliver an experience, but the narrative is boring.I did like the idea of a group of college bound volunteers getting caught up with supernatural events at an archaeological dig That it messed with their heads and thus their friendships too But it was really odd how even when exciting events were happening I still felt bored and restless There was no tension, everything was written so inside Alif s head without much interaction with the other friends When something did happen to a couple of the others their fate didn t really effect me They didn t even seem good friends so when the backstabbing happened I wasn t surprised and it all felt meh.The worst thing is Oasis is a first book and not a stand alone So we get this open ended ending No answers The mythology that was mentioned is so vague and obscure you were left wondering if that s it This is the type of book you want complete in one go Otherwise the odd experience just leaves you unsatisfied rather that tingly and thrilled I didn t even feel like this end was a cliffhanger, it felt like a cop out.Oasis is a supernatural crazy fest in the deserts of Egypt When our Aussies play around with powers they shouldn t it fractures their high school friendship As long as you don t need answers you may be thrilled by this creepy read.

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Annie McCannThe oasis saved them But who will save them from the oasis Alif had exciting summer plans working on her father s archaeological dig site in the desert with four close friends and a very cute research assistant Then the sandstorm hit.With their camp wiped away, Alif and the others find themselves lost on the sands, seemingly doomed until they find the oasis It has everything they need food, water, shade and mysterious ruins that hide a deadly secret As reality begins to shift around them, they question what s real and what s a mirage.The answers turn Alif and her friends against one another, and they begin to wonder if they ve truly been saved And while it was easy to walk into the oasis, it may be impossible to leave .I was very pleased to be one of the very first readers of this book Whilst the book is an ARC and still subject to edits, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the story and if any changes are made to the story, it can only be for the better.It was very easy to read and fall into the book from the first chapter The suspense was evenly paced and kept me glued to the end I was impressed with the firm foundation of the protagonist s Alif life that was set in the beginning of the story as we were able to identify her family situation, academic goals and her friendship group In the beginning, it starts off with a contemporary YA feel until Alif and her friends embark on an adventure to pursue Alif s love of archaeology and site digs Yet, only to find upon landing that they got than they bargained for.The story develops quite well and the suspense kept me turning the page and with the need to know what happens next, I felt I was able to connect with the characters easily and I even started to choose favourites from early on Katya did well in capturing teen friendships and their own lives whilst weaving a supernatural thriller together The story is quite smart with accurate scientific referencing and an accurate depiction of desert land in the UAE interwoven with a typical yet fun loving and often strained YA dynamic I particularly enjoyed Alif s character the protagonist as I believe she had the right idea as a teen with a good head on her shoulders That being said, she is a typical teenager too with her constant confusion and internal struggles with choices, it did feel frustrating some times but then I remembered, we have all been there once The conclusion was quite clever also with a mystery hidden in plain sight that kept me guessing to the end and even in the end, I had many questions what s real What s not real It was really well done.Due for release in early 2020, I am sure this book will be well received among the YA readership If you re someone who enjoys fantasy reads set in contemporary times with accurate referencing to science and technology with great suspense and mind boggling mystery, then this is the one for you I want to give my special thanks to the author, Katya de Becerra, for sending me a copy of the ARC personally for my insight into her story and for trusting me to be one of the first to read it It was an honour and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product on the shelves on release day

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    After reading and loving What the Woods Keep by Katya last year, I had high expectations going into Oasis It s always nerve wracking going into an author s second book after loving their debut so much, but I had no need to worry in this case Katya totally nailed it, and exceeded all of my expectations.Oasis follows Alif, who along with some close friends and a very cute research assistant are working on her father s archaeological dig over their summer break When a sand storm wreaks havoc on their camp, the group are forced to fend for themselves out in the unforgiving desert until they come across the oasis, which provides them with much needed food, water and shelter.I absolutely loved the glittering and lush imagery that Katya provided throughout the whole book, but especially those relating to the oasis they were just absolutely stunning And, really, these beautiful descriptions just made it even unsettling when truths about the oasis were revealed One thing that I find amazing in regards to her writing is Katya s ability to evoke such strong feelings even when things were all hunky dory, there were little aspects of her writing that made me feel nervous and unsettled I was second guessing everything.Another thing that I love about Katya s stories is the fact that everything is so seamless There are no big reveals at the end of the book information is weaved throughout the story, and any confirmations are dealt in such a matter of fact way that they make you go back and re read the previous few pages.Like the stunning cover, Oasis is a beautiful and vibrant story but look under the surface and you ll find a deeply disturbing tale that will stay with you for weeks to come.

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    Let me tell you about OASISIt s a strange book and I say this in the best possible way It s a tense survival story but also a kind of science fiction novel that really makes you ponder on the questions of humanity, identity, sentience, language and communication Overall though, again it s a super strange, haunting, dark tale I know it ll stay with me My initial thoughts upon hearing of this book A book that s inspired by archaeology and the music of London Grammar Give It To Me Now

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    After reading WHAT THE WOODS KEEP, I ll read anything by de Becerra I know OASIS is going to be spectacular Prepare yourselves.

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