Conflict (VantagePoint Books)

Conflict (VantagePoint Books) I had our church s couple s group go over this booklet I appreciate the author s attempt to construct a biblical view of conflict that approached conflict as a redemptive opportunity I feel often times counseling booklets are either really good or they were okay but weren t necessarily that profound or life changing During my first reading I felt this booklet would be in the category of being biblical but wasn t as profound After I went through this booklet again and reviewed what I highlighted I think it was much helpful than I first thought I thought the best part of this booklet was the author s discussion of how to properly diagnosed what one s problem truly is in a conflict and secondly I thought the discussion of three ungodly strategies towards conflict to be helpful I think this booklet would be a great asset for counseling or discipleship, including pre marital counseling. Amazing book A Book every Christian should read Worth reading over and over again Immensely biblical, practical, and a short read, took like 30 minutes to read. These mini books or pamphlets are outstanding.I am in the process of reading all of them Concise Biblical Practical What do I want right now than Christ and how am I acting to get it Conflict Is Not Necessarily Bad In Fact, There Is A Way To Handle It That Is Pleasing To God Most Of Us Think Conflict Is Something To Avoid, But Scripture Paints It As A Way To Grow In Grace In Conflict, Timothy S Lane Discusses The Difference Between Conflict That Is Healthy And Unhealthy, Godly And Ungodly At The Heart Of The Matter Is The Fact That God Intends To Use Conflict To Change Us In Ways That Can T Happen Any Other Way No Passage In The Bible Deals With The Cause And Cure Of Conflict Like James It Teaches Us How To Diagnose The True Problem As It Looks At Conflict S Ugly Underbelly The Battle Within Each Of Us To Get What We Want But It Also Brims With Optimism As It Shows Us A Redeeming God In Relentless Pursuit Of His Children When God Changes Our Hearts So That We Love Him The First Commandment , We Also Grow In Our Ability To Love Our Neighbor The Second Great Commandment

Timothy S Lane, M Div., D Min.Born in Sylvania, Georgia, Tim enjoyed a good relationship with his parents in his formative years, but he did not become involved in church until his later teens Just before his senior year in high school, Tim became aware of his sin and his need for Jesus God used simple salvation sermons at a local church, as well as a group of friends, to bring him to Christ

❮Reading❯ ➶ Conflict (VantagePoint Books) ➮ Author Timothy S. Lane –
  • Paperback
  • 20 pages
  • Conflict (VantagePoint Books)
  • Timothy S. Lane
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9780978556709

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