Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak Live Without Your Spirit Guides And You Miss Out On An Enormous Support System That Could Make Your Life Infinitely Easier And Enjoyable This Is A Clear And Thoughtful Introduction To Building Relationships With Your Spirit Guides It Shows Readers How Helpful Spirit Guides And Angels Can Be In Everything From The Simplest To The Most Challenging Of Life Decisions And How Easy They Are To Connect With, TooOur Spirit Guides Help Us To Fulfill Our PurposeMake Decisions That Will Move Us Forward FasterStop Sabotaging Ourselves As Well As Judging Ourselves And Everyone ElseRemember That We Are Than Our Job Or House Or RelationshipSee Ourselves As Beautiful And Everything In Life As A GiftGive Ourselves And Everybody Else A BreakKeep Growing Until The Day We Leave Our Bodies BehindGo Beyond The Life We Hoped For And Onto The Life We Never Even ImaginedAnd They Do All Of These Things When We Re Ready And Not A Nanosecond Before They Also Often Come Quietly As The Author States If We Expect Help From Spirit To Arrive With The Sound Of Trumpets And Blinding Light, We Ll Overlook All The Nuanced Help That S Delivered In Small Ways Every Day

I grew up loving books Some of my earliest memories are of trips to the grand old library in downtown Des Moines, where we d pull book after book off the shelves in the children s section and carry them home with great anticipation I still remember the feel of those books, and the smell of the pages and bindings that had been loosened and wrinkled by so many readers who loved the books as much a

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Let Your Spirit Guides Speak
  • Debra Landwehr Engle
  • 20 October 2017
  • 9781571747402

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    Great little book that gives practical advice on how to connect to the inner guidance that we all have, as well as connecting to our own individual spirit guides A lot of this information has been written before, but it s a great book to read as a reminder There are practical examples, which I always think helps when reading about metaphysics and the author writes genuinely and honestly about her own life What is really interesting is that I have absolutely no idea of how this book came into my life I just spotted it on my bookshelf and started reading it For the life of me I have no recollection of buying it so that in itself made me warm to the book initially It s a great read, for anyone wanting to get on or already on their spiritual journey

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    From Debra Landwehr Engle s first book, The Only Little Prayer You Need, I began to use the simple prayer of Please heal my fear based thoughts any time I noticed fears or anxiety rising and, by repeating that phrase, I found calmness and my fears and stresses melted away After reading Debra s new book, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, I now say Thanks to the guides whenever I am presented with guidance or a gentle nudge of direction or told to look up and see a gift from nature a butterfly floating by the window, a family of foxes playing at the edge of the woods, a hawk perched on a fence post My copy of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak is dog eared and highlighted on nearly every page and I know I will return to it often Thank you, Debra and your guides , for bringing this book into the world

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    Recently I was asked to review Debra Landwehr Engle s book Let Your Spirit Guides Speak A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy I saw that she was offering interview time so I took her up on her kind offer so at the bottom of this page is a link to a podcast where Debra and I get to discuss the nature of our Spirit Guides, how to connect with them, grow relationships with them and .I hope you make time to listen to the podcast I can guarantee that if you are interested either in beginning to connect with your Spirit Guides or wanting to create a stronger relationship with them you will learn something from this podcast and also from Debra s book.Listen to the podcast interview here

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    This is a good basic book, but I was looking for something I did learn helpful things like I should speak with them daily, not to rush things, and not be to jealous if my way of speaking to them if different from someone else s, but I was hoping for exercises and techniques to help me learn which ways of conversing are indeed best and will work for me I think I will definitely be reading another book or two about spirit guides to see if I can find this elsewhere.

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    A lovely little book that does what it sets out to do help the reader understand and deepen their own relationship to their guides you can call this intuition if helpful entities are a belief you trip over describe her own and others experiences of communicating with said helpful guidance speak from a worldview grounded in A Course in Miracles

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    Many great points The book speaks to your own personal spiritual journey However some points seem very broad trying to speak to everyone and what they believe The book does challenge you to open your mind to new ways of spiritual enlightenment.

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    Life changingThis book is amazing and has given Mr all the insight and knowledge needed to create an amazing relationship with my spirit guides She pushed me in the bright direction a must read

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    Hoopla book Very interesting and helpful reading Would read other books by this author

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    A soul opening introduction to the world beyond

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    Great read for Mind Body and Spirit

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