Street Smart

Street Smart This Book Examines The Privatization Of Roads In Theory And In Practice The Authorssee At Least Four Possible Roles For Private Companies, Beyond The Well Known One Of Working Under Contract To Design, Build, Or Maintain Governmentally Provided Roads These Include Testing And Licensing Vehicles And Drivers Management Of Government Owned Facilities Franchising And Outright Private Ownership Two Chapters Describe The History Of Private Roads In The United Kingdom And The Unites States, And Several Chapters Examine Strategies For Implementing Privatization Street Smart Makes A Powerful Case For The Need And Change And Sheds Light On Complex Issues Involved

Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, has pioneered scholarly work on market based roads, parking, and transit Following a Rees Jeffreys Fellowship at the UK Road Research Laboratory, and studies at the Department of Applied Economics University of Cambridge , on the economics of car parking, he worked for 20 years in five continents as a transportation economist for the World Bank He h

[Read] ➻ Street Smart  ➸ Gabriel Roth –
  • ebook
  • 581 pages
  • Street Smart
  • Gabriel Roth
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9781412815789

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