Where Seagulls Cry

Where Seagulls Cry I Ll Be Perfectly Frank With You, Kim Ursula Said With Calm Deliberation Why Don T You Give Up Go Back Where You Came From And Leave Adam Alone Can T You See He Desperately Wants His Freedom Kim Stared At Ursula In Stunned Silence, Then Felt Anger Rising Ursula Wanted Her To Go, For That Would Leave The Field Clear For HerWell, Kim Decided, If Adam Wants His Freedom, He Can Say So She Wasn T Going To Run Off Like A Scared Rabbit

Yvonne Whittal was born and raised in South Africa, the setting of most of her romances She started writing stories at a young age, but didn t really get serious about writing until after she married and had children She got many rejection letters from publishers, until a friend who loved romances gave her to encouragement to continue.

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  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Where Seagulls Cry
  • Yvonne Whittal
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780373021017

10 thoughts on “Where Seagulls Cry

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    Ppractical and nice h fights off witchy OW for her blinded H husband and does it with dignity, style and class The only thing missing from this book is a great cat like Marmalade with OW buttkicking skillz, tho the h doesn t really need them Really like this one and a favorite reread.

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    Nice, old fashioned angsty marriage of convenience story about a woman and a newly blinded scientist who treats love like a simple chemical reaction because he s snarky that way who do the bump grind well before the I love yous get exchanged There s a super threateny Other Woman as well, natch.The heroine s insecurities about her physical appearance got a little old, but the hero didn t have douchebag moments, only conveniently oblivious ones It s not an angry Harley of a quiet and slow burn one Very satisfying I loved the heroine s impatient Oh, cry me a river attitude when the hero wallowed in self pity and made excuses I can so relate to that personality DIt reminded me of some of the older Harlequin authors I ve read Rosalind Brett, Mary Burchell, etc The writing is far above what you find today, in both Harlequins and in other romance genre flavors of the day Oh, I ll stop beating around the bush D Katy Evans could take some pointers from these authors on how to craft sentences and plot points that don t suck ass Original pre review Joe Namath hiding behind the Foster Grants

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    She s a romantic, he s a realist But who will win in this battle between love and science Love, of course I thought this romance could have used tension and passion, but still enjoyed the portrayal of a marriage of convenience turning into a love match Kim endeared herself to me early on with her tough love attitude, not putting up with Adam s woe is me sulks I liked that she wasn t too perfect beneath the sweetness and spunkiness lay a very vulnerable and insecure woman where Adam was concerned I had a harder time connecting with Adam He was broody and cynical, but I felt as if I missed out on seeing him fall in love Most of the drama arose from Kim s unrequited love She did have some basis for her fears and insecurities But I felt the wannabe other woman, Ursula what a perfect OW name , posed no real threat other than in Kim s imagination She tried intimidating Kim with innuendos and lots of cold stares but was bark than bite To be fair, Adam really didn t do much to diminish Kim s fears either And the big one he hadn t claimed to love her yet.But this is romance so all s not lost Adam may have been physically blind and cynical regarding love, but proved that he wasn t blind to a woman s inner beauty, falling for Kim sight unseen How sweet is that Speaking of which, their HEA is made even sweeter by this miracle view spoiler Adam elects to undergo surgery to reverse his blindness and it works hide spoiler

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    Heartwarming marriage of convenience story Blind hero marries plain innocent heroine and love blossoms unexpectedly Loved the passionate, classy and fierce heroine Loved the brooding harsh hero They share lots of touching moments and a very emotional final scene Great writing.

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    Such a nice story with a great heroine It s sort of a dialed down House of Mirrors in that the heroine comes to the disabled hero s aid in this case hero has been blinded at work and they end up in a marriage of convenience that quickly turns into a real marriage In this story, the H h are remarkably suitable and have a lovely time together at their beach side cottage They re together for six months and then the hero is needed at work and his former flame OW is lined up to be his assistant So they move to the city where the heroine decides to fight for her man by ordering the double bed, getting her hair done, buying new perfume, and speaking up about the OW Hero tries to reassure the heroine, but he s not very good at it Especially when he s caught up in work and other worries.OW thinks she s winning the war, but hero s real motivation behind all of his surliness is to work up the courage for an invasive surgery that might cause brain damage He wants to see his wife, damnit It s all very sweet as our poor heroine tries not to wallow in the angst and the hero keeps showing how he feels even though the OW is always underfoot Heroine wins in the end and the hero s words to her ring true as he has been clearly connected to her from the beginning Hello, lawsuit Why is this lab still open And who would want to work there Even the OW should have some sense of self preservation.

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    Yvonne Whittal is definitely in a class of her own She can really notch up the intensity level to the point where you are absolutely absorbed She sometimes tends to make her heroes a little rough than I care for, but this time I think she struck the right balance This is one of my all time favorites I liked that the factors threatening this young couple were real rather than stupid misunderstandings caused by their inability to talk to each other I also liked that both approached their relationship with commitment and when faced with the machinations of evil OW, the heroine was balanced in her response If you are a fan of Whittal, I highly recommend If you have never read her work before, I suggest starting with this one.

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    So, basically, YW s blind hero gets the red carpet treatment, with a devoted heroine who is besotted from Day One, while her blind heroine gets the shit for brains, donkey face, asshat who gets to torture her to the point that she becomes suicidal See The Light Within Good grief.

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    It was nice, almost like a modern HP Heroine was quite impressive, she had backbone and stand against OW s false claims Hero was quite nice except for cynical thoughts about love, being workaholic and OW No shake, no abuse, no forced seduction I was bored a little Sigh That s why I ve given 3 stars Lol

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    3.5 4 starsThis was sort of boring Nothing really happened Hee hee In typical vintage HP style, there was a Cinderella make over, and TONS of cooking cleaning The Cinderella make over was especially funny since the hero is BLIND, so his best buddy described her make over so he could see it Honest to God, what is that even about SPOILER ALERT And of course the blind guy gets his sight back But even on the last page, he gives the heroine an extremely back handed compliment by saying how the evil other woman has a beauty that dazzles the eyes and stirs the senses but the heroine is warm, soft, and cuddlesome which makes her sound like either a stuffed animal or a puppy.Um, okay.I would re read this, but it s pretty boring.

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    A harlequin novel with a likeable and sincere hero, and a candid heroine What I really liked about this story is that there was honesty in their relationship from the very beginning There was a good communication between the H h, and I was so happy that the author did not try to create prolonged misunderstandings just for the sake of it The problems depicted here were also quite realistic rather than self inflicted It was a 4 stars book for me, but I feel that the simplicity of the writing, the characters and the plot is worth an extra star.

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