The Dragon of an Ordinary Family

The Dragon of an Ordinary FamilyWhen Ordinary Mr Belsaki Can T Resist A Pet Store Bargain, He Brings Home A Small Housebroken Dragon Soon The Pet Grows Large Enough To Fly All The Belsakis On A Magical Adventure, Where The Ordinary Family Gets Than It Bargained For An Extraordinary Romp To Tickle Both The Funnybone And The Imagination Full Color Illustrations

Margaret Mahy was a well known New Zealand author of children s and young adult books While the plots of many of her books have strong supernatural elements, her writing concentrates on the themes of human relationships and growing up.Her books The Haunting and The Changeover A Supernatural Romance both received the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association There have 100 children s boo

[PDF / Epub] ☀ The Dragon of an Ordinary Family By Margaret Mahy –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Dragon of an Ordinary Family
  • Margaret Mahy
  • English
  • 20 January 2018
  • 9780749702939

10 thoughts on “The Dragon of an Ordinary Family

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    After his wife calls him a fuddy duddy a man decides to prove her wrong by choosing the most unusual possible pet for their son.

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    The Dragon of an Ordinary Family, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1969 I can t seem to find out what materials were used, but it looks like ink and colored pencil or perhaps even crayon The illustrations in this book have a ton of texture from pencil marks, as well as lots of small details, like in the dragon s scales and in the background The pictures are not particularly vivid, but they really stand out against the stark white and black of the text Oxenbury s illustrations are very cartoon like how could we expect a story about a family adopting a dragon to be realistic The book features mainly single page illustrations that occasionally run through the gutter to the other side The cover features a wrap around illustration of the family with the dragon that really shows just how big the dragon is he s all the way on the back of the book The end papers in this book are really fun too, because they show the dragon emerging from his shoe box and growing exponentially larger Overall, I though this picture book was really fun, and the whimsical illustrations really capture the whimsy that we associate with the 1960s.

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    This was a bit longer story to read so my 4 yr old lost interest he came back to listen on and off, plus he has the attention span of a gnat but my older kids really liked it I thought it was kind of quirky and funny I definitely enjoyed it.

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    Mr Belsaki buys a dragon for his son, Orlando But the dragon gets too big and the mayor insists that the Belsakis get rid of it So, the dragon takes them all to the Isle of Magic for a vacation The dragon stays on the Isle and the Belsakis return home on a magic carpet to get the cat.

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    Almost perfect except for the smoking

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    Hauska tarina tavallisesta perheest , joka hankkii ep tavallisen lemmikkiel imen Suomennettu Otavan toimesta vuonna 1977 nimell Tavallisen perheen lohik rme.

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    I started reading Mahy because another author recommended her And I will admit, she has some fun stuff to offer, even her early stuff of which this is one of But this one is kind of meh Sure, there s a dragon, but somehow, nothing special happens.

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    A great picture book about a family s adventure with their new pet.

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    The parents in this story are unusually tolerant of the son s pet dragon Helen Oxenbury has done better illustrations in other books these are not her best.

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    A very ordinary family adopts a dragon because Mom calls Dad a fuddy duddy , and discovers they like being less ordinary

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