Seduce Me at Sunrise

Seduce Me at Sunrise He Has Tried Hard To Forget HerKev Merripen Has Longed For The Beautiful, Well Bred Winnifred Hathaway Ever Since Her Family Rescued Him From The Brink Of Death When He Was Just A Boy But This Handsome Gypsy Is A Man Of Mysterious Origins And He Fears That The Darkness Of His Past Could Crush Delicate, Luminous Win So Kev Refuses To Submit To Temptation And Before Long Win Is Torn From Him By A Devastating Twist Of FateCan She Remember The Man He Once Was Then, Win Returns To England Only To Find That Kev Has Hardened Into A Man Who Will Deny Love At All Costs Meantime, An Attractive, Seductive Suitor Has Set His Sights On Win It S Now Or Never For Kev To Make His Move But First, He Must Confront A Dangerous Secret About His Destiny Or Risk Losing The Only Woman He Has Lived For

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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  • 360 pages
  • Seduce Me at Sunrise
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • English
  • 15 September 2017
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    I can t properly review this Here are some of my feelings

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    I m on a winning streak with these Lisa Kleypas books 5 Wallflowers books and now 2 Hathaways and all were FABULOUS I know I m pretty easy to please, but I am loving every word of these two series There s oodles of great reviews for this book, so I ll just give some of my thoughtsOMG, the gypsy Kev Merripen has got to be the all time most stubborn hero in all of Romanceland His I m not good enough for you and I don t deserve you attitude drove me bonkers so many times in this book I think I counted three eye rolls that I gave him throughout the book Every time he made a move on Win Hathaway, the heroine, and then pushed her away I wanted to smack him He drove that poor girl crazy And nobody or nothing could get through to him He was determined to keep himself closed up, feelings all bottled up, desires under control, letting fear rule himhe drove me crazy but my heart ached for him He has probably one of the most pitiful back stories I ve ever read for a romance hero, it s no wonder he was such an emotional island I loved the scene where Win s brother Leo finally got through to him Leo, of all people it brought a few tears to my eyes And then the kidnapping that followed Breathtaking, romantic, sexyWhat a payoff LK gives the reader for sticking with the story I loved seeing all the Hathaways again although I swear Beatrix still acts way too young for an 18 year old , loved to see that Leo was on the road to recovery, loved seeing Cam and Amelia together, loved the little visit to Annabelle and Simon Hunt s ball, I even loved Dodger the ferret I was intrigued by the introduction of a new character Miss Marks, the sisters governess and I loved the effect she had on Leo I really enjoyed Win as a heroine I loved how she went away for 2 years to a clinic to regain her health I admired her desire to live life to the fullest and not take any day for granted after she got better I loved how she was not afraid to come right out with her feelings for Kev, even though he fought his own feelings tooth and nail When they were together they just smoldered the desire they felt for each other was just so palpable LK continually teased the reader by throwing them together and then pulling them apart so frustrating I thought the introduction of a rival for Win s affections would surely cause Kev to finally do something but sigh The scene where Kev was discovered nearly compromising Win, and then not admitting it, nearly broke my heart along with Win s After that I thought, he s never going to allow himself to get what he wants I enjoyed the subplot of the connection between Cam and Kev With those matching tattoos their relationship was hardly a surprise, but I liked how it all played out It was a little surprising in the end though when the details of their early lives were revealed Things certainly turned around for Kev in a way I never expected The scene that surprised me most was when Cam s life was on the line I didn t see that coming, although I knew immediately how it happened and who did it to him It did serve its purpose though and brought Cam and Kev closer together, although it did give me a few anxious moments And lastly, the heat between Win and Kev We may have had to wait a while before they finally got together oh, the abduction , but it was well worth it Chapters 17 and 18 made up for all the teasing and torture that LK puts the reader through The love scenes were smokin hot, and whenever Kev would utter those Romany phrasessighSo I was very, very pleased with this book Loved all the characters, no slow parts, plenty of sexual tension leading to some very hot sex, and a big, fat happy ending Not much I can ask for 5 starsKev

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    Generally, I m not a fan of tortured heroes Sure, I love my rakes and my deep, dark, brooding souls, but enough already, I hated Wuthering Heights the first time around, I don t want another Heathcliff in my reading repertoire Heathcliff and Cathy can go die har har har This entire book is not a happy one, but it is so poignant and beautifully written that I have never regretted reading it or rereading it for the 5th time.Never let it be said that there is no well done humor in Regency romance, but it is not to be found here Go read your Julia Quinn if you want moments of uproarious laughter this book is best read next to several boxes of Kleenex and a pint or two of Chubby Hubby or whatever happens to be your Ben Jerry s of choice.The main love interest in this book redefines the category of despairing hero, but he does it so well that even I, with my extremely limited tolerance for martyrdom and angst, can t help but love him More than anything else, the writing shines Lisa Kleypas has an art for writing characters, dialogue, and situation that touches your soul and breaks your heart.and I m so sorry that sounded as trite as it did, that I couldn t have phrased that previous sentence in less flowery language, but I m by no means as skilled a writer as Ms Kleypas.This is the second book in the Hathaway siblings series, and by far my favorite book of the five Win is an invalid She has been sick her entire life I always thought of her in my mind as very similar to Little Women s Beth, had Beth gotten a chance to grow up, fall in love, and develop the complexity of character that comes with age She is beautiful, kind, seemingly perfect I hate perfect characters I love Win.She only seems flawless outsiders tended to view Win as an ice maiden, neat and unruffled and cerebralBut outsiders knew nothing of the sly wit and warmth that lurked beneath her perfect surface Outsiders hadn t seen Win teaching Poppy the steps to a quadrille until they had both collapsed to the floor in giggles Or frog hunting with Beatrix, her apron filled with leaping amphibians She has spirit, she has warmth, she adores her family and loves the man society dictates she should not She is frail in body but strong in spirit, and Win is a fighter She fights for her health, she lived when she should have died from illness, and she works at painful rehabilitation so she can have the life she wantsand just as importantly, whom she wants.Merripen also known as Kev is a Rom, a Gypsy, an outcast He and Cam from Hathaway book 1 I hesitate to call them friends, given their barely concealed tolerance of each other, are unusual in that they are Romanies living and helping a family of poor gentry As Gypsies, they re considered even lowlier than the lowest of the poor, give the racism and prejudice that their people have faced throughout history, and that is no exception in this Regency setting Win and Merripen have been friends since childhood, and their feelings have deepened and intensified as they grow into adulthood Win readily declares and shows her love for Merripen, while he steadfastly refuses to enter into a relationship with her Merripen is loyal above all, he is so grateful to the Hathaways for taking him in as an abused child, but there is one whom he holds dearest and then there was Win, for whom Kev would have died a thousand times over He would never degrade Win with his touch, or dare to assume a place in her life other than as a protector He worships her Loves her with all his heart, all his soul It wrenches him apart to see her hurt or in pain It breaks his heart that he cannot have her He sees her as the most precious thing in the world that he cannot have, for her own good.I just made Merripen sound like such a sainted jerk of a martyr, didn t I He isand he is so unflinchingly mulish in his self denial of Win that I just wanted to slap him sometimesbut then he turns around and says something like this All the fires of hell could burn for a thousand years and it wouldn t equal what I feel for you in one minute of the day I love you so much there is no pleasure in it Nothing but torment Because if I could dilute what I feel for you to the millionth part, it would still be enough to kill you And even if it drives me mad, I would rather see you live in the arms of that cold, soulless bastard than die in mine get me a fan, please I m burning up here Whew.This book just simmers in the very best way The tension and heat is barely contained between the two characters, both of whom are so desperately in love This is by far my favorite of Lisa Kleypas works, and as exalted a place as she holds on my bookshelf, I do not put that lightly.

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    4 stars Hell was not a pit of fire and brimstone Hell was waking up alone, the sheets wet with your tears and your seed, knowing the woman you had dreamed of would never come back to you Lisa Kleypas delivers every single time Book 2 in The Hathaways series lived up to my expectations, and believe me they were high After reading the first book, this was the couple I was dying to read about I loved Merripen and Win, they had such a beautiful and angsty story You know how you pick up a book and read the first page Normally I set the book down, but with this book, I read the first page and could not tear my eyes away I ve never experienced anything like it This book literally had me hooked from the beginning and I devoured it whole.This is a story of unrequited love, and a story of fear of love It was Hathaway centric than the first book was, that one seemed to be half Wallflower series and half Hathaway While I like being in the Wallflower world, I am loving getting to know the Hathaways and all the side characters whose books I will be reading ASAP I know I am late to the Lisa Kleypas train, but if you are even a wee bit curious, pick up one of her books now The worst part about loving someone, Merripen, is that there will al ways be things you can t protect her from Things be yond your control You finally realize there is something worse than dying and that is having something hap pen to her You have to live with that fear always But you have to take the bad part, if you want the good part Kev looked at him bleakly What s the good part A smile touched Cam s lips All the rest of it is the good part, he said, and went Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Ms Kleypas has managed to impress me yet again She writes some of the most beautiful, most romantic love stories I ve ever read And this one is up there on my list of premier Lisa Kleypas novels Seduce Me at Sunrise has one of those love affairs that is so intense and enduring, how could I possibly not love it Kev Merripen fell in love with Win Hathaway even before he saw her The Hathaways took him in when he was found badly injured and left for dead, despite him being a Gypsy They nursed him back to health and treated him with a kindness that was foreign to him And that is how he met Win He felt her presence and it drew him to her He willed her to come into his sickroom, and when she did, he grabbed her and didn t want to let her go Over the years, not an ounce of his intense, violent love for her changed, even though Merripen did not think he was good enough for her He was raised by his tribe to be the most ruthless, the most violent fighter Gentleness was literally beaten out of him But nothing could take away the love he had for Win.Win loved Merripen at first sight as well He was like a wild, beautiful creature that claimed her heart When she fell ill with scarlet fever, for years she believed she could not possibly have a normal life Yet the hope of being with Merripen in all the ways a woman can be with a man encouraged her to get her health improved Two years later, she returns, hoping to get Merripen to see that they belong together Yet he resists, even though the force of his love makes him want to kill any man that might claim her.To be honest, Merripen was frustrating me He was giving out some serious mixed signals I felt bad for Win, because she decided to move on with her life, but he wouldn t let any man near her And then he does something that was pretty wrong, in my opinion I was holding my breath, hoping he d come through and he didn t I wanted to get out my shovel to hit him over the head then and there But Ms Kleypas allowed me to see the motivations and the anguish inside of Merripen Why he would push away the thing he wanted needed most in the whole world Because he wanted what was best for her And seeing Merripen s motivations coming out of love allowed me to forgive him.This book was so beautiful in the intense love between this couple I wanted to savor the scenes of them interacting, the words exchanged Merripen might think he is a brute who is unworthy of Win, but his actions always spoke differently There was no question he would die and go to Hell many times for Win That kind of love cannot help but appeal to me, being the die hard romantic that I am.I liked both characters a lot Even though some of their actions frustrated me, Merripen so He was really a product of his terrible childhood, but he managed to rise above that, and become a good, productive, caring person although he didn t see himself that way Win had a sweetness about her Her belief in the trueness of the love between her and Merripen was a guiding force Her sweet, loving nature was a cornerstone in the Hathaway family One of the things I love about the Hathaway series is how the brother and sisters are all shown to be so unique, and committed to each other, even if they don t always get along Merripen and Cam fit in so perfectly, like the last two pieces of a puzzle along with the intriguing Miss Marks, the governess who gets along with Leo Hathaway like cats and dogs Hmm What s going on there.As usual, Ms Kleypas beautifully describes the scenery, the characters, and the settings The luscious descriptions of everything makes me want to get sucked into the book so I can experience it all first hand Her love scenes are so intense and descriptive in a way that is very sensual without being vulgar They are earthy, yet elevated at the same time You feel the love connection between the characters.I liked how this story was very much a family story, in addition to being about the relationship between Merripen and Win The Hathaways are such a fun, interesting family to read about They seem to take everything in stride, and continue to add people the fold without any fuss I m excited to read about Poppy, Beatrix, and Leo s happy endings I must say I am overjoyed to see Leo starting to pick up the pieces of his life and moving on with some purpose I think that Miss Marks will give him something to focus on, along with his renewed interest in architecture In this story, we get to see the relationship between Leo and Merripen how Leo is able to help Merripen see that giving up what he wants most in the world might be a foolish move on his part, because love is too precious to waste If anyone knows what it s like to lose one s love, it s Leo It was funny how the Hathaways treated Win and Merripen like they were a foregone conclusion, even thought Merripen is slow on the uptake about it.It was also enjoyable to see the love affair marriage of Cam and Amelia continue What a great couple They have the kind of marriage you wish for Amelia is a singular woman, who I find strong but gentle at the same time She s quite the mother hen, taking care of her brood, including husband, brother and sisters, and Merripen, who is like a brother to her Cam is such an interesting character I could vividly see him and picture the sometimes outrageous things he would say and think It s very interesting to see how he and Merripen interact and what the repercussions are of their association Once again, I have read another Kleypas that I can easily give five stars Her writing is always great, but she gets even better with each new book I admire that she does her research to treat the historical Victorian setting with respect, and managed to weave in the fascinating Romany culture so well in this story This might be a love story, but it is also a great fiction book with different nuances that make it enjoyable on many levels But the one aspect that sent me to the moon when I was reading it, was the intense, enduring, burning hot love between Merripen and Win You know that fifty years from when this book ends, they will be just as much in love, if not so That s romance to this reader.

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    5 stars Historical Romance Forever together and yet always apart..WOW, just WOW I absolutely loved this Seduce Me At Sunrise is a beautiful, evocative, sensual, moving, and lush romance of forbidden love, powerful yearning, and long denied desire between two star crossed souls Although dark, cold, hardened, mysterious gypsy Kev Merripen and sweet, fair, innocent, well bred Winnifred Hathaway might appear to be opposites, they ve shared an intrinsic bond and deep love for each other since childhood And yet the soul mates seemed destined to be kept forever apart by various twists of fate, including family tragedy, Win s illness, differences in social status, a curse, a persistent, respectable rival suitor after Win s hand, scandal, but mainly because of Kev s stubborn, anguished refusal to allow himself to be with the one and only woman his heart beats for.It s a powerful, touching, and achingly poignant romance of two lovers yearning for each other who must confront and heal the past, face their fears, and fight destiny to finally be together, forever.These are my favorite Kev Merripen quotes All the fires of hell could burn for a thousand years and it wouldn t equal what I feel for you in one minute of the day I love you so much there is no pleasure in it Nothing but torment Because if I could dilute what I feel for you to the millionth part, it would still be enough to kill you And even if it drives me mad, I would rather see you live in the arms of that cold, soulless bastard than die in mine I love you, he thought, looking at Win I love every part of you, every thought and wordthe entire complex, fascinating bundle of all the things you are I want you with ten different kinds of need at once I love all the seasons of you, the way you are now, the thought of how much beautiful you ll be in the decades to come I love you for being the answer to every question my heart could ask And it seemed so easy, once he capitulated It seemed natural and right Kev wasn t certain if he was surrendering to Win or to his own passion for her Only that there was no holding back He would take her And he would give her everything he had, every part of his soul, even the broken pieces.

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    4.5 Stars Your heart is mine, he thought savagely It belongs to me Seduce Me at Sunrise is the second book in The Hathaways Series Win Hathaway and Kev Merripen have spent many years secretly longing to be together Win has battled illness and Kev has served her family faithfully for years When Win is healed and ready to settle down and start a family, she longs to be with Kev After years of trying to hide from the demons of his past, Kev is unwilling to give Win the love he so desperately wants to give her He feels as if he is not good enough for her But when Win captures the attention of another suitor, Kev must decide if he is willing to let her go forever or take her and make her his He would give in to it, to her, without trying to qualify or control anything Told in multiple POV, Seduce Me at Sunrise is another stunning blend of romance, passion, and exploration of the dynamics of my new favorite Historical family The connection between Kev and Win is raw and intense Kev is a damaged hero who loves Win with everything and yet, his fears continue to hold him back Lisa Kleypas has a gift for transporting her readers back in time The setting, the characters, and the emotions come to life with every turn of the page With complex characters, picturesque setting, and romance, Seduce Me at Sunrise is one that should not be missed.Overall, I cannot rave enough about this series I have fallen in love with the Hathaway family and I can honestly say I don t think I will ever get enough Kev and Win is another beautiful addition to this family saga And now on to the next Hathaway story The Hathaways For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    The Lisa Kleypas novels I read, the I really wish for a time machine But only if I was able choose which heroes I could visit Kev would be first on my list well, in the top 10, anyway What a wonderful, amazing, incredibly tortured soul he possessed I really found no fault in him at all because all of his actions and reactions were based in the reality of the child he was and the man he became Everything he did, no matter the emotional or physical pain it caused him was truly was for Win s own good This is the kind of male I love The man who, despite all the bad things in their pasts, still manage to be a good, honest, caring person.There really are not words to express how much I loved this book Kev stole the show, but I loved Win and her persistence She wasn t flighty or self absorbed or easy deterred She knew what and who she wanted, and did what had to be done to reach her goal Though I can t say that I blamed her for momentarily considering dumping Kev after what he did or appropriately, did NOT do and marrying Dr Harrow after all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, right But through it all there was never any doubt about who she wanted to be with.I just adore the way Ms Kleypas develops her characters throughout each novel That makes it so that by the time we actually get to that person s book, we already know so much about them which allows page time for their story and not character development I always find myself anxious to read the next book because I m already attached to that person.I was quite pleased to have found myself even attached to Cam and Amelia, who I felt played a really small role in their own book After reading Seduce Me At Sunrise I now feel a much deeper connection to the pair For me, their relationship, their happily ever after is now complete I believe in it.I m happy with the way this book ended Slight Spoiler Ahead With Kev and Cam finding that they are blooded relatives, and finding out about their ancestry, they now have a real family No longer on the outside, looking in True, Cam married and inherited the Hathaways, but to have someone sharing the same origin, the same background, the same blood I m very happy for them both I think it was very fitting for Kev to have inherited the lands and the title, knowing that he, with his integrity and honor, would care for his step mother, step sisters and most importantly, the estate tenants As always, I can t wait to read the next installment in the series, Tempt Me At Twilight.

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    In the first book, i liked the Hathaways In the second book i can finally say that i adore them This different and eccentric bounce manage to find the way to my heart and i can assure you that i m almost obsessed with every single one of themFirst of all, i like the way everyone of them feels about all the other members of the family.They love each other and they care for each other.They don t judje anybody and they don t care for other s opinion about themAnd i like that they don t feel ashamed about the fact that two Gypsy are members of their family On the contrary, they are very proud of them and that is the most wonderfull thing in this bookThe boundaries between them are strong and deepI liked very much that in this book we saw Amelia and Cam to be happy and marriedAnd i liked the low profile Poppy and even the crazy little Beatrix and all those crazy pets of her In the first book was a lizard, now was Dodger Hahahaha You have to meet Dodger no matter what You will love him And finally, i have to tell you that i liked Leo Funny, ugh In the first book, i swore that i will hate him for a lifetime but Leo had changed And he was very funny and kind and witty I really wonder what will happen between him and Miss Marks, the companion of the younger Hathaways who seems to hate him as much as i did in the first bookBut enough with that Today i will focus on Winnifrent Hathaway and the mysterious Kev MerripenAs we saw in the first book, Win was sick and she never fully recovered from her disease Merripen was with Hathaways since he was a kid They have found him almost dead and they took him in their houseMerripen was a Gypsy but the Hathaways never distinguished him from the rest members of the family.From the first moment, between Win and Kev forged a unique bond A love so great and big that hovered unfullfilled between themWin didn t want anybody else to be on her side and Kev was loving her so much that he was scared that he could destroy herWhen Amelia and Cam got married, the Hathaways had money so they decided to send Win away in a hospital to France for her to fully recover from the disease that tormented her.Kev felt his heart breaking that he had to be away from her, but when Win declared her feelings for him, he didn t do anything to stop her from leavingNow two years later, Win returns healthy and determined to have a real life with Kev by her side But Kev refused to let his fears aside and he insists to stay away from her But at the same time he can not stay away from her and that fact drives Win crazy You see, Kev had a really hard life as a kid and he was afraid that he could hurt Win without wanting it and that make him to keep his distance from her But there was and that doctor that he was claimed Win also and that made Kev to lose his temper many times I really loved this story It was very powerfull, full of love and passion, full of pure feelingsKev Merripen and Win Hathaway were meant to be togetherTheir course was big and difficult, but they finally manage to find the happiness that they deserve to haveKev was a really difficult and wild character but with Win by his side was a different manI also liked that i finally found the connection between Cam and Kev and i really liked that they found each other I think that was something that they both needed to haveAnd, now i can not wait to find out everything about all the other Hathaways I think that i m addicted

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    Te amo pens mirando a Win Amo cada parte de ti, cada pensamiento y cada palabra La compleja y fascinante mezcla de todas las cosas que eres Te amo de mil maneras diferentes Te amo por ser la respuesta a todas las preguntas de mi coraz n.Kev, Win y otras formas de morir de amor.

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