The Chocolate Bridal Bash (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 6)

The Chocolate Bridal Bash (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 6)I actually really enjoyed this book There were a few things I would have changed description of chocolates, the heroine s difficulty with speaking , but overall not enough to stop the enjoyment of the story The plot kept me enthralled and I didn t feel lost coming in mid series as it works as a stand alone story As the plot came to an end I had to take breaks between chapera and felt my pulse quickening It was just enough for a good cozy mystery I will be looking at of the books in the series. I have read books from this series before, but never in order I read this book, 6, because it is set in Michigan and it works for NancyNova s state challenge I am working on I also have 7 somehow, so I will read that soon. Caught Up In A Whirl Of Champagne And China Patterns, Bride To Be Lee McKinney Has Butted Heads With Her Future Mother In Law Over Every Detail Of The Wedding Bash The Last Thing She Needs Is Trouble With Her Own Mother But This Is Bigger Than The Hot Versus Cold Hors D Oeuvres Debate Sally McKinney Doesn T Even Want To Be At The Wedding If It Takes Place In Warner Pier, Her HometownIrked That Her Mom Might Be MIA On The Big Day, Lee Heads To Her Aunt S Chocolate Shop, TenHuis Chocolade, For Advice There, The Bride Is Shocked To Learn That Years Earlier, Her Mother Ran Away On What Would Have Been Her Own Wedding Day Hours Before Her Fianc Was Found Dead, An Apparent Suicide Now, To Smooth Things Over With Her Mother And Ease Her Own Way Down The Aisle Lee Must Untangle A Mystery Older Than She Is Lee and Joe are getting married, but getting Lee s mother to come to town is proving to be a challenge It might have to do with a huge family secret What does the past mean for the present This was a fast moving book with plenty of twists and the usual great characters.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. A friend gave me this book, knowing that I d read a couple of others in the series I was a little afraid to read it, though, because it was so much further down the series than I d read, that I was afraid I d be missing a few things.But Joanna Carl did a good job of making this a stand alone book, despite its place in the series.The wedding interested me as well as the mystery of what had happened to Lee s mom all those years before That s probably what drew me into the book the most.I had a different secret identity for one of the characters, but I did have an inkling of who did it I m not even sure why, though, so that may not count.Lee s tendency to say the wrong word at the wrong time was both funny, at times, and annoying, at others I don t think the airport security would ve let her go without further questions after those kinds of slip ups, though.I didn t think it was realistic for Lee to do all that investigating into her mom s past, while planning her wedding even if it was a small wedding, and dealing with a busy time of year for her chocolates Easter And yes, as my friend pointed out, there is the question as to why she didn t just ask her mom, but I think her mom had not been very forthcoming.Of the three I ve read, this is my favorite of the series.Favorite quotes Cranky old people were cranky young people It s easy to distract people when you have a whole counter full of chocolate to use for that purpose. My favorite in the series so far. This story took me so long to get through Yes, I started this in the middle end of the series which I didn t realize until I was finished Either way I just didn t care about it I originally grabbed it off my shelf bought at the store because it sounded interesting and was cheap, my fault because it was only like 200 pages, so it would have been a fast read I was wrong It s taken me like close to a month to finish it That s really bad for me too To be honest, this story was a piece of crap It was way too vanilla or light and fluffy and just bad Usually when reading a story, even a bad one, I ll have vague images popping up in my mind, this one Nothing really It was impossible for me to get pulled in I didn t care what the characters did or what happened to them The fact that it seemed to take forever before I had even a hint of what Lee looked like Shakes her head back and forth For me it was pretty obvious that an older person wrote this story, just based off some of the words phrases used Pretending I didn t know the title of this book, I knew on the first page after reading It s where we plan to continue loving I mean, living , that this probably wasn t going to be the best story Lee herself was a really boring, stupid, annoying, goody too shoes type character I didn t like her at all haha With her apologizing when she felt she wasn t polite enough to someone in the past.I mean come on Grow a pair already Or when she asks if suicide can be faked Seriously What year was this story taking place in How old is Lee to begin with 10 Better yet, when the author has Lee explain who ya ll was in reference to OMG All the issues with her malapropisms, were really freaking annoying I guess the author wanted her character to be unique or something Like Rollie is all about his really stupid, unfunny joining of people s names thing he would do I get that, but I wasn t a fan At least Rollie wasn t a main character Lee on the other hand with all her saying the wrong words.too much for my liking I wasn t a fan of the writing style either There were several different things that stuck out to me, namely being certain things that were said when in real life they wouldn t have been said that way, at least not in this century Ex Thanks for reminding me that her life is truly sad Or Bill s a peach UmQuestions comments Street length dress Why does Lee live with her aunt and not have her own place Or better yet, why aren t Lee and Joe living together already They might not be married but seriouslyit s the 21st century If Joe, was having financial issues, why when his ex wife died did he donate her house and not sell it What took Lee so long to realize that Lovie and Mrs Dykstra were the same person First her mother tells her to stay out of it, then Netty tells her to stay away from Lovie Um, hello Why does it take so long before we re given a good description of Lee She is the main character after all It s like every dozen of pages we re given a little piece She s tall, she s blonde Netty s bakery was suppose to make a bunch of Jazz bunnies Another worker and Lee end up freaking out because they haven t received the molds yet and they re suppose to be shipped out in a couple hours Lee eventually tracks down the UPS driver and nothing is said I found it strange that typically he wouldn t have gotten to the bakery for another 4 hours or soyet, he was just down the street.Lee goes to the library to look for info on the old sheriff She runs into Rollie and has a talk with him about her mother and all I just bawled Rollie out So because she had a few words with him meant that she couldn t go back to the library again to look for the info My outburst ruined any excuse I had How so There s no mention of others hearing or getting involved Who cares Yet, not much later, she goes back again.Lee s first husband She says they divorced because basically she was smarter than he originally thought she was How long had they been dating prior to marriage for him to realize that How did Joe recognize a doctor from Dorinda when they were at the old folks home Is Joe a doctor No Are they from Dorinda or living there No.When talking to her mom, she tells Lee that when she left the town she was scared that white slaver s might have gotten her Huh When Jason came around the chocolate store don t even remember what it was called how did he seem to be the only person that hadn t heard of Van Hossier s death Why does that seem highly unlikely considering they re in a small town How much was a pound of chocolate So Lee was trying to keep her wedding small, yet, it kept growing Yeah, I guess 12 people were a ton The amount of years since the suicide seemed to change throughout the story The story starts off with how 25 years prior, Lee s mom left town and Bill killed himself YET 1 Tom mentions how he s spent 30 years trying not to think about the suicide 2 When Lee is talking to Hogen about faking a suicide, he says it would have been hard to do for 33 years 3 Towards the end of the story it s suddenly been 35 years since the suppose suicide Bill was a student inprobably high school and Rollie was just starting out as a teacher What sense would it have made for Bill s mom to ask Bill to look after Rollie His teacher An adult He s a kid Joe tells Lee that Rollie is threatening to tell everyone what happened when Joe was in high school Him and Lee make it sound like a real he could get in trouble or something IDK, just seemed strange.After Lee meets up with her mom at the airport and they re explaining the kidnapping attempt, her mom gives Lee a look that supposedly tells Lee she doesn t want her bringing up the runaway bride thing Huh Why in the world would her mom have even been thinking about that right then How much sense would that have made telling airport cops about something that happened decades before None At the end Lee said how she had blamed her mother for her parents divorce Umhow long was it before her father married the new lady I can t imagine long if they were already dating IDK. I really liked this book Lee and Joe s wedding is approaching and it s spring so it s busy season in the chocolate world Aunt Nettie I told Lee people in the chocolate business can t take honeymoons until the last bunny s been sold And it s interesting that this book started out with a mystery, but not a murder view spoiler Lee is astonished to find out that her mother, Sally, had left her hometown of Warner Pier on what was supposed to be her wedding day Lee wants to find out about this mystery from thirty three years ago I felt a little bit cheated because the wedding was rapidly described in the last pages along with the resolution of the mystery and the murders, but it was a happy event and a good resolution And Sally McKinney learned something about not running away hide spoiler Like the earlier books, this one is markedly different from its siblings It boasts the strongest start in the writing Sadly the motives of the villains in the end were not logical It wasn t possible that the intrigue would play out like it did Stranger things have happened in real life But here I believe what Joanna Carl only now have I realized it s a pseudonym has concocted is stranger than truth The murders in this book had weird and nonsensical motives I simply cannot wrap my head round it The Sally character is the catalyst in this story, and even her importance makes no sense I did enjoy the sad, turbulent past of Sally and the tragedy of Bill Joanna Carl has kept adding newer characters to the series without blinking I hope she manages to pull of this trick in her next books Given what this book was, it made for an enjoyable read I recommend it to both fans of the genre and the uninitiated. This was a quick fun read I originally started reading this series with a book group and had decided to give up on it When I found this one in my shelves I decided to go ahead and read it before donating it to Goodwill I was pleasantly surprised that the author had left out a lot of the descriptions of how chocolates are made and there was to the story I like the additional chocolate sections in the book though They are interesting and you can skip over them and come back later I still don t like the contrived things Lee says when her tongue gets tangled up but overall I liked this addition to the series much better than previous books.

Eve K Sandstrom The author writes about the shores of Lake Michigan and has been reviewed in Michigan newspapers as a regional writer She has also written about Southwest Oklahoma and once won an award for the best book of the year with an Oklahoma setting.Eve K Sandstrom is an Oklahoman to the teeth she was born there, as were five previous generations of her mother s family Both her grandfathers and her father were in the oil business, once the backbone of Oklahoma s economy One grandmother was born in the Choctaw Nation, and Eve is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Eve and seven other members of her immediate family are graduates of the University of Oklahoma Eve even knows the second verse of Boomer Sooner Eve wrote two mystery series the Down Home books, set on a ranch in Southwest Oklahoma, and the Nell Matthews mysteries, semi hard boiled books laid in a mid size city on the Southern Plains.But Eve married a great guy whose family owned a cottage on the west coast of Lake Michigan, not far from the Michigan towns of Fennville, Saugatuck, and Douglas Every summer for than forty years she, her husband and various combinations of children and grandchildren have trekked to the community of Pier Cove for vacations that lasted from two weeks to three months.The area features gorgeous beaches, lush orchards, thick woods, and beautiful Victorian houses Eve grew to love it So when her editor asked her to come up with a new, cozy mystery series, Eve set it in a West Michigan resort town, scrambling up Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, Holland, Manistee, Ludington and Muskegon with her own ideas of what a resort ought to be to create Warner Pier.As further background, she plunked her heroine into a business which produces and sells luscious, luxurious, European style bonbons, truffles and molded chocolates Most small towns couldn t support a business like this, but the resorts of West Michigan with their wealthy summer people can The Chocoholic Mysteries were on their way.Eve s editor requested that she use a pen name for the new series, and Eve picked the middle names of her three children, Betsy Jo, Ruth Anna, and John Carl JoAnna Carl was born So that s how JoAnna Eve became a regional author in two widely separated regions.JoAnna Eve earned a degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma and also studied with Carolyn G Hart and Jack Bickham in the OU Creative Writing Program She spent than twenty five years in the newspaper business, working as a reporter, editor, and columnist at The Lawton Constitution in Lawton, Oklahoma She took an early retirement to write fiction full time.She and her husband, David F Sandstrom, have three grandchildren, whom they love introducing to the lore of their two homes Oklahoma and Michigan.She spent 25 years in the newspaper business as a reporter, feature writer, editor, and columnist, most recently at the Lawton Constitution She holds a degree in journalism from the University of OK and also studied in the O.U Professional Writing program She lives in Oklahoma but summers in Michigan where the Chocoholic Mystery series is set She has one daughter who is a CPA and another who works for a chocolate company and provides yummy insider information on the chocolate business.

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