High Fidelity

High FidelityDo You Know Your Desert Island, All Time, Top Five Most Memorable Split Ups Rob Does He Keeps A List, In Fact But Laura Isn T On It Even Though She S Just Become His Latest Ex He S Got His Life Back, You See He Can Just Do What He Wants When He Wants Like Listen To Whatever Music He Likes, Look Up The Girls That Are On His List, And Generally Behaves As If Laura Never Mattered But Rob Finds He Can T Move On He S Stuck In A Really Deep Groove And It S Called Laura Soon, He S Asking Himself Some Big Questions About Love, About Life And About Why We Choose To Share Ours With The People We Do Rob runs a record store in London, has two weird sidekicks, creates silly top five lists of everything and his girlfriend Laura has just finished with him Whatcould I say about him Well, Rob is thirty five selfish asshole, pompous snob and a pathetic, emotionally immature loser But I still like him And who is immature now, huh Do not worry, I will not treat you now with a tearful story about my ex, though I will tell you about a guy who, if I ever had compiled, in imitation of Rob, list of the most memorable and painful partings in my life, would have taken not only the first place Actually he would take the whole podium Piotr, do not let him remain nameless, after all the winner takes it all, so, Piotr was nice and sensitive guy, somehow wonderfully shy and helpless He was a guy because of whom when we split upI lost the plot for a while then And I lost the subplot, the script, the soundtrack, the intermission, my popcorn the credits, and the exit signWell, he was a selfish asshole and pathetic loser Who said that Oh, shut up My older andcynical self, I m not in the mood to listen to you today We were wandering around the streets, by whole hours listening to the music, discussing books Nothing specialAnd Heaven knows I m miserably now in my lifeI do not remember if Piotr loved The Smiths, certainly we listened to The Clash, jazz, a bit of blues Piotr run a record store but nowadays works on the radio, sometimes I come across on his programme and it s always nice to hear his voice Oddly enough, I never thought then he had a radio voice And really he had.But let s get back to Rob Hornby created a bitter sweet, ironic portrait of lonely and scared man Rob is a guy with simple solution for everything, with justification for any situation He is like a kid who believes that life is a movie in which all the others play supporting roles But because life is neither pop charts nor listeners choice you seldom get what you think you deserve Hornby s observations are accurate and witty, spiced with wry humour, and even when Rob feels miserable and has a hard time this is not any existential drama And when he finally states that even people with, in his opinion, trashy collection of records, are ok, there is a hope for him yet. I have a problem.You see, when it comes to reviewing my favorite books, I m all thumbs Coherent thoughts elude me and float downstream like a toy boat escaping from a little boy s grasp.Rob is my soul mate, you see He and I are the same fucked up, insecure, too much in our own head for our own good person I think he would get me Really Get me Or maybe it s just Hornby who gets me Mr Hornby, you make me want to wear dresses.During my last year of high school and through all four years of college, I too worked in a record store with a bunch of misfit music snobs It was the BEST JOB EVER Hands down Sitting around all day, listening to the new batch of promos, poking fun at the customers coming in looking for a little Ace of Base making mix tapes for that boy who worked in the skate shop who I had a crush on I never gave him any of them Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you That s Morrissey, not me But I feel you fella.Anyway, you can see how I m completely flubbing this review, right Hornby has my number My favorite ice breaker with people I don t know well is to ask them to give me their top 5 insert topic here usually related to music Top 5 female singers of all time, GO Oh, and since this review wouldn t be complete without a top 5 list of my own, here is my list of the top 5 songs referenced in top 5 lists in this novel obscure enough for you 1 Tired of Being Alone Alison Lets Get it On Mr Big Stuff The House That Jack Built I realize that I give far too many books a four or five star rating So sue me.Book buying isn t, you know, a quick thing for me I browse, I choose, I read the blurbs inside, I deliberate, I read a chapter from ever book I ve chosen.In short, I only read things I m really likely to like.So, I will tell you right now, if there were a way to give High Fidelity six stars, I would.Ostensibly it s a novel about pop music and love But if that s what you re seeing, then you are reading it wrong.It s a novel about obsession, rejection and minutia As such, Nick Hornby speaks directly to my geeky soul Even though I m not a music expert, I see a lot of myself in the main character Rob escaping into pop, defining his life through records, filling his head with facts rather than feelings and trying, oh so desperately trying, to be a real human being.His relationships never last If he s not outright rejected, then he s the one who gets full of himself and does the rejecting He s not good with people, doesn t want to be, ultimately can t be But he aches for them He s a loner who can t bear to be alone He pushes people away, but wonders why there aren t any people around.Every word in High Fidelity felt familiar, even with a location London and a milieu music fandom that are unfamiliar to me Somehow, Hornby strikes this strange, compelling balance between being incredibly witty on the surface, and being incredibly depressing beneath.Swap out records for comics or videogames, and I am Rob If you re a geek, and a male, and a member of these recent lost generations of slackers and man children , then you are Rob, too. Nick Hornby writes about losers and makes them lovable But not this time I couldn t stand the self pitying little git, his loser wanker record store buddies, nor their ridiculous fracking lists Reading this book felt like being trapped in an elevator with the pathetic Scrubs douchebag Zachy McWhinerson, or whatever his fracking name is for an entire weekend You know the type the constant puppy need for the approval of every critter on the planet, all the time It might seem like a charming vulnerability, but don t be fooled It actually signals a pathological narcissist whose solipsism and incessant neediness will bleed you dry.I know, I know Many fine books have been written about unlikable characters Anyway, it s about the character s emotional growth Etc etc All true But when you find the central character so annoying that just reading about him makes you twitch, it s probably time to switch to another book.Your mileage may vary For all I know, you re the kind of person who watches marathon scrubs reruns If so, you ll probably love this book.

Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch He is also the author of Songbook, a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and The Polysyllabic Spree, as well as the editor of the short story collection Speaking with the Angel He is a recipient of the American Acade

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 340 pages
  • High Fidelity
  • Nick Hornby
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9781573225519

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