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Dance With MeSometimes Life Requires A PartnerEd Maurer Has Bounced Back, Or Less, From The Neck Injury That Permanently Benched His Semipro Football Career He Hates His Soul Killing Office Job, But He Loves Volunteering At A Local Community Center The Only Fly In His Ointment Is The Dance Instructor, Laurie Parker, Who Can T Seem To Stay Out Of His WayLaurie Was Once One Of The Most Celebrated Ballet Dancers In The World, But Now He Volunteers At Halcyon Center To Avoid His Society Mother S Machinations It Would Be A Perfect Escape, Except For The Oaf Of A Football Player Cutting Him Glares From Across The RoomWhen Laurie Has A Ballroom Dancing Emergency And Ed Stands In As His Partner, Their Perceptions Of Each Other Turn Upside Down Dancing Leads To Friendship, Being Friends Leads To Becoming Lovers, But Most Important Of All, Their Partnership Shows Them How To Heal The Pain Of Their Pasts Because With Every Turn Across The Floor, Ed And Laurie Realize The Only Escape From Their Personal Demons Is To Keep Dancing Together 4.75 just short of perfect.This book was FABULOUS I loved it so much I have to admit that I am a sucker for stories with starting over themes, second chances, main characters reinventing themselvesI love all of that in a book And Ed s and Laurie s story was all about that.Ed and Laurie don t like each otherEd had begun to teach a weight lifting class at the local community center in St PaulIt makes him happy to do it, he hates his drony job and he can t play semipro football his real passion any because of a neck injury he suffered playing the fame Laurie teaches aerobics at the community centerhe volunteers his time, he used to be a lauded classic dancer, he was supposed to be the next Mikhail Baryshnikov, but a serious error in judgement at a Ballroom dancing competition ended all that.So Laurie teaches his class and hogs the sound system and Ed can t even teach his class with all the noise from Laurie sThey need to come to a truce They do, and they agree on Laurie sharing, IF Ed helps him teach a Ballroom dancing class at his studio.Things progress from there Ed is a great dancer and Laurie and him make a beautiful dancing pair The dancing helps Ed s injury and Laurie can dance again after his horrible experienceEd wants LaurieBADLY, and Laurie reluctantly gives inThey dance around each otherOver what they want, what they need, against what they can give, and the difficulty in overcoming their hangs ups and all the baggage they come with But they have the dancing and they are SO certain of their love for each other.I LOVED this romance, just loved it Ed was the sweetest most reliable man How can you not love a guy who unapologetically listens to Britney ALL THE TIME He had humor, and he brought Laurie out of the wall he had built around himself and HOLY MOTHER was he SEXYOh those two men were so hot together they almost melted my KindleThey were reverent and kinda of dirty, and it just worked for me.There were challenges and difficulties, and at times I wished they could have JUST TALKED But they learn how to overcome themand they work so well together I cheered for these boys.If you are looking for something a light and sweet and funny romance with some serious hotness Give this one a tryI knew there was a reason I had Heidi Cullinan on my auto buy listShe writes books I love to read I recommend REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 17, 2012You don t just feel the rhythm, he d told him You must feel the soul, both of the dance and of your partner The tango isn t something you dance It s a story you create with another5 dancing stars Wow Simply brilliant Ms Cullinan has created a soul deep moment of pure magic Dance With Me is beauty in every sense of the word There s beauty in a dance and body you find beauty in inspiration and love there s beauty in making love and there s so much beauty and pain when you recognize that you have to leave your old life behind and start a new one Sometimes your life takes a turn for the worse and then we are glad when we meet someone special who will point us in the right direction As a matter of fact, there are things you cannot change It just is but you can make the most of it Live every day to its fullest and you can create so much beauty He didn t compose, didn t demonstrate, and didn t perform He just let the music move him across the room as it would, let it slide under his skin and into his blood, letting it take his body No movement was given to please a judge or dazzle an audience He did not think He did not plan He simply moved And in that movement, he found an ease he hadn t known he needed, a peace he had forgotten he should even seek The soulless movement of the morning, the sadness of the past, the fear of the future fell away, leaving only the dance Leaving him whole and strong and sure. Dance With Me is about pain, fears, denial, persistence, courage, hope, acceptance, enthusiasm, sensuality, passion, love, tenderness, and yes beauty T.H.I.S is why I love to read Because I feel pretty overwhelmed and moved at the moment I always thought that dancing is unmanly Boy, was I ever wrong Stupid preconceptions, anyone For lack of a better word, let me just say it was freakin amazing Loved, loved, loved it I think you get me I found myself floating through the story Some parts of this book are so incredibly intense and real, I just expected that these two guys would leap right off the pages and into my lap no pun intended Dance With Me shines in all its glory thanks to Ed and Laurie They are so special and multilayered, honest and real as well as exasperating and endearing I d say they are pretty much unforgettable Well, and the men lovin mmmm was that ever hot and utterly sensual Loved it Seriously, their love making was very erotic The built up itself was another wonderful and sensual dance between these two guys and beautifully written Even though I m not a huge fan of exhibitionism and voyeurism I loved the author s little play with it It was nicely done and kind of subtle Please note the book contains no m nage at allWhy do you say that That you would be a beautiful bedmate Because you would You re gracious and giving and though selective too much so you have so much beauty stored up to give But if you don t stir that beauty up every now and again, Laurie, it will wither and die Try giving it to your dancing partner and see where it gets you I especially appreciated how the author portrayed Ed the man and his injury and fallout Ed is lucky to still be alive In fact, he will never ever fully recover from his football injury The pain is not a part of him The pain is his life, and he has to live with it Talk about acceptance Ed really has to deal with a lot of pain On top of that, the pain comes along with fears, an inferiority complex and depressions It felt so real and I hurt for Ed Without a shadow of a doubt the author outdid herself with that aspect of the storyThe pain wasn t trying to take away his life The pain was his life It was a ridiculous moment in which to mourn The moment to come to terms with pain was not backstage at a gala event Not surrounded by family and friends and community members and kids who looked up to him like he was God This was not a public moment this was a moment for the dark This was for the middle of the night, alone in the cocoon of a bed This was for a bathtub or a shower, or for the quiet of a chair with the television in the background But Ed had run from those moments The pain had tried to talk to him then, but he had run away, had slammed all the doors, had put his fingers in his ears and sung He d even manufactured a false sense of acceptance He d told himself he was okay Ed has such a natural affinity for dancing He s got strength in his form and it s so easy for Laurie to dance with him In fact, he is destroying Laurie s stereotypes about football players in a major way Laurie suffers from panic attacks and PTSD over a catastrophic, career ending performance He used to have a light in his eyes, however, at some point the light was gone Ed was the man to give him back this light He surrounded Laurie with his warmth, strength and love and carried him to new heights And Ed was also there to gather the broken pieces and encourage him to put himself together again With that said, Laurie did the same for Ed He took care of him when he felt miserable and was in a haze of pain I really adored it when Laurie helped Ed to review his pain goals when he was suffering from depression It was thoughtful and gracious and what he wrote down was so true Yeah, that s love too to take care of your partner, to lend a hand with anything and everything, and as the story unfolds, you really feel how they were anchoring one another.I have one minor complaintThe relationship between Laurie and his mom was rather strained, and their reconciliation felt a bit too smooth for my liking I just think the author could have explored this part of the story better That said, the quick resolution didn t convince me completely If you are a mutual m m lover and you haven t read this book yet then buy and read it now If you haven t read any m m novels yet, this could be the perfect moment to take the plunge into unknown waters by reading Dance With Me. This book is a labor of love you can feel it resoluci n resolution the ending of a set of tango steps Does not necessarily end the dance.A lifetime of dance.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 3.5 stars I am a big fan of Heidi Cullinan Honestly, her sex scenes are stolen right out of my brain how did you get in there and I could read a book solely of her filthy, dirty bedroom talk However, this book was a bit on the schmaltzy side for me I am not a dancer and I appreciate dance in the way that I can say, Oh, that looks pretty good but that s about it This book was a bit too let s rumba our way to happiness for me Also, I really liked Ed as a character but Laurie was a bit too whiney or something for my tastes As always, Heidi s writing was excellent I wish I liked the main concept i.e dance a bit but the romance was there in spades I felt the lurve radiating from these two guys It was very sweet in a nice way I honestly think that I would have given this book 4 stars if it wasn t for the WTF sex scene near the end NONONONONO That just seemed so out of place and so strange Cue 80s porno music. All in all a very enjoyable read, though I could have used sex and less dancing But that s just me. 4 STARS You don t simply feel the rhythm You must feel the soul, both of the dance and of your partner The tango isn t something you dance It s a story you create with another Ed Maurer is an ex semipro football player that has had to leave his athletic glory behind due to a neck injury that bans him from ever playing again Ed doesn t want to accept his fate that he is disabled as a result He is determined to live his life as normal as possible even without football, by trying to ignore the pain he sporadically gets That means having an office job he hates While also volunteering at a community center, the only thing he looks forward to With the right partner, it s like I m anchored, and I can do anything Ed s lips brushed Laurie s ear, sending electricity through his body, but his words burrowed into Laurie s soul I want to be your right partner Laurie Parker was once a rising star in the ballet community But after an event left him feeling humiliated he has turned his back to competing professionally Now, Laurie is a dance instructor at the same community center Everything is great for Laurie until Ed enters the picture pestering him about the volume of his music he uses in his classes Things change when Ed ends up being his dance assistant in exchange for turning the volume down I can t tell you how much I loved these two characters They were so freaking cute together When Ed and Laurie begin dancing together, it made me giddy seeing that attraction between them grow They were pretty opposite as well Ed was a manly broad football player making average pay, while Laurie was a slightly feminine dancer with a wealthy background Yet, they worked so well together I loved being inside Ed s head and seeing how he was falling for Laurie, it was so damn adorable Another thing I really enjoy, and something have noticed from ready many of Heidi s books, is that she thoroughly researches what she writes about In this case, it was the dancing It was described so well with some delicious sensual tension that the only thing that could make it better was to see it live I don t ever want to disappoint you I want to stay here, like this Always I don t want to just take care of you I want you to take care of me too This book also had many emotional moments that made me feel for Ed and Laurie They were both a bit broken, but together they calmed, supported, and healed each other I loved how Laurie took care of Ed It was really just a beautiful story The only reason I didn t give it a higher rating, was because some parts of the book were a bit slow at times I also didn t really care for one sex scene in particular But other than that, it was a wonderfully written story that was very enjoyable I loved both the characters and really connected with them I definitely recommend this one.

Heidi Cullinan has always enjoyed a good love story, provided it has a happy ending Proud to be from the first Midwestern state with full marriage equality, Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights She writes positive outcome romances for LGBT characters struggling against insurmountable odds because she believes there s no such thing as too much happy ever after When Heidi isn t writing, she

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