Don't Push the Button!

Don't Push the Button!I didn t want to like this as much as I did There are quite a few books floating around already that are interactive We have Press Here as well as Tap the Magic Tree There s also the fact that Don t Push the Button owes much credit to The Monster at the End of this Book Sesame Street I ve never been a fan of riding the coattails as they say However, this is the first of the mentioned four fourth wall breaking books that I have decided that would work well with a large group of children sorry Grover, you re too long , Press Here you were here first and I love you in a one on one context but with a classroom full of kids, not so much Tap the Magic Tree, you re a lot cooler in the fall But Don t Push the Button has Larry s and he s funny, he s melodramatic, and he tempts us with something forbidden Kids will delight in all of the aforementioned books, but this one will fit in best with class full. Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a Writer There s only one rule in Larry s book don t push the button Seriously, don t even think about it Even if it does look kind of nice, you must never push the button Who knows what would happen Okay, quick No one is looking push the button My nephew played with this book the entire week we had it Since I knew his anticipation was building to read it we waited until it was the last book left and boy did that pay off He had sooooo much fun play , I mean reading, this book We loved how interactive the book was as Larry tempts the reader to give the red button a little tap My nephew adores books that talk right to him and act like the are in conversation with him tap the button, push it twice, shake the book, scratch his tummy Each instruction changes Larry The words are simple and easy to follow but honestly this isn t about reading A message less book that also teaches comprehending instructions and following through with them it becomes this unique book that even while not a 5 out of 5 stars I would still suggest buying for a home library Especially for children that struggle not to disobey, with comprehending consequences and following instructions I can see a child reading this over and over again cementing the ideas connected with his actions My nephew LOVED the spread with Larry after we shake the book and get rid of some of the extra Larrys Drawing that was simple but quite fun for him and he did really well adding the title right BOTTOM LINE A fun INTERACTIVE book for kids who don t enjoy reading You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery A USA Today Bestseller There S Only One Rule In Larry S Book Don T Push The Button Seriously, Don T Even Think About It Even If It Does Look Kind Of Nice, You Must Never Push The Button Who Knows What Would Happen Okay, Quick No One Is Looking Push The ButtonUh, Oh Cute and fun in terms of the interactive element but I m glad it was just a library check out and for my home library will gravitate to other titles in the genre that don t encourage doing something you re not supposed to do though there are consequences and it could be a good springboard for discussion I can see older kids would be in on it but it might send mixed messages with very young ones. I got Don t Push the Buttonand Don t Touch This Bookfrom the library at the same time, and I just read both in quick succession I have to say, I think that this one is the weaker of the two, despite being the book that started it all.We meet Larry, a purple monster, who introduces himself and shows us the button, which we re not supposed to push We re not given a reason why We re just told that we shouldn t And what happens when someone tells you not to do something especially when they don t give you a good reason You just want to do it.The rest of the book shows us the results of pushing that button It s a cute gimmick, but I thought the execution was a bit weak especially once I read Don t Touch This Book This is cute enough, but if I were to give it as a gift, I d probably want to give it along with Don t Touch This BookReading the two books together would make for a fun storytime for kids. Well, it s an awful lot like Press Here, and almost as good But that instruction is framed positively, and this negatively, so imo that one wins Also, I like that the other does not have a character guide, and also it does make me giggle out loud every time I play it I do hope to find by the author of this, though. It starts on page one when Larry the monster warns the readers Don t push the button The warnings get stronger and stronger until Larry just can t stand it He has to know what happens when someone does push the button What could possibly go wrong Larry has all the sass of Mo Willem s Pigeon Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and just as clearly recognizes both that sass and a few defiant tendencies in young readers But don t think he is just Pigeon in a monster suit Although Larry speaks directly to the reader, as does Pigeon, the reader actually gets to take part in Larry s story.Seriously, be ready for some eager button pushing once your young story lover discovers that pushing it once changed Larry from purple to neon yellow and pushing it a second time gives him spots You may have to brace the book I m not joking.Cotter s mixed media art work is bright and engaging Young readers will be attracted to both the fun, bright colors but also the simple forms As is so often the case, the eyes have it emotion that is The drawings may be simple but Larry manages to be happy, sincere and scared all at appropriate times.Because, as with all great picture books, this is about than who can really push a button It is a story about consequences, exploration and adventure all wrapped up in a very simple package.Originally reviewed on The Bookshelf What We re Reading. My thoughts Don t well of course, means Do and not push buttons , well, not going to happen That is exactly what this book expects from its readers the title makes sure of it, the words tempt us, and the bright, super cute illustrations seal the deal.This book is temptation for the littlest readers the cute little devil that prompts them and even us to do all that parents do not want us to do I am sure looks like Larry.I can just hear the giggles resulting from reading this book with a room full of little ones and of course, all the pushing the button, of course , the shaking, the tickling too This can be a great book to read with a do what Larry Says type of activity for kids for play time or just about any time It is a great book for siblings to read together.My 10 year old s comments Humorous, last picture with all the monsters dancing around, Even though for younger kids, even older kids will enjoy it Nice book, all in all My 7 year old says of the book Really fun, love the polka dots and love Larry, and can we push the button Rating AReread Level 5 5Reading Level Up to 7 years but as I said earlier, everyone has fun reading it Disclaimer Thank you to NetGalley and Bill Cotter I received a e ARC of the book for review These are my honest opinions of the book For a giveaway of the book Update At this point we have read this book many, many, many times Countless times We have read this book so many times I have started to change its words just for fun I say Hi, my name is Robert , and my youngest one yells No He is Larry , because he doesn t read but of course knows every single word in this book There is only one rule Don t pick your nose No Don t push the button I would give this book 5 stars all over againOriginal review How not to push the big, red, tempting button Specially if the ONLY rule in Larry s book is do not push the button The book is simple, funny, and very interactive I can t imagine a kid not liking it We laughed each time we pushed the button yes we did push the button and something funny happened to Larry Hilarious Warning You might want to go on pushing every button you see after closing the book.Age range 2 to 6 years old.Check out children s book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog This fun, interactive book stars Larry, the purple monster He is friendly, happy and completely non threatening He is having a meltdown because he has privy to a red button and he knows you are not to push it He agonizes over the fact that that button is off limitsbut oh he wants you to push it sooooooo badly He tempts the reader to just give it a little tap and of course when that happens Larry s world changes His beautiful purple turns him yellow, them gives him spots and then multiplies him Larry gives the reader verbal instructions push button, push it twice, shake the book, scratch his tummy, all in the hope of turning him back to normal again Kids will love this book and the fact that they can interact with this adorable little monster The illustrations are big and vibrant and very expressive Toddlers and pre schoolers will giggle and laugh as they are instructed to work with Larry to change him back The suspense and tension Cotter builds up pushes the narrative forward in such a fun, entertaining way The premise is very similar to The Monster at the End of This Book , starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover and Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, but no matter how many ways this dilemma is portrayed it is always a hoot and kids just love it.I particularly liked Bill Cotters dedication To Mom and Dad for always encouraging me even when I was pushing their buttons.

Bill Cotter is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY Bill spends his time teaching art and music to children, playing live music around the city, and perfecting his ping pong skills.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Don't Push the Button! Author Bill   Cotter –
  • Board Book
  • 24 pages
  • Don't Push the Button!
  • Bill Cotter
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9781492607632

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