Hold Me Close (Paradise, Idaho, #2)

Hold Me Close (Paradise, Idaho, #2) Good Suspense believable characters Before I write this review I need to address something that was in the first book and is again mentioned in the second, as if impact Luke s main protagonist income In book one Cal Luke s brother mentions that he is buying his brother and sister out of the farm land for 100,000 a year over twenty years on 1,000 acres I know this sounds like a lot, but normal farm folk buy out the parents who own the land Until the parents kick it, the siblings don t really have inheritance Plus the author most not have known many farmers because trust me farmers don t retire or stop at retirement age farming is in the blood we don t retire I ve seem eighty year old men climb in combines not because they have to buy because it is a way of life of soap box Okay now to the book, which was a romance I relished between a woman and her son running for their lives from an abusive boyfriend The woman is Kayla, a is a dirt poor widow who was hoodwinked by a evil Prince Charming Her and her son were pretty much homeless when she met evil Prince Charming During the story you find out Kayla never had an easy life As a reader I felt for Kayla and felt her pain and failing her son and herself Luke is the high school principal, I know shocking a romantic hero not a billionaire Wow The romance part is center stage and the suspense part is minor but also very scary in the end James writes scintillating sexual scenes that are explicit but also tender This book isn t as riveting in suspense as book one, but the character development of Kayla and her son Eli is worth the trade I recommend this book as a buy if you don t have kindle unlimited I borrowed this one and listened and read it The audio narration is very well done. Before I start my review on this book there are a couple of things I need to emphasize, the topic of the book which is about domestic violence abuse is to be taken seriously.I can t imagine what it is like for either males females to go through that kind of experience I m not ridiculing the topic of the book but I will try and explain why I wasn t too keen on this book From start to finish this book was very melancholy It was touching and sweet but it also down right depressed me I don t do depressed Even the ending wasn t the happy ending and I emphasize the word happy I just didn t feel it off the main character Kayla But I m going to back track a bit here Ah so I finished the book I thought that I might mention that I didn t do too well on the first one because I found the heroine to be exasperating and couldn t connect with her.Kayla Chambers is on the run from her, I m going to call him ex boyfriend, although they didn t officially break up but he is an abusive so it doesn t count She phones a women s hotline and gets the help that she needs Kayla and her son Eli, who I frigging adored flee to Paradise, Idaho She spent one summer with her Mum there and her new husband and never felt the same again She moves down the road from Luke Jackson that one summer they played together although Kayla remembers him it takes him a while to remember her Luke was the best, he is a fixer he needs to fix everyone s problems although in my opinion he tried too hard He was really understanding to Kayla and Eli.We see snippets of what the ex does to get his hands on Kayla and to what lengths he goes to and that he is sick in the head Ms James wrote an amazing plot and I have to say that I was interested in the plot than in the MC being together but that is just me I liked Luke than I liked Kayla and to be honest I can t pinpoint it It isn t because she suffered abuse or had a hard life I think it might be that I didn t real see her participating in life and I didn t feel it either I would have liked to have seen the murder of the police detective being solved To me it was a loose end It had all the elements a good, structured and exciting book needs it s just not for me Book received by netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Kayla Chambers Knows What Love Is And What It Isn T When Her Boyfriend Turns Abusive, She And Her Son Escape To A New Life In A Place Where He Ll Never Find Them The Idyllic Town Of Paradise, Idaho, Has Everything She Needs To Get Back On Her Feet Survival Is Her Only Goal, And The Last Thing She Wants Is Another Man In Her LifeBut Kayla S New Neighbor, High School Principal Luke Jackson, Is Determined To Change Her Mind Luke Usually Takes The Fast Lane With Women, But He Can See That Kayla And Her Son Need Help, And He Wants To Earn Her Trust Even If That Means Taking Things Slow He Strikes Up A Friendship That Soon Simmers Into Something Passionate And Real But When Kayla S Past Catches Up With Her, Luke Knows He Has To Find A Way To Keep Her Safe Or Risk Losing Her Forever This is a fabulous work of art I work with abuse victims on a daily basis Rosalind has managed to portray the fear and fight of a survivor of abuse I loved every minute of this book Kayla shows the struggle to escape an abusive partner She also shows the struggle to trust again I think Rosalind did a great job with showing that inner emotion for Kayla And Luke displayed all the desired reactions of a supportive friend and eventual lover All that would be enough for a great book But then there is Eli Eli, Kayla s nine year old son, stole my heart His love for his mother, pride in his deceased father, joy with friends, and hesitance with Luke all seemed very real to me Just wow That sent this book to the top of my list of books ever read In true Rosalind form, there is passion and longing But it s done in a respectable way The family portrait and its variations is wonderful After reading Carry Me Home and this book, I want to be a member of the Jackson family You will too This is the book for you. Some good parts but mostly boring..I read Carry Me Home in 2015 and only gave it 2 stars but since it was my first book by this author I thought I d give her another chance This could have been like that other book and only been 250 pages and it would have been worth reading There was so much filler in this book it was just ridiculous But worse than that I was at 49% and wondered if Kayla would ever stop whining Or maybe that was Natalie Ross that gave her that constant whine.Anyway, this is my second and LAST book by Rosalind James I was wondering if I d finish it but I kept going to see what happened to Alan, the abuser Kayla and Eli was hiding from.I did find Luke a little too hard to believe He was too nice, too thoughtful, too helpful, too loving, too understanding, just too everything, yet still a likable guy for some reason I couldn t understand him wanting Kayla s whiny ASS It wasn t a very good match IMO And her whining lasted through the whole story At 57% page 189 I quit It s just too boring and there s too much filler I did zip all the way across to 90%, where Alan showed up for that last time, and that s all I was interested in I wanted to see what happened to that jerk.There was sex in this book, at least that s what I read in other reviews And the only 2 times the F bomb was used was when Luke told Kayla that that s what he was going to do to her I looked that up on my iPad And, holy cow, the epilogue was soooo mushy It s like the author got caught up in her own load of mushiness and couldn t stop, she went on and on and on I don t mind mushy at all but there comes a time when you just have to stop There was about 40 pages to the mushy epilogue and that was waaaay to much.As to the narration It was Natalie Ross 1 and Phil Gigante 10 Ms Ross reads too quiet and breathy and without any emotion, like always sad and or depressed Mr Gigante s voice raises and lowers, depending on what he s saying, whether lovingly or in agitation I do like Ms Ross, but only sometimes It all depends on what she s narrating This one really didn t work for me, like Carry Me Home did This was a free read and free listen when I got it in April but the only thing worth having was Phil Gigante s narration. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Love isn t supposed to hurt like that Love doesn t come from your fists and your feet Love doesn t terrorize Love doesn t bruise.Kayla is a widowed mother who lives with her nine years old son Eli and her abusive boyfriend Alan One day she grabs Eli by the hand and they run away from home The two of them start a new life in Paradise , Idaho.Here she reconnects with Luke , her childhood friend, who also happens to be the high school principal where Eli is about to start his classes.Books focused on domestic violence creeps me up Kayla s story was a sad one for me.Alan , as a highly influential person , and his ways of tracking Kayla down scared me.So why only 3 stars The intense beginning got me from the very first pages Then things got a little too slow for my taste Luke trying to gain Kayla s trust, Kayla having lots of trust issues.She interprets Luke s every gesture and word as a way of deliberately mocking her She gets plain absurd at some point.Going back and forth between her desire to open up to a new life and her fears from the past.And Luke, Luke was just too perfect for a human being His perfection almost annoyed me. This is the 2nd book in the Paradise, Idaho book series This book starts off with the h, Kayla planning her escape from her abuser boyfriend Alan Kayla has an 8 yr old son Eli She s a widow that was broke and taken in by Alan His kindness quickly faded and at the beginning of the book, she attempting to flee his abuse Alan is a conniving man who works as a prosecutor Kayla is trapped in her relationship with Alan Kayla runs away with her son She goes back to a town she remembers from her childhood Paradise, Idaho Luke, the H is a high school principal He s the brother of Cal, the H from book 1 Carry Me Home.Each chapter alternates Kayla, then Luke They meet each other a few chapters into the book Kayla is very closed off She resists Luke s charms This throws him off since he s evidently a people person Kayla s son Eli makes friends with Luke s dog, Daisy Luke then makes friends with Eli which him leads to Kayla The build up to their relationship is very gradual Kayla is very cautious and cringes when Luke comes near her He figures out she has issues with men With a man He sees her bruises Kayla and Eli live in a very small apartment near Luke s house Luke s gentleness helps gradually gain Kayla s trust The supporting characters were very good I loved Luke s mom Raylene She s very sweet to Kayla and doesn t judge her being poor In fact, no one in Paradise is negative to Kayla or Eli Cal Zoe and Rochelle from book 1, have supporting roles.Meanwhile, Kayla s ex, Alan that won t accept being an ex, has been trying to find her Alan is pure evil I guess that he s a total loss of a human He s in Boise, trying to find leads on Kayla s whereabouts Every time he appears in the story, it s like a huge black cloud Luke is so caring and gentle with Kayla Gradually, they spend and time together Luke also spends a lot of time with Eli I liked the realistic way that Eli acted toward Luke He was suspicious, like he was checking if he would strike out then act nice just like Alan did to his mom Luke and Alan couldn t be opposite.Luke to Kayla This man s going to be here for you And it s what you said The past is gone What we ve got is the future, and I want it to be with you I couldn t be your first, and I can t help being sorry about that But I sure would like to be your last Luke is very open about his feelings for Kayla, but knows that Kayla needs time The development of their romance was gradual and a little slow It did feel natural, but Luke was extremely patient with Kayla Was he too good to be true The suspense of Alan hunting for Kayla almost overshadowed the love story between Luke and Kayla The ending had plenty of irony and I was mostly satisfied I wondered about the fate of a minor character The epilogue was not far into the future, but good About the length of another chapter An HEA 4.25 stars I love Ms James writing ARC provided by NetGalley. First off, I received a free advanced copy of this book for my honest review I was not required to write a positive review and all the opinions are mine alone Then I bought the book to support the author This is not a Rugby Romance set in New Zealand, but the second in the series named Paradise, Idaho.I think this may be the best book I ve read this year I know the people will stay in my heart and mind for a long time I adore these characters This book was very emotional for me I found myself running the list from laughing to crying We first meet Luke Jackson in Carry Me Home as the younger brother of Cal Jackson He was pretty good there but he is damn near perfect in this book Kayla Chambers is running for her life and the life of her son, Eli, because of an abusive relationship Rosalind James handles the domestic violence issue with a lot of finesse The abuse, of course, has made Kayla very leery of men But Luke does almost everything right to help Kayla and Eli make a new life I so admire Kayla for making a new life for her son and herself I enjoyed her journey.Lots of people show up from Carry Me Home Rochelle, Cal and Zoe come to mind.Rosalind James always writes strong women and good men Her heroes have manners, are tender, sexy and very protective This is a sexy book and very well written There is wonderful information about abuse what it is and where to go for help in the back of the book Buy this book because it was written with hope for a better life. Love the small town and the way they helped each other out the Jackson family and the unquestioning support they gave to Kayla Loved that Luke allowed Kayla be her own person with dignity and respect, allowed her to rescue herself and Eli, but also gave help and support Even though intimacy between Luke and Kayla was taken slow, and with caution, it was very hot I was thrilled to visit with Cal and from the previous installment again and be in on special events news This was very much romantic suspense and had me on edge over Kayla s safety Alan made my skin crawl and frightened the heck out of me, because I know so many Alans are out there in real life Rosalind James brand of storytelling has me hooked Can t wait to read Rochelle s story next in, Turn Me Loose This review is also posted at The Readers Den. 4.5 Wow This was a highly emotional story Kayla is in an abusive relationship and escapes with her son She gets help from a group of anonymous women and relocates to Paradise, Idaho Her new neighbor is Luke Jackson, the high school principal and one of the towns most eligible bachelors Luke isn t the type of guy who wants to be tied down but when he meets Kayla, he knows there s something different about her and she catches her attention There were so many things I really liked about this book The banter between Luke, his friends and family and with Kayla was fantastic I loved how Luke was with Kayla s son Luke was really a fantastic hero for so many reasons I loved Kayla She was incredibly strong The details of her life before escaping were really sad Alan was an abusive ass and it was crazy to read chapters in his point of view while he was looking for Kayla It made me so nervous and I was really worried about what was going to happen when if he found her Even though the subject matter of this book was hard to deal with and a bit depressing, I think it has a really great message about abuse and how with strength you can overcome anything The epilogue was fantastic I loved this author s writing it sucked me in from the first page and I couldn t put this book down I can t wait to read in this series and by this author ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

Rosalind James writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense published both by Montlake Romance and independently Her stories are set in New Zealand, Idaho, California, New York really, anyplace that seems cool Research trips, especially those involving lots of rugby, are a bonus Her books are available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats Rosalind is a former marketing executive

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