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Sage's EyesSixteen Year Old Sage Is A Lonely Child Her Adoptive Parents Watch Her Obsessively, As If Studying Her For Warning Signs Of Something And Maybe They Re Right To Even She Can T Make Sense Of The Strange Things She Sees And Hears She Possesses Knowledge That Other Teenagers Don T, That Her Parents And Teachers No Adult Could Possibly Have So When Sage Finally Makes A Friend Who Understands Her Alarming Gift, He Becomes Her Confidant, A Precarious Link To The Truth About Who She Really Is For Sage And The Alluring New Boy At School Share Many Things In Common Perhaps, They Ll Learn, Far Too Many Things This book was complete and utter crap not that I or anyone else should be surprised at this point It has all of the earmarks of a Neiderman book cardboard character, lack of research Neiderman just uses a bunch of stereotypes for Wiccans without showing any real understanding of the traditions of Wiccan and Paganism and a contrived plot filled with slow parts and repetition.This book is a lot like Daughter of Darkness another one of Neiderman s god awful books Sage knows she is unique, but her parents aren t telling her anything When the secret is revealed, I wasn t really surprised I knew there was something weird paranormal going on, and an author with skill and care for his or her craft could have pulled off a good storyline But this is Neiderman we re talking about, so skill and respect for the writing craft Nope.Neiderman may have been a decent author once, but his best days are long gone It s obvious he is just churning these out for the money, without one single whit of care or respect for the V.C Andrews Legacy He writes all this garbage under her name, because he knows that if he published this story under his own name, it would sell nowhere near as well.The reveal is something akin to Daughter of Darkness Apparently, having Wiccan powers imbues one with immortality what and Neiderman leans heavily upon bad research and stereotypes Wiccan is a fairly modern term and he uses pentagrams and pentacles a lot Wiccan and Paganism is far than just these symbols, and the way he handled the religion in here shows how little research he did Honestly, in the days of the Internet, there is NO excuse to not do research I mean, hell, it doesn t even sound like Neiderman did the MINIMUM amount of research this book literally reads like he got his knowledge of Wicca from Hollywood movies.Insert a love interest for Sage a boy with mysterious powers and you have the usual teenage tripe that is akin to Twilight Long gone are the characters that grew and matured through their stories Cathy, Heaven, Dawn, Ruby The recent stories always end with the main character still at teenage level, or little than that, without any real character development whatsoever, but then, when the plot is stupid, should I really expect the characters to be any less stupid There is no real payoff by the ending of the book Just like the other books Neiderman has written recently Unwelcomed Child, the Diary series, Bittersweet Dreams, et al., the story just putters out to an anticlimactic ending that makes one wonder what the point of the story even was It is a godawful disgrace what is being done to a poor dead woman s good name by a man who has zero respect for her, or the craft of writing.I m going to pull up a quote from a science fiction short story that succinctly captures my feelings for Neiderman, the publishers, and the VCA family for allowing this to happen Hate Let me tell you how much I ve come to hate you since I began to live There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex If the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro instant for you Hate Hate AM, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Elliot That I barely remember anything from this book is likely a blessing, because what I do remember of it is terrible.Put short, this novel would ve fared better had it been written in the 1990s That it s been published twenty years later does not serve it well V C Andrews is not good at writing paranormals, as evidenced here in Sage s Eyes.But worse than the pitiful attempt at supernatural activity isthe self referencing The characters go to see a movie adaptation of Ruby yes, based on the V C Andrews novel I can handle shoddy writing, but this wankery was too much.Skip Sage s Eyes It s not even so bad, it s good It s just bad. I received a copy of this book via the publishers at netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you It will be released on Janurary 26, 2016 4 Dramatic Stars Sage isn t the normal teenage girl that she wished she could be She seeing things from the past, she see s other people s future, and she acts like a person from another century Her adoptive parents don t appreciate Sage s gifts and instead of accepting her for who she they keep her from living a normal teenage life Sage also has a hard time fitting in with her peers at school This has a little to do with both the way her parents treat her and her visions So where do these visions come from Was her birth mother just like her Or is she delusional These are the answers that Sage seeks in V.C Andrews s newest novel Sages Eyes.For most of my life I have been a huge fan of V.C Andrews and my feelings have stayed the same for each and every book I like to dark atmosphere, the intrigue, the mystery, the family drama, and the unusual plot Additionally, I feel like her books this one included are timeless and classic They will never get old or go out of style I suppose this is what makes Andrews such a popular novelist How many readers can say this about other books Not too many Keep on writing Andrews, your books are fantastic I should also add that V.C Andrews is my go to author when I am looking for something unique and different Her books series are all equally unique but told in the same writing style that we readers crave Fans of the author, you will want to pick this book up I am hoping for a sequel as this one ended abruptly but not without answering our questions about Sage first Awesome book preorder buy it now I can t imagine anyone would regret it Check out my full review, recommendations, giveaways and MORE on my blog I received an advanced reading copy of this publication in exchange for an honest review.3 5 StarsWhen this publication first popped up in my Netgalley search, I was drawn to it immediately The name V.C Andrews holds a lot of sentimental value because I grew up reading these hand me down books from my mother and my grandmother I was completely elated when I was approved for the title That being said, this is technically the first publication I ve read that was written by her ghost writer While the writing is certainly not bad, it just doesn t quite have that V.C Andrews feel that I grew up reading.Sage is a fifteen year old girl growing up in small town Massachusetts Adopted by an overprotective family, Sage struggles to find a healthy balance between a home and social life It doesn t help that she s a little different from anyone else she s ever met Ever since she can remember, she s had memory like visions that couldn t possibly be from her lifetime While growing up, she has a bad habit of talking about her visions at the wrong times, thus creating a lot of tension in her parents.When her parents decide to move Sage to a new school after a particular instance at her old one, Sage meets some new friends She also becomes quickly enad with another new student, Summer Dante After a series of events, Sage suspects her parents may no about her than she ever thought.If there is one thing that really bothers me about this book, and it would appear I m not alone on this one, it s that there doesn t seem to be an established timeline I went at least a good third of the novel thinking it took place about 40 years back to suddenly realizing we were in a modern day A lot of the language and sayings that come from Sage really only reinforce that, and while I now feel that it was to reinforce her own character which becomes clear towards the end of the novel, it still helped to throw me off a bit in the beginning.Another thing I d like to point out, especially for you thrill seekers out there, is that this book is extremely slow paced I m actually quite disappointed because I had myself convinced that it was okay that it was a slow start because they were laying groundwork for what would likely become a bigger series in V.C Andrews fashion Having looked into that now that I ve actually finished the book, I see no inclination that this book is meant to be a part of a series Now I could be wrong, but it seems that this book is meant to be a stand alone novel, and if that s the case my justification for a slow build up is no longer valid So if I m reconsidering this than the first 3 5th s of the novel are slower paced The next 1 5th picks up the pace a little bit as Sage gains freedom and develops a bit of a social life But the last 1 5th felt so rushed Fast paced, sure, but it felt like they were trying to rush a conclusion And that might have worked for me if this book had been part of a series, but as a stand alone it just feels like poor planning.If this is an author you ve read and enjoyed, I would say pick up the book If you re someone who has a lot of patience when it comes to world building, I d say pick up the book The story is entertaining enough But if you re someone looking for an indulgent paranormal feel paired with the moral questioning that keeps you on the edge of your seat like a good old fashioned V.C Andrews book provides, you re not going to find that here. This book wasn t for me Although I do like Virginia Andrews VC Andrews writing style this book just didn t keep my interest at this time. Not knowing what to expect in this book I went into this with open mind You get hints of the subject matter throughout the entire book Something creepy and weird is going on the main character and most of the book revolves around of the strangeness of her ability to see what s going to happen with other people plus her ability to hear and see things no one else can Not only that, but the reactions her parents have to her watching and questioning every move that she makes, is weird too.Then she meets a new boy in school who is immediately drawn to her He seems to know just what she sees and feels That could be a good thing or a bad thing Can this be the beginnings of a fight between good and evil What is seen and unseen Not giving way anything of the plot, I need to say that while the book was a good read, I found it could have been a lot engrossing This came off to me as of a young adult book and while that s not necessarily bad, I was expecting a bit intrigue, thrills, and suspense It felt like the plot was not fully fleshed out and some of the history of the subject could have been developed a little bit better.Since this is my first V.C Andrews book I don t have anything to compare it to While an entertaining, quick and easy read, I was looking for depth overall in the characters, the plot, and background. Truthfully I was disappointed by this one It started off SO well, and I thought it would be super eerie and chilling.Not so much The plot was predicable, but it was enjoyable so I ll give it that And there s a hope for a darker hopefully sequel We ll see. DNF 63%I have always had fond memories of V.C Andrews, and enjoyed her books a lot during high school When I saw this latest offering I was very excited, but unfortunately it appears as if her earlier magic just isn t present in this book The plot was way too slow for me and I felt that the writing was oddly formal I actually thought that this book took place at least 60 or years ago until I saw a reference to a modern band.I am still interested in finding out the resolution of the plot, but I am just finding the writing to not work for me If anyone reading this review has finished this book, I would appreciate it if you could message me with what happens at the end I am still a fan of V.C Andrews old books,but I doubt that I will continue reading the newer books under her name Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict BinNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I received a copy from Netgalley.I haven t read a VC Andrews book in years Initially I discovered them whilst volunteering in a charity shop one summer when I was home from university and kept seeing the books donated And I devoured them But eventually stopped when I got to the DeBeers series as I realised the plots all seem to follow the same formula I ve noticed some newer ones floating around the last couple of years, but when I saw this one pop up on Netgalley, I figured, what the hell I would give it a shot I would either love it or hate it I most certainly did not love it I really don t quite know what to make of it This review will be ranty and spoilery Spoilers will be hidden Trigger Warnings book contains sexual abuse and incest We re introduced to Sage who guides us through her early childhood to her teen years Starting off with some info dumpy information on how she has some sort of clairvoyance sixth sense She just seems to know things she has vivid dreams that seem like memories and hears voices whispers in the dark She knows things that a small child shouldn t know Something else she also goes on and on and on about is the fact that she s adopted and this makes her different from everyone else because she has no connection to her birth parents or any idea of her family history or why she sees things She can see people s futures as well She knows when they ve done something bad Granted, she has a few fair points in regards to adoption, and not knowing anything about where she came from other than what her adopted parents tell her She has some sensible and lots of reasonably logical points All about her connection to her parents and some of her feelings regarding whether they really wanted her after all They are ridiculously strict with her, not quite cruel, but makes for uncomfortable reading The problem is she goes on about it so much and in such a dramatic way it s really hard to care The whole tone of her voice is weird, it s either so formal it s boring or it s so purple prosey it s laughable She s such a goody two shoes, but of course, she s so much special and pretty than she could possibly realise As a child Sage would always talk about her strange vivid dreams and her visions, much to her parent s horror Particularly the very strict mother, who controls everything Sage does She s questioned constantly about what she does, who she talks to, where she goes Her mother even chooses her outfits up to when she s 15 The formality of the tone makes it hard to determine the setting off the novel Is it sometime in the past or modern day Because of her sixth sense and the font of knowledge and strange dreams she has Sage appears much mature and older than her 15 years The setting is supposed to be modern day Though the formality and strangeness of Sage s tone and attitude makes it hard to grasp at certain times it is a modern day setting view spoiler At one point a boy in her school is trying to get her to go out with him she s about 14 at this this point but she flat out refuses because she knows what he did to another girl he gave her alcohol when he knew the girl had some sort of bad reaction to booze and was planning to take advantage of her She tells him so bluntly she doesn t want anything do with him Then when the girl s friends overhear and find out it gets back to the girl and she s furious with Sage and accuses her of spreading rumours, calls her a nit and says something along the lines of I should pull your hair out What modern day 14 year old talks like this when they re pissed off something even though it s true has come out in public It s eye rolling stupid hide spoiler

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