The Sibling

The Sibling Summary Brian Has Sought Justice For Most Of His Life He Has A Driven Talent For It The Ghost Of A Mysterious Little Girl Haunts His Dreams, A Reminder Of His First Attempt To Seek Justice, His First Failure The Mysterious Figure Begins To Haunt His Waking Life As Well, So He Begins To Question His Own Sanity Little Does He Know About The Fallen Who Will Soon Change His Very Conception Of Justice Jennifer Is Tortured By The Memory Of A Lost Sibling Taken By A Monster In Human Form She Has United With A Fallen To Reap Vengeance On Any Other Monster Who Would Visit Such Torment On Any Children Unknown To Her, Her Sister S Killer Lives On And Is Sought By The Other Fallen To Join Their Quest Of Desecration Toward The Innocent Carlitto Is A Far Terrible Monster Than His Father He Doesn T Believe In Heaven Or Hell, God Or Evil, Or In An Afterlife He Doesn T Know Or Care That He Is Sought By The Fallen, One Of Whom Is Connected To His First Victim He Only Craves The Power To Satisfy His Twisted Desires Unconcerned With The Consequences Little Does He Know A Secret Connects Him To A Fallen Carlitto Too, Is A Sibling

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[Reading] ➿ The Sibling  By Walter Copeland –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 332 pages
  • The Sibling
  • Walter Copeland
  • English
  • 07 April 2019

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    Great read GrippingThis book grabbed me from The beginning and did not let me go until the last page was turned I loved it

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