The Catch Trap

The Catch TrapTommy Zane Hates Lions, A Major Obstacle In A Family Of Lion Tamers But Tommy S Dreams, And Talent, Fly Higher, Up In The Rigging With The Trapeze When Rising Star Mario Santelli Offers Him Flying Lessons, It Looks Like The Start Of Wonderful New Life, And To Tommy S Surprise, His Relationship With Mario Deepens Even As His Skill Soars In The Rigging But Life In The S Forces Them To Keep Their Love A Secret, And The Stress Pushes Both Tommy And Mario To A Precipice And As Mario Flies Higher And Higher, Tommy Begins To Wonder If It Will Always Be His Role To Catch Mario As He FallsA Tremendously Moving Tale, A Rich Family Saga, A Wise And Compassionate Portrait Of A Special Love In A Cruel World I was a huge fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Darkover series when I was a kid After reading all of the Darkover books, I stumbled on the Catch Trap and read it because it was by MZB It was the first book I can remember reading about being gay and made me feel like I could imagine being a gay man It scared the crap out of me i.e., in the same way reading and identifying with a character caught up in the Holocaust Definitely one of my favorite books that changed my worldview I m glad to see that I m not the only one who remembers and loves it. I read this book every year.It is like a vacation for me, I take time, set it aside and go visit Tommy and Matt for a few weeks Every year it is different, every year it is the same Every year I cry, every year I fall in love There is so much magic in this book it s impossible to explain with just words, which is ironic since the magic was made with words but I digress.A tale of two trapeze artists told in the backdrop of Post World War II, this book spans years and years of Tommy and Matt and their evolution from two guys fooling around to soul mates To me at least, it is THE gay love story of the 20th century and widely unknown to most people.Marion Zimmer Bradley of course is famous for a whole other type of book, but she had a passion for gay men and the circus In the print book forward she explains the differences of the real and the fictional circus which only shows how much she loves the subject You can feel the dirt on your face, hear the crowd gasp, taste the crappy concession foodand yes, you fall in love with the boys.This is a long read, not a little skim you can dance over in a few days This book insists on your full attention and if you cannot give it or do not have the attention span to give, do not read this book I am reading it on my Kindle Fire this year and I feel like I am cheating a little on my big old hardback copy, but the ability to open up and BE there with Tommy and Matt in a blink of an eyeinvaluable If my Kindle stopped doing everything else but display this book, I would still think it was a good investment.This isn t a love story where two perfect people fall in love This is a life story about two people struggling to find the best part of themselves in someone else So if you are one of those judgmental readers who gets all pissy when someone is an asshole, or as I put it a real person, then avoid the book These people are real, not chess pieces for your own private imagination Matt is an asshole and Tommy is famously weak They are caught in a spiral of passion that threatens to destroy everything they are and at times, that means good people do bad things.But if you like fantastic writing, incredible characters and a setting that you will look back and go, i want to see that againthis my friend is your book Now on the Kindle, it has NEVER been easier to discover the wonder of Catch Trap.I ll be over setting up the rigging for the three o clock show, wave and I ll buy you a hot dog before it starts. I just can t believe how disappointed I am with this book I searched for it for so long and when I finally found it and read it I justI can t adequately explain how I feel I won t lament too much though I will try not to include spoilers I acknowledge beforehand that this is only my meager opinion Marion ZB was obviously a talented writer, and I have enjoyed some of her other works, but as a gay, male reader, I found this piece so poorly done, so brutal, even offensive at times, that I honestly don t think I could read anything else by her It has just shattered the author s mystique for me I get that the story was set in the 40s 50s in fact, it was a primary reason I was so excited to read it , but it was so full of self loathing and the characters did so many pointless, heartless, unforgivable things to each other and others that I just can not appreciate it even for nostalgic purposes I realized about a third of the way through that I honestly no longer cared for the characters and I did not even want them to be together in the end I just stopped rooting for their individual happiness or their Happily Ever After, which was an honest to goodness first for me I am not slamming this book and I m not just trying to be negative I really put in some time and effort to find this piece of literature I can appreciate that it was written in a certain time and some of the glimpses of the past were nice There were a few very nicely written excerpts and some boldly tackled taboos, and I enjoyed the aspect of circus life, which led to a new interest for me But the supposedly romantic aspect and the homosexual aspects were so awful for me that by the end I wished I had not started I love lengthy novels and beforehand I saw the 500 pages as a bonus And to be clear, I was not bothered by the age differences and all that I am not a sensitive reader But it was all the self hatred regardless of the era and societal issues , all the heterosexual dealings there seemed to be effort dedicated to the heterosexual aspects than the homosexual I don t know if that was purposely done or if it was just due to the author s limitations as a heterosexual female She almost seemed like she used the heterosexual aspects to tow the line on the subject matter, or balance the homosexual facets, which frankly is insulting But there were so many other vicious moments for me potential SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER like Mario Tommy, men supposedly so in love with each other, maliciously having sex with women who they had just met supposedly had no interest in in front of each other just to prove points They were so cruel to each other at times So much volatility and hostility, and quite frankly so many sadistic and brutal moments that I just wanted it to end I guess the author was going for an epic, hard earned love, but to me it failed miserably It wasn t tender or sweet like I hoped, at least not enough to compensate repeatedly treating someone like dirt, then crying and apologizing about it doesn t count Ultimately, I didn t believe in the author s story and I didn t believe in her characters I kept asking myself How did Mrs Bradley really feel about gay people Regardless of her reported scandals and all Again, she was obviously talented, but it almost seemed like this was some inconsequential story that she didn t really care about but wrote it just to prove that she could write about the subject matter It definitely did not feel like a labor of love I get that she put a lot of time and research in the writing, but it honestly did not come through for me Now that I think of it, I think I may have actually enjoyed the story better if it just didn t focus on any sex or relationships at all Perhaps if she had solely focused on the circus life and the aerial feats and such, I think it would have really been a great read for me I felt so helpless and disappointed when I finished reading this and, with all the rave reviews, I wondered if there was anybody who felt the same The story had such a promising premise, and I actually tried to re read it to be sure but, alas, this one was torture for me. I actually read this several years ago and haven t done a proper review for it at the time.Looking back to it now, I still remember how much this story impressed me.Tommy joining the Santelli circus to assist Mario Santelli on the trapeze with both guys developing feelings for each other over the years in a time before gay relationships were even a thing almost broke me apart.This book is very dark at times, but mainly it is an epos about an Italian family and two very complicated people working and loving each other in a very unusual for me environment.We follow them over many years and even though it doesn t have the HEA you usually expect from romance books, I loved this story dearly 5 stars

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Ham

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