A Rose For Jonathan

A Rose For Jonathan Beth Green does a wonderful job for catching your attention and keeping it Most people want to ignore the spiritual word and the battle that goes on there She shows how the two can work together and how things in our world never goes as planned It is a touching story that reinforces the saying that when much is given much is required It is not always easy to understand or accept Frank Pertti better watch out because you show the same things but managed not to keep me awake at nights I received this copy thru Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Program. Angels, The Power of Prayer and Organ Donation..Interested When I first started reading this book, my thoughts immediately jumped to Frank Peretti I love his books and the way Beth Green introduces angels in her novel is very similar to what I expect to see from the master of spiritual warfare christian fiction Frankie P As I progressed in the novel, Green maintained some Peretti flair, but, at the same time, she flowed into her own domain This book is not only another fiction novel to add to your shelves This book is a testimony that God is good That God takes bad situations and uses them to reveal his gracious love I believe this story could be a salve for the soul to those who have lost someone dear to them It communicates grief, regret, anger at God, and the good that can come out of choosing to donate your loved ones organs It shows that everyone is different and it takes time to heal from those wounds Green uses the perspective of angels to show that God is here for the grieving, something I believe those in pain need to hold on to A quick side note, I couldn t help but pick up on an overwhelming amount of imagery For the purpose of avoiding spoilers in this review, I will not disclose details here If you want to know my thoughts or have a book chat, feel free to contact me I will say, however, that this realization pushed me from wavering between three and four stars to a strong four Why the wavering you ask Ah, time for the constructive critiquing part of this review Although this is a very well put together story, I got my hopes up when I made the connection to Frank Peretti I expected action than I received I also think could have been done with the demon named Bune I felt like he kind of left me hanging. Reviewed by Cheryl E Rodriguez for Readers FavoriteBeth Green s A Rose for Jonathan is an enlightening story revealing the power of prayer and scriptural declaration Standing guard on a hill above the city are three angels a sword pierces the ground, the earth shakes, yet no one notices except for one small two year old child Suddenly, a car crash occurs, traumatically impacting the lives of all those involved The watching angels flee to their charges As a result of this accident, a ripple effect unseen by human eyes begins in the atmosphere A divine plan begins to unfold The gift within little Rose Louise traverses time and transforms lives Her donation of life gifts the lives of three others and releases a light, a shimmering glow, into a darkened community Thirty five years later, one man s eyes are opened to the truth Tension has been building the spiritual battle has been raging Standing in front of his congregation, Pastor John Miles prepares to share the incredible story of Rose Louise Is it a story of mere irony, or is it divine destiny Will his congregation embrace and believe, or will they shun him, considering him a fool Looking at his audience, he begins to share the events that transpired to bring him to this moment of time I stand before you because of a gift The quote by Alexander Pope, Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, whispered in my head as I read A Rose for Jonathan Contrarily, Beth Green depicts the angelic realm with boundless and fervent bravery, ever watching over their assigned humans, and graciously heeding the voice of the Father In this compassionate story, the angels fear nothing instead, they dare the angels of darkness to tread lightly Beth Green does a wonderful job at portraying the despair and heartache of losing a child She reveals the truth that everyone grieves differently pain is very real and individualized Moreover, Green uses her experience as a pediatric physical therapist to give insight into the organ donation process Too often, we forget that someone has to die in order for someone else to live through organ transplant This story delicately yet decisively weaves together the concept that there is a constant battle for the souls of humankind Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice He died that we might live A Rose for Jonathan s resounding message is that we as believers are overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Pastor John Miles moves in the realm of the spirit with gifts he must learn how to use Exciting from page one A Rose for Jonathan took me into the complete Christian realm The curtains were pulled back, the angels and demons revealed Quite interesting.Spiritual warfare at it s best, showing the need for prayer and the power it explodes into everyday life.Although fiction, this read could very easily be nonfiction Everything written in this book is Biblical and real I strongly suggest Christians who want a deeper level of relationship with God to read this book You won t be disappointed.What an ending All the mysteries of the book came together in a concert of amazement I loved it. This was a phenomenal read One of my favorites was We have the freedom to decide what to do, whom to worship what to believe, etc We also have the right to make decisions that affect everything that we do We don t always have control over what happens to us but sometimes we make decisions that affect our future Either way, we have problems through out life We are not promised a perfect life, only redemption form our sins kind of an absolute absolution This book is refreshing, an eye opener on the power of prayer Be Blessed I absolutely loved this book It was amazingly well written and the story carried you through the whole book Beth Green does an amazing job I think we do all have guardian angels guarding us Pastor John reflects all of us in life as we try to learn what God s gift is for us, however even though most of us are searching, a lot of times we don t want to embrace what has been given to us Too hard, too unbelievable And of course, evil always lurking to pounce on any type of chink in our armor A Rose For Jonathan is a book everyone should read I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review I was not paid for my positive review. This book portrayed an amazing story of spiritual battle between angels and demons I loved the drama as Pastor John and his family were struggling with the traumas of death and loss We saw the power of prayer and scripture sustaining the characters during their life crises The author skillfully integrated the vital benefits of organ donations into the story line Pastor John pondered the gift he and his young daughter received as he ministered to others I was honored to be an early reader of this book in exchange for an honest review. Multiple Award Winning Book A Heartwarming Tale That Is Full Of Suspense, Humor, And A Powerful Message A Must Read For Christians Of All AgesPastor John Miles Is Forced To Face His Own Doubts And Fears As He Tries To Decipher The Strange Spiritual Gift That He Has Somehow Been Given Now, His Young Daughter Shows Signs Of Having The Gift, Too Could They Both Be Seeing Angels And Demons Pastor John Must Determine How To Use This Gift, While At The Same Time He Is Growing To Understand How The Power Of Prayer And Scripture Can Be Used To Win The Spiritual War That Is Raging Around Us Every Day Prayer and scripture, excellent This book sat in my to be read pile for months, and I decided to read it What a wonderful surprise The book was about how organ donations can be a blessing, but the author used a backdrop of spiritual warfare to bring the story to life What an awesome way to tell the story This is a must read This is the first Christian fiction book that I have read and I don t know if I would have chosen it for myself but, I was gifted the book and I enjoy all types of stories so I figured I didn t have anything but a little time to lose if I didn t like it.I did like it though I enjoyed Beth Green s take on angels and demons How they surround us either helping or harming whichever we allow I also enjoyed that the characters acted like actual people They had flaws and needed to learn from their mistakes They were not in any way perfect It makes them feel like they could be your colleagues, friends or neighbours.If I had one criticism about this book it would be that it was a little predictable That may just be because I read a lot of mystery and fantasy and so the improbable happening seems commonplace in the stories that I read.I hope you too enjoy this story.

Hello and welcome I am a pediatric physical therapist and a multiple award winning author I work with children ages 0 3 and write about everything My first novel, The Club, is a crime fiction and my second, A Rose For Jonathan, is a Christian fiction and has been awarded the New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing for the Spirituality Religion category, a Finalist in the NEIA,

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