Unbearable Passion

Unbearable Passion This Is An ACE For ISBN A Desperate Woman A Dashing Alpha Billionaire An Unlikely Love Affair She S A Successful Businesswoman Turned High Priced Escort He S A Dotcom Billionaire Visiting NYC She S About To Meet Her First Client And In Order For This Encounter To Be A Success, She Has To Follow The Rules Lose Yourself In This Sensual, Sexy And Steamy Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Between Billionaire, Bryce Van Der Linden, And Former Real Estate Queen Turned Escort Sofia Herrera In This Kinky And Tumultuous Billionaire Erotic Romance Series This Alpha Billionaire Romance Is Full Of Mind Blowing Sex, Spanking And Afternoon Quickies In Public Places

Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery s Book Boyfriends aren t like ANY others you ve ever cuddled to before.These dirty talking, DOMINEERING, saucy seducers will make you forget all the other ones Yeah, Scarlett s Alpha Males are that DANGEROUSLY HOT Be warned Her books have been dubbed, Epic Mind Blowing This Canadian romance author s books will melt your e readers and they will le

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  • Unbearable Passion
  • Scarlett Avery
  • English
  • 13 August 2019

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    3.5 starsA Hot Steamy start to what I m sure will be a really good Erotic Romance series.Sofia Herrera, just the name conjures up a stunning exotic beauty and that is just what she is in this Novella She has fallen on hard times brought on by losing her once successful real estate business to her shady work partner colleague With only the house that is mortgaged under her sister s name and mounted debt, she has to resort to desperate measures, become a high class escort.Her first client is the super sexy billionaire Bryce Van Der Linden and WOW is he pure I want it and I will have it Alpha Under her pseudo name Amanda she tries to just keep this relationship by the rules and treat it for what it is, a business arrangement but her feelings start to get deeper towards him.I hope we get to hear about how she ended up in this situation in the next few books and I really want our pretty woman to get her Richard Gere I ve pre ordered the whole series which is out on 3 April so I will be able to read it all in one go.A really good introduction to Scarlett Avery s work and if it was a detailed book I would have given stars but on the whole looking forward to what s to come.

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    3.5 Stars This was a fast readit was hot, I liked the story development, the writing could have been a bit better that s why only 3.5 The hero Bryce Van Der Linden is a 43 years old Billionaire dealing with personal data internet security Blue eyes, sexy, 3 times divorcedhe s often in NY for work and uses often the service of an escorts agency.Sofia Herrera is a beautiful mixed latin girl with exotic features in her 20s She speaks 4 languages and has two university degrees She was a self made businesswoman dealing in real estates until her business partner stole the company from her and left her with a mountain of debts.After working as waitress for some months and than being fired she realised she was going to lose her house too if she couldn t find a quick solution In desperate need to pay her debts she begins working as an escort And her first client is Bryce Van Der Linden.I won t spoil it but one night will turn in nights and they will discover passion, lust and .Jumping in book 2

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    So, this is one of those erotica stories that I would put into the. good for an afternoon quickie category The sexual chemistry between these two was definitely spot on and they are definitely enjoying themselves I m unbelievably grateful that there is no BDSM in this book Just some good old fashioned kinky fun I enjoyed it for that alone really feel good erotica is a good way to describe the tone This is one of those insta romances so, no real emotional depth between these two just a whole lot of lust And, lots of name brand dropping not a real fan of that myself but some people like that sort of thing I also felt like she was a little too smart to resort to escorting but, it did make for an interesting way to hook up with the billionaire.This is a 3 star rating from me simply because I prefer stories with depth but, I was definitely entertained so, like I said good for a quickie This is a 97 page novella and part one of this couples story so yes, it does end on a cliffhanger Many thanks to the author for the complimentary copywww.ktbookreviews.com

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    I so did not see this coming Amanda, an expert in four different languages found herself entangled behind the sheets of one of the most eligible billionaire bachelors, Bryce Van Der Linden After a failed business career, she turned to a high priced escort job, changed her name to Sofia and discovered something she never knew existed in the world of billionaires Bryce did something most women never thought was possible I myself couldn t put my mind to it, but this is what I have to say it was definitely mind blowing It was really an exhilarating experience reading this book by Scarlett Avery To say that the scenes contained in the story were deliciously wicked is putting it mildly I d rather say, this was an epic erotic feat I was able to read this in just a couple of hours and really blew my mind and I even felt my nerves gyrating Never Say Never could easily put Sylvia Day in a dim lit corner because Scarlett Avery steals the limelight with this Unbearable Passion Totally wicked

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    This book was given to me for an honest review.Sofia has hit rock bottom she has lost her business and, she got fired from her waitressing job for hitting a customer After being introduced to Elite Encounters Escorts, it s obvious that working as an escort was probably the fastest way to earn money Not wanting to mix her real life with this temporary job, she decides to use the Amanda as her escort name She hit jackpot for her first client he is the one and only Bryce Van Der Linden He is a successful tycoon with money than he can spend He saw pictures of Amanda and had to have her He makes the arrangements for her to accompany him This was my first time reading this author and this is the first book in a new series This book was well written and I enjoyed the flow of it Not only is it sexy, It s sensual, hot, and tastefully erotic I really enjoyed reading this story and I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

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    What a story Avery had me hooked with her wildly original storyline and kept me going with her intricate, hot storytelling Her descriptions were vivid and appealing, allowing you to easily imagine this story and its characters in its entirety Avery definitely leaves us with a cliff hanger at the ending of this one, but it s a good kind of cliff hanger She left me wanting , dying to return with the next story in the series, yet also with a sense of completion This entire world is epically out of my league, but I still really liked the characters They were so approachable and genuinely themselves that you can t help but enjoy them Sure, there choices aren t necessarily the ones I would have made, but that just made them all the fantastic.This was a fantastic start to Avery s Unbearable Passion series I would recommend it to those who enjoy a lot of explicit heat with an actual story as well.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 4 IT S ALL ABOUT HIS WANGDOODLE AND HER MUFFKIN STARS Let me introduce you to Mr Bryce Van Der Linden and his obsession with an escort, her jabbamuffins, her muffkin and her derri re he s real deep.Q Do I love him A Obviously Loved this naughty little gem, easy to read and leaving you wanting , nothing too deep or mind taxing just enjoyable fun However..My head once again is hung in shame as I know I ve fallen off the wagon and I m now well on the road to becoming addicted to yet another short erotic serial involving hot, intense, heat inducing situations and then being left hanging and climbing my bedroom walls and climbing my bedroom walls in a bad way desperate for the next instalment, inevitably resulting at some point with me being admitted to some facility that deals with mental health issues arisen whilst doing all of the above Ermmmmm Next Please

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    Unbearable Passion Never Say Never, Billionaire Romance, Part 1 is a fun and sexy read that will leave you panting This erotic romance is a real page turner and just when you think you ve figured Amanda out, she surprises you Bryce is the rich, dark, sexy billionaire we all dream about He falls for Amanda Sofia at first sight and forcer her to submit to every one of his desires Warning This erotic romance novella is full of mind blowing sex, spanking, afternoon quickies in public places, domination and a few other naughty things that will make you blush Proceed at your own risk but, it s well worth the naughty ride

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    This was a perfect quickie The story was short, but didn t lack anything in the steaminess department Never Say Never starts the journey of Sophia aka Amanda as she takes on a job as high class escort after her business is ruined and she becomes desperate for money Her first client is her only client the very hot and very rich Bryce I love that there is no BDSM in this story and it is all just good old fashioned kinky sex They are both breaking the rules when it comes to the client escort relationship but they burn up the pages and a quickie wasn t enough.can t wait for the story to continue and read from these two

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    loved it.I want .can t wait to start book 2

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