Autistic blessings and Bipolar me.

Autistic blessings and Bipolar me. In February I Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Type One After A Long Battle With Post Natal Depression, Where I Was Hospitalised Numerous Times Throughout The Period Between To Myself Noah And Moses Were All Given A Diagnosis Of Something Life Changing, But As A Mother I Refused To Be Labelled And Judged By A Medical Condition I Am Emma Plows I Am Not Emma Plows With Bipolar It S My Understanding That When You Discover Your Child Is On The Autistic Spectrum You Really Need To Accept The Diagnosis Accept It, Let It Grow And Don T Hinder Its Development Autistic People Cannot Understand How The World Works Like We Can And Have Difficulty Understanding How People Think, But We Can We Have That Capacity To Understand Them, If We Choose Too We Should Take Advantage Of That Capacity If We Don T Accept That Our Children Are Autistic, Then We Are Only Condemning Ourselves And Our Children To A Life Of Frustrating Misery Work With It, Not Against It, It Doesn T Matter Why They Behave The Way They Do As We Cannot Change It, But We Must Find The Beauty In The Condition And All The Positives It Has To Offer, If We Try, It Gets Easier And Can Become Very Rewarding

Hello, my name is Emma Plows and I am the author of Autistic blessings and Bipolar me I am also the mother of two boys on the spectrum I cope every day with the condition Bipolar.It s my understanding that when you discover your child has Autism you really need to accept the diagnosis Try your very best to come to terms with it it, let it grow and don t hinder its development People with Autis

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    Just finished this great book, would love to have read of her life and how the boy s will grow into strong men in the future, who know s maybe it will be a continuing process for her It s set like a diary style format in the book and so easy to read and makes you want to read the next day of her life and the next and so on, as it keeps you gripped as to what is happening to her and her family.From the start you can sense they is a family protectiveness towards the boy s and how it s important for her, to keep her children close together and well looked after, from the bad and the good.She is very honest and upfront of her feelings, so if you a little sensitive please stick with it, as you do see the little gems in her, between the good and the bad moods she has with herself and the people around her.I found myself sometimes agreeing with her, over some issue she said as to acknowledgement that I sometimes say them too, to myself.I also see and feel she treat her boy s as if they is nothing wrong with them and just going through the stages of boy s and there hormones and not a labeling them as Autistic , so many parent s tent to do this these days Like if they find a label for their children and then, boom, magic wand and they are fixed.Also great to see how she copes with her emotions and trying to be a normal mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend she is truly is a super mother in my eye s and how she deals with all this, in her honest strid I hope, I get to read of her in the future, if ever she writes another book of herself and her boy s life

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    I absolutely loved this book It was such a wonderful story of a woman diagnosed as bipolar raising an autistic son, and the trials and tribulations, as well as the love, that follow What a powerful message to find the beauty in a situation that many people may feel is impossible The world is a harsh place, and finding the beauty in a very difficult situation is a great way to go about life I seriously enjoyed this story from beginning to end, and I will be letting a few people I know that are in similar situaitons, to get this book now

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    Autistic Blessings and Bipolar Me is an eye opening memoir, to say the least This book follows the real life account of the life of Emma Plows In 2007, the loving mother was diagnosis with Bipolar Type One and that is where her life changing story truly begins Beyond her mental illness, she also discovers that her sons are facing a struggle of their own a struggle with autism Autistic Blessings and Bipolar Me follows Emma s story as she must come to terms with her own emotional struggles and her children s.This book is well written, but the subject matter is hard to read Emma talks in blatant honesty about her experiences with bipolar disorder and being labelled by medical professionals She speaks candidly of her struggles being judged not only because of her condition, but also because of the condition of her sons Emma has obviously faced a lot of adversity in her life than many of us can possibly imagine But yet, that does not hinder Emma s spirit Her courage is strewn throughout her story, and the pages of this book are sure to inspire anyone But I think people who, themselves, have struggled with bipolar disorder or parenting a child with autism are even likely to draw away something important from these pages.Emma s life teaches her important lessons of acceptance Acceptance of herself, of her children, and of the things she is unable to change It teaches her to love beyond the confines of the stereotypical It teaches her to have courage and faith in herself and the world around her Emma s story highlights the attributes in life that we should all have Perhaps her tale will motivate you to emulate her total essence of self relentlessness Through thick and thin Emma has pushed forward Against many odds she has succeeded in life, and allowed her sons to grow and mature and given them what she can to help them succeed in life as well.I have read many memoirs especially ones dealing with mental illness, and I especially enjoyed Emma s courage to speak out about struggles many of us cannot imagine I have dealt with depression and I have fostered special needs children Both of these things I think really connected me to Emma s story I applaud her for believing in herself enough to release this story to the public and to accept all of the attention that may come with it This book is not for the faint of heart, but it is perfect for those who want to open their minds to an entirely different life from their own Emma has lead her own path, but she has walked it with a lot of grace and her tale was worth telling, and is certainly worth reading.

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    Excellent style, excellent journey excellent author Emma has an interesting style and a very direct view on the way she has coped over the year she writes about Her strength courage regarding her illness children should be commended and praised.

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    This book is a heartfelt diary from a mother who endures an unimaginable life It is written with such sincerity that it is impossible to ignore the gravity of the situation and the fact that it is so rooted in Emma s own lived experiences She does not reflect on her life through rose coloured spectacles, instead, her unyielding honesty throughout the book is what drives you, as a reader, to look beyond your own world From flashes of hope and seemingly endless pits of despair, Emma s writing completely immerses you into her reality This book not only led to me ponder some profound questions regarding my existing views on mental health, it also left me with an admiration for those on the outliers of society the people whose stories I may never hear Above all, I applaud Emma for her natural flair as a writer and her bravery for laying her life bare for all to see.

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    What a moving and inspirational recount of the author s experience as a mother and an individual This is a story about perseverance, acceptance,and moving forward in life Having a child is a blessing, no matter how people view or label them The author Emma, pours out her heart in this book with a honest and blunt style, making us able to understand her feelings and what she is thinking I love this book, it s a ral eye opener and gives some food for thoughts.

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    Definitely a learning story We need to read this to get away from ignorance that we have lived in this society The autism is not a family problem, the problem is that the family can t handle it previously a autism kid was rejected from society and never was considered a normal person, right now they are accepted and their parents try to do the best in order to help their kids This is the big lesson that Emma gave us And I am thankful for that.

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    I was given this book by a lady at church who thought it would make me see my nephews autism differently I cried with this author My sister never speaks of her difficulties with her son but I m so glad Emma has I found myself taking a complete u turn on my thinking of autism and depression A must read for anyone who just doesn t get it

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    For me, this was an unforgettable and inspirational memoir A bit slow to begin with, but the insight and experience that Emma Plows was able to convey through this memoir was incredible This book is down to earth, yet brutally honest Sometimes the subject matter can be hard to read, but what I appreciated most about this was that it was real Plows does not hide anything from the readers, and although there was frustration, her hope and courage really shines throughout the novel I highly recommend this powerful and moving memoir

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    I wanted to take my time with this book because My life seems to echo E J Plows title Although as soon as I picked it up I didn t put it down for an hour Emma has a great straightforward style and really says the things others wouldn t I admire her honesty, strength and drive to find that little positive in each individual day This lady is very talented and should be very proud.

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