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The Complete Calvin and HobbesNow what can I say about this but apart from its amazing The box set is massive and heavy Now I will admit I probably read this faster than normal as I have already had a number of the individual books already however when the chance came along to own this book at a fraction of the cost and making it cheaper than if I were to buy the rest of the book individually how could I resist.Now for anyone who has not read Calvin and Hobbes where have you been you will at least recognise the characters if not what they do Basically you have a six year old boy Calvin, a precocious little boy who s imagination runs wild Here you share in his world as he is enjoys life while trying to make sense of the world around him All the time sharing his adventures and observations with his imaginary best friends Hobbes a huge equally precocious tiger.Now this book represents the complete work by Bill Watterson of his Calvin and Hobbes comics from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995 and as sad as the fact is that there will be noyou have to admire the fact they have survived so long and stayed so fresh to this day and no doubt beyond.If ever you want something to life your heart and make you smile the comic adventures of Calvin and Hobbes must surely be considered. I finished this some time ago, but I wanted to mark it here as one of the highlights of the year I consider Calvin and Hobbes my dear friends and I hope they are still having fun someplace with a lot of snow I don t have a kid of my own, but if I did, I would surely buy this for his shelves I borrowed mine from the Library Box Set Book One Book Two Book Three Calvin And Hobbes Is Unquestionably One Of The Most Popular Comic Strips Of All Time The Imaginative World Of A Boy And His Real Only To Him Tiger Was First Syndicated InAnd Appeared In Than , Newspapers When Bill Watterson Retired On January ,The Entire Body Of Calvin And Hobbes Cartoons Published In A Truly Noteworthy Tribute To This Singular Cartoon In The Complete Calvin And Hobbes Composed Of Three Hardcover, Four Color Volumes In A Sturdy Slipcase, This New York Times Best Selling Edition Includes All Calvin And Hobbes Cartoons That Ever Appeared In Syndication This Is The Treasure That All Calvin And Hobbes Fans Seek Everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes I do, too It s not just funny, it s also very wise Tongue in cheek philosophy and sociology Usually the best part of the newspapers that choose to publish it, newspapers that in turn got better per definition than newspapers who don t But what about Donald and Hobbes Funny, and a little bit scary Take a look for yourself D One of those seminal touchstones from my childhood that I still connect with today Anytime I read this it automatically makes me happy This series had a lot of influence on me, in various ways it took me many years to realize this btw I love the art, wit, humor, devious wryness, cultural critique, imagination, humanism slyly mixed with cynicism, the whimsy Watterson merges a beautifully skilled visual style with brilliant comedic timing and writing Apogee of the comic strip here imo An incredible 10 year run, and he could have kept it going for much much longer but didn t want to grind the thing to dust and become repetitive plus I think Watterson got super sick of dealing with the constraints of newspapers and the increasing shackles and marginalization of comics in that medium And on a side note I find it fascinating to contrast the careers of Watterson and Charles Schultz Great talents, interesting to compare the creative decisions evolutions in their work but also the business financial brand decisions Not necessarily saying either is right or wrong but the juxtaposition showcases some of the dilemmas and choices that face creators especially issues facing comic artists of that particular era but certain issues still hold true today. There was big news in the comics world this week when we learned that the reclusive Bill Watterson, author of the beloved Calvin and Hobbes cartoon who has been retired for almost 20 years, has been quietly collaborating on a new comic strip, Pearls Before Swine.Calvin and Hobbes ended in 1995, and for those who were born after that, I think it s hard to convey how much loss was felt when Watterson stopped drawing I mean, I felt genuine loss. I LOVED Calvin and Hobbes and I read it in the paper every day Kids, this was back when people actually read newspapers I stopped reading the comics page after Watterson retired nothing else compared to his brilliant and hilarious stories of a rambunctious boy and his imaginary pet tiger A few years ago I was thrilled that someone had cataloged all of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons into a database so you could search for keywords Oh, what fun I had looking up old favorites I own the complete collection of CH, and it is delightful to page through I have so many fond memories of reading this comic that it s a trip back to my childhood , but if you are looking for a specific strip, it is hard to find in the books unless you know the date But hooray for the internet search engine If you have never read Calvin Hobbes, I highly recommend them to, well, everyone Watterson s stories are clever and humorous and combine elements of philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, and the fun of being an energetic kid Now if you ll excuse me, I need to finish my game of CalvinBall. if there was a better part of my childhood than reading these these comics, i honestly can t think of it these stretched my brain as a kid never pandered to his audience i learned so many words and references from these i specifically remember looking up transmogrify, kafka and phlegm in my mom s giant dictionary, and later on laughing when i learned about the philosophers calvin and hobbes.reading these is probably a big part of how i ended up being the kind of person who would enjoy a site like this i was talking to a friend the other night for several hours, and somehow it came up at some point that we shared all the major points of our personality, and we both attributed those aspects to having read these they make you the kind of person who s not just willing to accept things without questioning them.the way watterson taps into the different sides of his brain to make all these different characters is so obvious and endearing that it s no wonder he never leaves his house these days for fear of being mobbed by adoring fans i never realized it until muchrecently, but these books also taught me that it s possible not to sell out the story of watterson being approached for huge marketing deals and turning every one of them down is really inspiring i know personally i d buy any official calvin and hobbes merchandise i could get my hands on, even now, but the fact that none exists is truly great in its way please please please read calvin and hobbes you can borrow my copy. It s a magical world, Hobbes, ol buddy let s go exploring Me and my sister, who is the coolest sister ever, got this for each other for Channukah one year I mean, we didn t buy two we split one copy to share, because we grew up on Calvin Hobbes, and we even still communicate in Calvin Hobbes sometimes, where one of us will describe the first panel of a strip, and the other will answer with a description of the last panel The one about the smocks where they re supposed to be sculpting and Hobbes gets obsessed with the smock and the last panel is him going Smock smock smock smock smock, and an incredulous Calvin is all, What on earth is wrong with you will still collapse us into giggles until we weep In case you are less obsessed than we are, here is the one I mean And in case you doubt my eternal devotion, I did this for my birthday this past year Anyway, my sis I even built a special shelf in my apartment for this book to rest its glowing head upon BUT, because I am almost unbearably lame, I have yet to take it off of its perch and read it Why Perhaps because I am so in awe of Bill Watterson that I am afraid to sully its glorious pages with my dirty fingertips Perhaps because merely to behold it brings mejoy than reading almost anything probably could Perhaps But eventually I will read it And I will love itthan probably any other book in my library. The philosopher John Calvin

Bill Watterson born William Boyd Watterson II is an American cartoonist, and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes His career as a syndicated cartoonist ran from 1985 to 1995 he stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes at the end of 1995 with a short statement to newspaper editors and his fans that he felt he had achieved all he could in the comic strip medium During the early years of

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