All My Secrets

All My Secrets More like a 3.5 stars.It s 00 54 right now and I m still reeling from how I m annoyed But satisfied I don t feel like elaborating right now Just know that Evie is one of the most annoying characters I ve come across in Sophie Mckenzie s books Even Dylan from The Medusa Project books didnt make me want to tear my hair out as much as Evie did in this She was just so whiny and immature and selfish and obsessive Also, the choice she has to make honestly didn t make for good reading for me it just made me ANGRY And I already hate love triangles with a burning passion The blurb certainly doesn t warn you of this The plot reminded me too much of the Girl, Missing series and i couldn t not think of that comparison.I don t know if I ve just matured a bit since I last read her books, or this particular book was less believable, but it didn t feel realistic to me I am being very critical here There were definitely qualities of her writing that I ve always loved that were present wonderful character building Amazing dramatic climaxes that draw everything to a close and have me on the edge of my seat Greatly planned out mystery story with crime interwoven Slow reveals Plot twists Well detailed descriptions of locations which make for easy imagery I felt nostalgic when reading All My Secrets for all these aspects While it was nice to read one of her books again, I can t help but compare it to her previous books which I enjoyed reading a lot the Medusa, Blood and Missing books and can happily reread them at the age of 17, years on from when I first read them and still love them as much However, I feel that All My Secrets is a bit immature with regards to the protagonist, their voice and the storyline I would probably recommend it to younger readers It was all a bit underwhelming for me I was excited at the prospect of a Mckenzie book about ghosts, and the storyline just didn t live up to my expectations. This one was a little different then I originally expected I didn t expect it to be so much of a mystery thriller Another book written by Sophie Mckenzie that I really enjoyed The shocking truth behind a massive inheritance turns Evie Brown s world on its head Devastated by her family s lies and desperate to discover about a secret which overshadows her past, Evie ends up at Light sea an island institute for troubled teens where she meets Kitrumour has it that Lightsea is haunted and trusting the wrong person could cost her life This book is yet another reason why Sophie Mckenzie is one of my favourite authors Another read that is gripping and compelling I found it impossible to stop reading as it draw me in right from the very beginning The suspense and mystery in this book left me hooked and unable to put it down Such a brilliant read To be honest, this book and I didn t really get along Mostly, I think this is because this book s protagonist and I didn t really get along She s got to be one of the most ridiculously immature teenagers I ve seen in any book So, this lawyer turns up on her doorstep and tells her she s inherited a crapload of money from her birth mother and instead of just taking the money and living comfortably with the parents she s known since birth, she gets pissed off at her parents which I suppose is understandable , and then runs off to find her uncle i.e her mother s brother wtf Alright, sure, because she found out her parents were lying to her, she just goes and stays with this random man Totally safe.That being said, why the hell didn t the parents tell her earlier that she s adopted Honestly, she s old enough to know Although given her complete overreaction, maybe they were justified.Also, I don t know about anyone else, but I thought the romance was so unnecessary By which I mean it literally should be removed completely The book is quite short, and given that it s already got a mystery thriller aspect driving it, the romance just distracted from the story not that the story itself was that interesting or well developed or logical at all to be totally honest There wasn t any time to develop it properly in so few pages, and the author just throws in this shitty love triangle that does not work on either side.Yeah, sorry I really can t recommend this book.RatingsOverall 2 10Plot 1 5Romance 0 5Writing 1.5 5Characters 1 5Cover 2 5 I can t do it The creepy uncle with his overuse of the word daaaarling towards what is essentially a teenage girl, regardless of her being an estranged family member Why don t you stay here tonight Said uncle creepy Why yes man I ve only known an hour, I d be delighted Just no.The brat claiming she hates her parents and now prefers said creepy uncle Shipping her off to what seems to be a school slash day spa Sadly marking as DNF it for me I tried. I loved the style of writing, but overall, not one of my favourite books The storyline was weak, Kit was a terrible character and overall found the plot line and the events just weird and unrealistic At least it had Pepper and Josh in it. As usual I have not been disappointed with Sophie Mckenzie I ve loved all of the books I have read of hers so far so when I saw this one I knew I had to read it It was a good book with an incredibly gripping storyline that I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend. this is a very good book and it tells a good story that sucks you in that also has moving moments in it and i recommend it to teens fro the age of 13 to 18 because there are some slight inappropriate but over all it is a grate book too read This book was another great book by Sophie Mckenzie Her style is definitely my favourite out of all the books i have ever read with amazing plot twists especially the one involving her uncle towards the end Although, many of Sophie s books are part of series or sequels this book is solo and i think she did a great job of rolling the plot into one book I would reccomend this book to those who are slightly older 10 as there are some mature references. 2.5 starsI am a big fan of McKenzie s other books, but sadly this one was not a favorite the story felt forced, details unrealistic and the character s actions slightly haphazard It bothered me that Evie was so uncharitable towards her parents after the big revelation in the beginning of the book, or the fact that they just sent her off to some therapy retreat off the coast of Scotland, rather than getting her a local counselor That just made no logical sense to me When you sense your family is breaking apart, you don t send a vital member of it away, do you, particularly as she wasn t a really troublesome child I also think the book might have been better had she been made a few years older I didn t know this would be a YA book, but even so, it felt as though the whole story would have been better with adult characters and some other slight tweaks McKenzie s writing is still quite engaging, but if you are looking to start with her book, I d recommend Close My Eyes or You Can trust Me instead.Find reviews and bookish fun at A Brand New Title From Bestselling, Award Winning Author, Sophie McKenzie The Shocking Reality Behind A GBP Million Inheritance Turns Evie Brown S World On Its Head Unable To Find Out The Truth From Her Parents, Evie Ends Up On The Mysterious Island Of Lightsea, Where Her Desire For Answers Leads Her Towards A Series Of Revelations That Threaten Everything She Holds Dear Including Her Life

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