Erotica: Delta of Venus and Little Birds

Erotica: Delta of Venus and Little BirdsOne of the best books of erotica ever written Tasteful yet raunchy Classy yet kinky You get the idea Hot sex AND interesting stories and characters, something that modern day porn seems to be incapable of. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on vintage copies of both Delta of Venus and Little Birds simple, elegant,and full of life I first discover Anais Nin after watching the movie Henry and June Anais Nin led a life of adventure, love, and strength If you are new to Literotica, her works is a good start. Surprisingly, this book satisfies as both literature and smut I am forever turning to the copyright page after I read some particularly piquant passage and saying, Wait, when was this published again Ahead of its time in, uh, many ways. To critique this is to critique one of the Spiderman movies It is poetically what it is, and without shame she was able to buy strawberries in winter, as well as her bread and butter More importantly, Ms Nin was able to serve her literary and sexual rights of passage while delivering us some very beautiful words As is true for Little Birds. I haven t read the entire book but what I did read was wonderfully written super erotic. This isn t actually the edition I read, but for whatever reason Goodreads doesn t recognize ASIN B000B7A0N4 ANYWAY, kinky and fun Best read in bed with a little bag of chocolate candies or other sexy snacks. Uit Armoede Geschreven Schreef Ana S Nin Voor Een Anonieme Cli Nt Erotische Verhalen Waarin Zij Zich Moest Concentreren Op De Seks, En Alle Franjes Weg Kon Laten Dat Leverde De Prachtige Bundel Venusdelta Op, Die Twee Jaar Later Werd Gevolgd Door Lieve Vogeltjes Ana S Nin, Die Debuteerde Als Dichteres, Noemde Zichzelf De Madam Van Een Hoogst Merkwaardig Huis Van Literaire Ontucht Erotica Bevat Alle Verhalen Uit Venusdelta En Lieve Vogeltjes , Die Rijk En Onderhoudend Zijn In Hun Beschrijving Van Erotisch Seksuele VariantenAna S Nin Werd Beroemd Door Haar Dagboek Dat Ze Gedurende Vele Jaren Bijhield En Dat De Achtergronden En Motivaties Bevat Van Alles Wat Ze Schreef Hot Although strangely very misogynistic at points Interesting how she uses the terminology my sex alot. I liked Delta of Venus but hated I read these both in the front seat of my boyfriend s car in high school.

French born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer, who gained international fame with her journals Spanning the years from 1931 to 1974, they give an account of one woman s voyage of self discovery It s all right for a woman to be, above all, human I am a woman first of all from The Diary of Ana s Nin, vol I, 1966 Ana s Nin was largely ignored until the 1960s Today she is

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  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • Erotica: Delta of Venus and Little Birds
  • Anaïs Nin
  • Dutch
  • 22 April 2019

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