Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 1-3

Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 1-3 Molly the MoleOliver and Jumpy are out jumping around one day and come across Molly the mole They become friends and Molly asks them to stay for lunch But they soon find out moles eat different food to cats and kangaroos.Saving DuckyA duckling is in the pond, trapped in the weeds and an eagle is circling Can Jumpy save the duckling before the eagle swoops Jumpy s secretJumpy has something to show Oliver and it s in her pouch Oliver was surprised that Jumpy s baby looked nothing like Jumpy.Three very cute stories, beautifully illustrated with added educational value Would suit children aged 3 6 years.Could be improved with professional editing. A Very Educational and Delightful Childrens Series This is a very appealing children s book with good dialog to read and intrigue children The illustrations are colorful depicting happy creatures most of them Let me introduce Oliver, a very handsome, elegant black and white cat who likes to wear a white top hat He likes to talk about himself, as he thinks he s really cool His best friend is Jumpy, and she s a kangaroo Oliver likes to jump into her pouch when she goes hippie hop down the trail The first of three stories in this delightful book is titled, Molly the Mole Do you know what a mole is Oliver learns the hard way when he falls out of Jumpy s pouch and lands smack dab on top of Molly Holy Moly The second story is Saving Ducky Oliver likes to eat fish, but not birds or mice He hears the chirping of a baby duck while a hungry eagle flies overhead and wants to eat the duckling Oh no Jumpy is off to the rescue She has clout And the last story, number 3, is Jumpy s Secret, so I can t give it away These are thoughtful tales which will stimulate children s learning There are many books of continuing tales and adventures of Oliver and Jumpy I think you and your children will love them all. These Illustrated Cat Stories Are All About Oliver And Jumpy , Who Are Best Of Friends And Experience Many Adventures Together Oliver Is An Elegant Black Tomcat, Who Is Full Of Himself As A Matter Of Fact He Says I Love Myself Quite Often Naughty, Isn T He But His Best Friend Jumpy, A Kangaroo Lady, Is Aware That It Is Only A Front Oliver Has A Soft Heart And Will Always Want To Help Others The Great Thing Is Jumpy S Pouch, Which Oliver Loves To Ride In He Calls Her His Kangaroo Taxi These Little Bedtime Stories With Their Lovely Illustrations Are Great For Small Kids A Parent Can Read The Text And Tell The Child In His Own Words These Animal Stories Have Sufficient Text To Keep Early Readers Happy And Provide Some Educational Value Depending On Your Device, There Is Pop Up Text At Or Audio Available Several Talented Illustrators Are Essential To Bring These Children S Stories To You In Quick Succession Love You All Meow Check Out The Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES To See How Beautiful The Illustrations Are Story Molly The Mole Oliver Has An Accident And Makes A Friend Story Saving Ducky Jumpy Saves A Duckling From The Eagle Story Jumpy S Secret Oliver Gets A Big Surprise Refined is another word for elegant, and Oliver the cat is both as he stands in front of the mirror adjusting his bowtie Do you think this is naughty he asks as he continues to talk about himself Young readers, well warned, might say yes, it really is naughty to talk too much about yourself Then cool cat Oliver agrees, You are probably right These stories of Oliver cat and his friends Jumpy the kangaroo, Molly the mole, Ducky the duckling, and even little Joey, are told in a nicely chatty style, for reading aloud than for a small child to read They give the flavor of a favorite grandpa or uncle telling stories to a young child There are worms and bugs for lunch and nice tidbits of information about what different animals eat, plus the polite way to say no But my favorite tale invites young readers to think of how babies change lives, and how a baby joey lives inside its mother s pouch.Pictures by Marvin Alonso are bright and cheerful, zooming in on the action to emphasize different characters My favorite image is probably the one where Jumpy holds ducklings in her pouch and Oliver gives them rides on his back because he s allergic to eating birds.Disclosure I was given a free ecopy and I offer my honest review Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 1 3 by Werner Stejskal Agreed to read and review this story Found introduction to be full of color and a place where a child s imagination could grow.Very colorful illustrated children s book with Oliver and Jumpy pairing up to bring another good children s story to life.The first one is about Molly the Mole Besides giving you information about the animals there are educational facts included They stop by to visit with the mole and have some food.This next one is my favorite Next story is about Davy the duckling Love how all the animals, new and old come together to help.Third story I felt was a bit much for young children as it deals with birth of an animal Although it doesn t go into too much detail the fact is the baby is born which I feel would bring up questions than answers. Oliver the cat and Jumpy the kangaroo are very good friends They love having adventures and spending time together Each adventure, they meet and help a new friend In this series, they meet Molly the Mole, Ducky the duckling, and Jumpy has a secret Let s go with them and learn how they help others Fun, sweet and helpful, this book will teach littles to be kind to everyone It s illustrations are simply terrific The writing is solid and easy to follow I enjoyed reading these to the littles I know and they enjoyed hearing them Each adventure is new and fun but most of all quick I found only one issue Bigger words are used and may be difficult for littles to understand I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because of the beautiful stories it tells Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review Oliver is an elegant tomcat whose best friend is Jumpy the Kangaroo In the first story we find Oliver riding in Jumpy s pouch as they jump through the countryside Jumpy stops abruptly and Oliver goes flying out of her pouch He lands on a mole Molly the mole is not hurt and offers to share her lunch with them In the second story, Oliver and Jumpy save a baby duck from an eagle We learn that Oliver chases mice but doesn t eat them In the final story we learn abut Jumpy s surprise She has a small baby Joey in her pocket and Oliver agrees to help her take care of the baby This is a cute book for ages 2 4.I received a copy to help facilitate my review The opinions expressed here are my own. These stories are cute and educational for children Children will be entertained and engaged in learning about different animals and their behavior and what foods they eat The illustrations are colorful and well done and fit the stories perfectly The main characters are a cat named Oliver and a kangaroo named Jumpy Kids will learn that even if you are different you can still be friends with others that are not like you.I was gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review I would recommend these stories for children as read by their parents or for early readers to read themselves. Oliver is a very refined, gentleman tomcat and his best friend is Jumpy, a female kangaroo Together they explore the world, have great adventures, and make many new friends Oliver hops into Jumpy s pouch and off they go a travellingThis collection of three stories teaches children about good manners, morals and ethics In Story 1 the best friends meet up with Molly the Mole She lives in a dark hole underground and cannot see well She offers the two delicious delicacies of worms and bugs which they politely decline because in and their hearts they know they have something even better than that.Molly as a new friend.In Story 2 we find out that poor Oliver has an allergic reaction to birds and mice, which is strange for a cat for sure Instead he must sustain himself on crunchies, so fish can be on his menu The friendly duo decide to go fishing and on their travels they meet up with Ducky and a family of ducks Jumpy and Oliver turn into super heroes when the duck family is attacked by a vicious flying eagle and they save the day This is a story of caring for others and bravery when danger comes to harm you or your new friends.Story 3 relates to us how Oliver solves a problem when he is bothered by a cigar smoking boar pig of all things Oliver lives in a tree house in a sturdy oak tree so he boldly pours water on the boar and that makes the intruder get out of there pronto Very clever indeed He cleans the mess up and goes looking for his best friend Jumpy He is very surprised to discover that a brand new baby is hiding in Jumpy s pouch How fun will that be to have company join him when he is off and bouncing into a new adventure with his best friend in the world The stories are age appropriate and the illustrations are expressive, colourful and engaging The books in the series carry a very positive message of the importance of friendship and caring for those friends around you There will be a total of seventeen books upon completion Kids will enjoy these adventures and will look forward to reading the next release. My kids enjoyed another evening with Oliver and Jumpy They re quite happy to learn about this elegant tomcat and this loving kangaroo mom Here s what they thought of Stories 1 3.Molly the Mole Oliver is indeed an elegant tomcat with mostly black fur My boys thought it s going to be uncool if Oliver would shave off his fur He s gonna look bald and creepy Eeep And then we met Molly Truth is, my sons didn t know moles are blind I guess that s because they haven t seen a real live one When I told them Molly is a harmless little creature underground, they thought moles could be a great pet Well, maybe if they get to meet Molly the Mole, I might just allow them to keep one Ha ha Saving DuckyOliver and Jumpy became friends with the Ducky family after Jumpy saved a little duckling from the claws of an eagle Oh what a terrified little duck Queck was My kiddos thought it was unlikely for cats to not eat birds But Oliver is unique They thought Oliver is the only cat who knows how to eat properly They liked that he doesn t eat birds or mouse It was quite funny though when Ollie simply allowed the mouse he chased to run away from him They wished all cats are like Oliver Jumpy s SecretFinally, the great reveal This is the first time we learned about baby Joey How he became Oliver s kangaroo nephew My eldest actually wondered how it would be like to stay on a kangaroo s pouch and bounce and jump and bounce and jump all day That s silly, cried my youngest They enjoyed Oliver and Jumpy s friendship and actually hoped to meet them soon on TV

Born in Vienna, Austria, I am now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with my wife, two married children and three grandchildren I worked many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna My wife had been a pen friend, whom I visited in Hong Kong and finally got married to After an eventful life, finally retired, I began to write children s stories, had them

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