Turn My World Upside Down: Jo's Story (Marconi Sisters, #3)

Turn My World Upside Down: Jo's Story (Marconi Sisters, #3)Good read, very good story I have to admit I was a bit worried about reading Jo s book because reading the blurb Cash didn t seem the least bit appealing woman whisperer but I have to give it to Child Despite a few problems I really enjoyed reading this In fact it may well be my favourite.There was a lot going on in this story Jo s past for one We finally find out what happened to her that shaped he in who she is today and it is not pretty While I cheered when she finally dealt with it I am not sure all that bonding is totally believable.That she is the way she is is what keeps her from forgiving her father as fast as her sisters and what keeps a barrier between her and her half brother Jack I did like it when she finally addresses those situations and feels free to move on.Seeing as Jo had so many baggage I really don t think we needed a hero with the same amount of problems but there you go, that what Cash was I loved how he bonded with Jack and how despite their sparring he and Jo manage a friendships of sorts over the boy That he was there to support her when she needed was really well done and while I think it took him almost to long to see reason it didn t bother me too much because I knew he would turn up eventually.I read somewhere that Child is Irish That is funny because these books feature a very loud and proud Italian family Sometimes I felt they were a bit too loud and proud but, not being Italian, I hesitate to say if it s overdone or not That they love each other and fight with and alongside each is a wonderful testament to any family and I couldn t help appreciating that.Grade 4 5 With Her Sisters Both Too Pregnant To Help With Marconi Construction, Jo Marconi Is Forced To Hire Carpenter Cash Hunter, Whose Rud Talents Go Beyond A Mastery Of Wood Cash Is Determined To Seduce Her And Jo S Just As Determined Not To Be Seduced Though She Can Feel The Electric Passion When He S Near, She Knows How Much Damage Electricity Can Cause And She S Been Hurt Enough For A Lifetime So She Ll Resist His Charms She Ll Resist His Lingering Kiss And Above All, She Ll Resist Falling In Love Praise For The Marconi Brides This Engaging Second Chance At Love Story Displays Child S Trademark Tenderness Toward Children, Her Belief In The Importance Of Family Through Good Times And Bad, And The Sort Of Engagingly Quirky Supporting Characters She Portrays So Well, All Set In A Familiar, Warm, And Comforting Hometown Atmosphere Booklist On AND THEN CAME YOU Child Is At Her Most Charming In This Contemporary Romance Series Publishers Weekly On CRAZY KIND OF LOVE Originally posted on Sarahsbookshelf.com I ve been making my way through Maureen Child s backlist this summer and having a great time getting to know this fabulous author Although Child is Irish herself, she writes these fabulous Italian families where you truly feel like you are in the middle of it all This story wraps up her Marconi series, which was basically an off shoot of the Candellano series.Jo Marconi, the eldest sister of the three, is the organized and independent one She s managed to keep the family business afloat, amid many secrets that she s held inside for many years Cash Hunter hate the name is the gentleman from both series that is like the neighborhood bicycle, except after everyone s ride they leave town and do philanthropic work overseas It s a fun storyline, but we see some of the reasons why Cash has kept his relationships superficial and simple.The Marconi family is one of my favorite novel families because they are raw and ugly, but at the same time sharing an unconditional love that only family can share The two other sisters, Mike and Sam, are both super pregnant, so the dialogue with these characters is filled with pregnancy griping realistic stuff, too.Despite the terrible name for the hero, this book was fabulous As I mentioned earlier, the family scenes alone will have you laughing out loud They are realistic and hilarious Besides the laughter, Jo was a deep and interesting heroine We find out some of the reasons that she s been so private with her attending night school, as well as why she s made the choice to stay geographically close to family A complex character, Jo would be very easy to hate, but Child does an excellent job of making you see the forest for the trees Excellent book for summer reading and just kicking back for fun. I don t know why this book was just wasn t it I loved the first book of the trilogy And I liked Mike s story as well, Jo, she just made me angry a lot The book just couldn t capture my interest The only reason I finished the book was because of Sam, Mike and Nana They had me cracking up I didn t know Italians could be like that so much drama.. This is the final book in the trilogy Like the first two books, this is not just a romance novel it also depicts the harsh realities, such as betrayal and rape Mike Sam were both endearing, but I felt connected to Jo I see bits of myself in her when she was trying to figure out what to do with her life I can see why Jo had a harder time forgiving her father s infidelity She was betrayed once and I felt like she considered all betrayals are equal, no matter who committed the act I admire her for finally facing her demons, both past and present Albeit the somber tone, this book is a winner Rating A trophy crown because this one s definitely a winner. I had trouble getting into this book for some reason It was the book I was reading when Hurricane Gustav came to town Maybe there was just too much distraction because of that I definitely didn t enjoy it as much as the first 2 in the series. I read this book first because i was drawn to the story line It is a really good book except that it is the 3rd of a trilogy about 3 sisters so I recommend reading the other 2 first they are Crazy kind of love and And then came you. Jo, the oldest Marconi sister, is hiding a big secret of betrayal that prevents her from forgiving her father for his infidelity so many years ago It also keeps her from succumbing to the flirtations of Cash Hunter, local Casanova who has been turning his attentions towards Jo Both of them have issues of trust and so neither of them is comfortable with the fact that things are than just physical And Cash especially is waiting for the worst to happen now that he s lest Jo close and her little brother, Jack So I was kinda disappointed that Cash wasn t the confident, bad boy that he s been touted as these past two books So Jo s secret, that view spoiler she was raped hide spoiler sometimes you just need a little feel good love

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 356 pages
  • Turn My World Upside Down: Jo's Story (Marconi Sisters, #3)
  • Maureen Child
  • English
  • 11 October 2018

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