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Cold MoonWow I am totally enthralled by this series It is the perfect genre for me police FBI procedural with heavy psychological overlay Though I have thoroughly enjoyed every book so far, Cold Moon is my favorite.Each book of the series is set during the last week of the month with the full moon approaching the stories are set, so far, a month apart This is not a series to jump into at the middle It needs to be read in order In this installment, our antiheroine female serial killer Cara Lindstrom is in jail, and our hero FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, San Francisco branch, Matthew Roarke is conflicted about that So conflicted In fact, he is conflicted by everything about Cara I get that as I am conflicted over what to think about Cara as well At the same time I am thinking, Cara, that was horrific, and Cara, you go girl More murders are happening in the underground world of prostitution and human trafficking Young teens and children are involved Who is are the killer s A movement has begun a radical movement that is championing the murders of any and all traffickers, pimps, and johns Things are spirally out of control The pressure is intense on Roarke and his team We are inside the head and the core of Roarke as he tries to keep his head above water But he is losing it and we are along for the ride.Whew This book is intense The plot is superb I was so curious to see how Ms Sokoloff was going to have this all play out Not just who killed who and how the battle to contain the murder epidemic would end, but if and how Roarke and Lindstrom would survive it all.An extra added bonus to reading this book is that I learned a lot I learned of the nitty gritty of the prostitution human trafficking problems in California, and also what real FBI agents must go through as they try to tackle problems that seemingly cannot be solved The presentation of these issues and the psychological angle of the novel reflect extensive research by the author.The Huntress Moon FBI Thrillers series has easily become one of my five all time favorite series I was delighted to find out it has been placed in development for a television series, and there is at least a sixth book coming out I saw where Ms Sokoloff is prepared to write even if the TV people make the request This book and series are most highly recommended Excuse me now as I exit to settle in to start book 4, Bitter Moon. Time for a reckoning This rallying cry kept echoing in my head as I turned page after page of Alexandra Sokoloff s fiercely intense Cold Moon Published in 2015, this, the third book in The Huntress FBI Thrillers series, focuses on pervasive problem of young women, teens, even pre teens, in the sex trafficking trade Cara Lindstrom, the Miracle Girl who survived an attack by a vicious serial killer when she was five, has herself become a murderer and now finds herself in jail in San Francisco Special Agent Matthew Roarke should be relieved, but he s not The only witness is shaky, at best She s a 16 year old prostitute who may have an agenda of her own Suddenly, the witness, Jade, is missing A pimp is murdered, his throat slashed, a la Cara Lindstrom How can they hold her now A blogger calling herself Bitch starts a call to arms Time for a reckoning. In a twist on the usual big city crime, johns and pimps need to fear for their lives It s chilling, and fortunately, it s fiction, but the reality is that young girls do run away from abusive homes every day and are rescued or taken by men who abuse them in ways that are just as bad or worse than what they left behind They lure them the promise of a better life and control them with drugs and fear of punishment The police They are overwhelmed Ms Sokoloff does a fantastic job of portraying these kids and the problems on both sides Why is the FBI involved in this It seems like a local problem, doesn t it Well, yes and no It would be if it weren t for Lindstrom She s killed men in at least three states Roarke, Epps, Singh, and Jones are part of the Organized Crime Unit, normally, but they ve been on this case since day one, and once the killing escalates, they are told to stay on it Roarke, most of all, is totally invested He is drawn to Cara in ways that he cannot explain As a nine year old boy, he was drawn to law enforcement because of her family s plight Now, he is both fascinated and repelled by who she is Her preternatural power to detect evil, what she calls It, is something that simultaneously puzzles and awes him Yet, he gets it, because they are both battling the same thing He is supposed to find her, capture her, and arrest her But he wants her, yearns for her, and he feels very conflicted about that too He is so extremely conflicted Tortured The case is difficult How many killers are there They know about Cara and the girl, Jade, but are there others Who killed whom The Bitch blog has created a movement, and the team cannot control it Where will it lead There is also the Santa Muerte Lady Death phenomena, which has sprung up with the killings There are makeshift shrines to Lady Death at the murder scenes It is a curious mystical element that gives the story an eerie feel This is accompanied by the approach of the full moon, which is a theme in all of the books The December moon is the cold moon.This story not only absorbed me and engulfed me it swallowed me whole It s hard, if not impossible, not to pull for Cara and the others as they fight against the evil that has stolen their humanity, identity, and worth As Cara s attorney Julia Molina says, maybe Roarke s way isn t working any Roarke, while he may agree, just doesn t seem to know any other way but to follow his training All the while, he crosses the line time and time again Still, he is plagued by sleepless nights, disturbing dreams, and images of teens and young women caught in a web of abuse and degradation and a system that does little to help Alexandra Sokoloff s characters feel so real, their struggles, so desperate As the wave, Time for a reckoning, grows, I couldn t help thinking of today s social phenomena Me too Time s UpToday s real life movements are calls for action, for empowerment, for political involvement, for speaking out Time for a reckoning is something all together different It is a chilling what if What if women took the law into their own hands This is a very well written book Scary It made me shudder in parts because Cara is so calm and calculating, and she has spawned a following She is a self appointed vigilante judge, jury, and executioner Is there anything that will make her stop Is she capable of anything but hunting and killing I d like to know about who she really is There are books to read, and I ll be looking for answers.Roarke Can he come any kind of peace with himself That s something I ll be looking for too I definitely will be reading the fourth book, Bitter Moon.5 stars 4.5 It STARSI anxiously waited for this third book in The Huntress FBI Thrillers series and every agonizing moment was worth it This begins with Cara incarcerated after having saved Roarke s life, facing charges for at least one of the murders And Special Agent Matthew Roarke finds himself even in turmoil as he struggles with ensuring the charges against Cara stick or hoping the case will fall apart This dark journey continues as we travel further into the deepest and darkest recesses of humanity At the heart of this tale are two riveting and chilling aspects the notion of a female serial killerCara was different, one of a kind a ruthless, calculating female vigilante who had operated under the radar for over a decadeand the horrific reality of human trafficking A tale ofLost children, coerced and sold by men who do not even think of them as humanWe see a lot into human trafficking and the bleak and enraging atrocities that take place There are also many forces at work in this final chapter of Cara Lindstrom as she is incessantly driven to seek outITthe evil within humans that wreaks havoc, pain and irreparable damage on humanity with the moon as her beacon the crimson trail Cara left in her wake There are a lot of moving parts in this book that had me fervently moving the pieces around to make them fit It certainly had me on my toes and I loved every gripping minute of it Like Roarke, I truly liked, respected and had many feelings for Cara the huntress, the woman and the little girl I understood his internal battle to catch her or let her goHe knew why she killed Because anyone with a human feeling would want to kill the men she killed Because the killing she did prevented the further agony of innocent victimsThe ending was bittersweet and I wonder if that may have been what Ms Sokoloff was going for Like Roarke, you feel some content because those who deserved it got what was coming to them but also this profound defeat as for every one apprehended, imprisoned or murdered, there were countless perpetrators And I also felt this loss Loss for the victims and loss for Roarke Like Roarke, I wanted of Cara Lindstrom and while I hoped or wished for some HEA, Ms Sokoloff gave a realistic outcome It took an integral part of her when she was a mere child and was replaced with this hunter or better yet, a survivor.I strongly recommend this series if you enjoy suspense, mystery and delving into the human psyche Alexandra Sokoloff is a gifted storyteller that weaves tales that are as much spellbinding as they are chilling. Cold Moon by talented author Alexandra Sokoloff, is Book III in the Thriller Award nominated Huntress FBI series Cold Moon is the sequel to Blood Moon These books keep getting better and better I am hooked on this series So good It is highly recommended that you read these books in sequence as the storyline continues on from where book one leaves off.The novels in this FBI thriller series include Huntress Moon Book 1 Published 2012Blood Moon Book2 Published 2013Cold Moon Book3 Published 2015Bitter Moon Book4 Published 2016Hunger Moon Book5 Expected Publication 2017 Twenty five years ago a psychotic killer known as the Reaper had slaughtered three California families, then disappeared without a trace Five year old Cara Lindstrom had survived the massacre of her family with her throat slashed and her mental state shattered into a million pieces The case had gripped everyone in the state, including nine year old Matt Roarke, and had started him on a lifelong quest for justice through a law enforcement career A total of twenty five people are dead fifteen of them are children The hunt for mass murderer Cara Lindstrom is over FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke has been working for this moment the capture of a killer, but with Cara s capture, Roarke remains traumatized by his own near death at the hands of the serial killer who slaughtered Cara s family and haunted by the woman who saved his life.The entire case against Cara rested on the word of a sixteen year old girl, Jade Lauren This key witness is a drug addict, prostitute and pathological liar, who witnessed Cara s most recent murder But suddenly, Jade goes missing, and suddenly pimps are turning up dead on the streets of San Francisco.Is there a new killer on loose a copycat with a similar mission to eradicate the IT EVIL from the world.This is proving to be an excellent little series Many thanks to the TBC reviewer request group for providing me with the ARC. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.This was a fantastic addition to the series This is a series that really needs to be read in order since each book builds on the events from the previous installments I have really been enjoying myself over the past couple of months as I have been working my way through the series and I am happy to report that this book was just as good as I had hoped it would be.Cara Lindstrom has been captured and is awaiting trial but her story is far from over Agent Roarke is drawn to Cara and can t seem to stay away from her even though he knows that he should Despite the fact that the team knows that Cara is responsible for a lot of deaths, they have only one case to move forward with which hinges on the testimony of a teenage sex worker When their witness goes missing, a string of events begins that brings a lot of things into question.This was a story that hooked me from the very beginning I wondered where the story would go since Cara was in custody but I had nothing to worry about because Roake and the other agents had plenty on their agenda I like the fact that this book really made me question who the criminals really were Cara has committed crimes but the victims of her crimes are not innocents All of the characters felt very authentic complete with their own unique set of flaws R.C Bray does a fantastic job with this series He does a great job with a large cast of varied characters I think that his voice is really perfect for this type of book and I found that his delivery added to the excitement of the story I found it very easy to listen to this book for hours at a time.I would recommend this series to others It is an exciting series with great characters and an exciting mystery I think that the profiling aspect of the story is extremely well done I can t wait to get started on the next installment in this series I received a digital review copy of this book from Thomas Mercer via NetGalley and purchased a copy of the audiobook.Initial ThoughtsThis was a fantastic installment in the series This is a series that really does need to be read in order since this book picks up just after the events of the previous books Cara is in jail but Roarke is unable to feel like things are truly resolved There are a few developments that put everything in question and soon Roarke and his team are trying to figure out what the killer s next step will be This book will make you question who the bad guy really is R.C Bray did a fantastic job with the narration I cannot wait to move on to the next book in the series. 4 4.5 Yes, IT is All Around Us Stars 1 2Spoiler Free I Cannot Contain Myself Entire Series ON SALE, each 99 CENTS Do you believe there is an essence of evil That this force lives whether there is a host or notThat this IT has a life of its own and will prevail This is an idea which has been around foreveras long as we have experienced evil acts and I do not think the idea or question will disappear.In Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff, we are shown in great detail how horrific acts are happening every day to our most vulnerable children, young girls and teenage runaways The data will stagger your mindoverwhelm your senses and cause you to physically hurt for these lost souls It can be too much to take in but we must as it is not going away but getting worse All over the world and in the US, girls have either been promised a better life and lured into a relationship with these Romeo Pimpsthey tell them they love them, dress them and make them feel loved for maybe the first timeand then they turn them raping and threatening them These young girls are drugged, put out on the stroll The pimps make huge amounts of cash because their Product can be used over and over again sold with a continual positive financial return The joke is the laws on the books are less than drug trafficking so sex trafficking is the new hot entrepreneurial deal Gangs and criminal groups have taken over cities, roads, and towns with hijacking underage girls coming home from school.I bring all of this to your attention because Cold Moon has placed this epidemic from and center This information was the basis for most of this story with our same characters from the other books We have our FBI Special Agent Roarke, his partner Ebbs, and Forensic Team There is Cara Lindstrom, the miracle child , from the Reaper murders and new people who are added to this tale It starts with the ramifications from the climax from Blood Moon what will be Cara s purpose has it changed or has it just altered to hunt the others infected by IT There is a strong story which is complex in all the moving parts yet is told so you can follow it easily You will care about all of the players and want some positive conclusion you will be that invested in this tale.This story had me from the get go I stayed up long into the night early dawn consuming this read There were moments of brilliance and moments where I was drowning in data but I never wanted to close the book and not care what was going to happen next.I did figure out quite a bit early onand was rewarded when all of my ideas were confirmed The guessing game or realization did not detour from the read only enhanced my desire to find out.There was an overwhelming sadness to this book, though Although it is fiction, the reality of its premise and facts loom large We are drowning in wrongs in this world of ours wrongs against women and children It does not matter whether it is here in the United States or any other place on this planet Sex Trafficking is rampant and until the laws are changed to make the punishment fit the crime, it will continue to be the new illegal gravy train.Alexandra Sokoloff was a screenwriter before an author of these types of books It is clearly felt in how she takes you on a journey which you will never forget.and she left herself an openingan always possible revisit to this Moon series.perhaps a calling to the Wolf Moon, hmmmm The Huntress series takes place over six months in the present and in multiple timelines in the past Shadow Moon is a culmination of those characters and storylines and it is strongly recommended that the series be read in order Huntress Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers, 1 Blood Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers, 2 Cold Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers, 3 Bitter Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers, 4 Hunger Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers, 5 Moon Shadow Moon The Huntress FBI Thrillers 6 Before Reading I will forever look at the Full Moon differentlyThanks to this engrossing series Starting it at this ridiculous late night hourA gifted copy was provided by author publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways Edit 6 10 2018 very interesting and poignant article by this author Respect to Alexandra for raising it worth reading and thinking about it The book was a bit lame till approx 40%, only after they freed Cara the story started to make sense to me Sorry, but I need to say itAgent Matthew Roarke what a waste of of of FBI resources.So many young and unnecessary victims, why not to sacrifice this highly professional guy to save lives Can t stand him He is gorgeous, ok, why to repeat it in almost every chapter Better make someone slap him for being judgemental All women, even very young ones, speak with sexual innuendo to him He is so freaking sensible he throws himself against security glas to touch the heroine, whom he actually put in prison But when it comes to manly actions, he fails every single time He noticed the prison guard sent false signals Then do smth, dude But he only managed to intimidate the fucker by saying smth like you know who I am me Who Mickey freaking mouse The guard was so scared , that he gang raped a woman this night and tried to do the same to Cara the next day Don t let me start how he let the abhorrent john, who raped prostitutes, go for a piece of information He could have at least castrated hurt him And Is it a behaviour of a real man Or of a not very bright cowardly person The only thing he got working in full his erection Yeah, his trademark the hard on, and not only for the heroine, but also for his ex gf As I said in my previous review, this woman deserved better Good for her she left his gorgeous assI sincerely hope there would be never any romance between this douchebag and Cara Cara needs a real man So, the good part of the book Cara and all the warriors of Santa Muerde Fabulous Every single murder was a highlight They killed pimps, johns, rapists the abhorrent trash.I smiled, when she burned the prison guard rapist Absolutely love the idea of global war on rape culture Please let it be an army of those, who clean up human garbage of rapists and paedophiles The book is dark, it shows the side of the truth and reality, many of us don t even want to know Semi detailed scenes of violence and rape.How many kids are sold on the streets How many normal guys husbands fathers buy these children for sex Cara may be a fictional character, but she is a hope, the only hope to save a life to make a difference When law fails, there is a justice As long as the fuckers are punished, I don t care how it s done We need Cara s She is out there But she s not the only one This is a call to arms This is a war on rape culture. Originally posted on The Book NymphoMatt Roarke finally has Cara Lindstrom behind bars but he s extremely conflicted Part of him knows it s where she belongs even if they might not have the evidence for all the murders they suspect are attributable to her Then there s the part of him that is inexplicably drawn and connected to her When other men turn up dead during her incarceration, Matt s suddenly faced with the prospect of multiple killers using the same modis operandi I m so fascinated with this series and just as conflicted as Roarke My head tells me that he needs to get over it and my heart is challenging him to stick with her The young women introduced in this story seem transparent on the surface but begin to appear just as opaque as Cara I enjoyed following the investigations as the twists and surprises weren t predictable and had no idea where the clues would lead I was hoping for a definitive conclusion this time but there s still a lot unresolved, including Roarke and Cara This was a strange and creepy but sophisticated story that is hard to pigeon hole It s mysterious with hints of paranormal elements The realities presented about human trafficking will leave you discomfited, at least it did me And, you ll find it difficult to clearly separate the heroes from the villains It s murky at best I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Hunt For Mass Murderer Cara Lindstrom Is Over FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke Has Been Working For This Moment The Capture Of A Killer Who Savagely Hunts The Worst Of Humanity But Roarke Remains Traumatized By His Own Near Death At The Hands Of The Serial Killer Who Slaughtered Cara S Family And Haunted By The Enigmatic Woman Who Saved His LifeThen The Sixteen Year Old Prostitute Who Witnessed Cara S Most Recent Murder Goes Missing, And Suddenly Pimps Are Turning Up Dead On The Streets Of San Francisco, Killed With An MO Eerily Similar To Cara S HandiworkIs A New Killer On The Loose With A Mission Even Deadly Than Hers In The Pulse Pounding Third Huntress FBI Thrillers Book, Roarke Will Have To Go On The Hunt And Every Woman He Meets, Even Those Closest To Him, May Prove Deadly This is such a good series and I was very happy to read that there is going to be at least one This is essential because this particular book leaves a lot of things open and I really want to know what happens next I love the main characters but cannot visualise how Roarke and Cara can ever be together I hope the author has something really clever up her sleeve Anyway to talk about this book in particular it us every bit as exciting as the previous two Lots of blood and gore, suspects galore, just a tiny bit of romance, some red herrings for us to follow and some surprises about who is doing what Fantastic altogether Loved it and I will be seeking out this author s other works for sure.

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