Her Hometown Hero

Her Hometown Hero Surpassing herself, Melissa Klein s second novel is even better than her first There are three main characters Riley, a sweet young widow just starting over, Brian, a sexy war hero adjusting to life as a civilian, and the charming sights, sounds and tastes of the South I was drawn to these characters personally, to their connection, to the passion between them in steamy scenes that didn t disappoint, and sucked into a plot that left me unable to put down my Kindle until I knew how it would end And don t be surprised if at some point you find yourself hungry for some good ol southern bar b que and a tall glass of sweet iced tea You can t help it This book simply oozes southern charm. Novels dealing with characters in the armed forces resonates with me as I am a Navy wife he s now retired after 20 years , with a son in law in the Navy Riley Logan lost her husband and has relocated to a small town to start over She meets Brian Stone, who is recovering after losing his legs to an IED They work together on a project, and Riley finds herself being drawn to Brian but is afraid to try another relationship with a military man This book made me cry, and ultimately I was pulling for these two to make it together Anyone who is interested in books involving those serving our country heroically would love this book. I m pleased to announce Her Hometown Hero, my second book in the Magnolia Springs series, will be released October 24, 2014 It will be available in print and digitally through and The Wild Rose Press Below is a snippet of conversation between Riley Logan and Lt Col Brian Stone He couldn t remember the last time someone had the balls to challenge him Between his friends and family pussy footing around on top of the deference which came with rank, it had to have been well before the accident He leaned forward, resting his palms on the table next to the cash box You got something to add She shrugged No, go ahead, tell me what s on your mind Everyone else feels free to express their opinion He saw the baiting for what it was Hell, he d practically begged for someone to snap back when he growled, instead of treating him like he was made of spun glass She met his glare head on and held it, something few people dared do I was thinking you could benefit from Asses Anonymous Really, he prompted Despite the vow he d made that morning to steer clear of this intriguing woman, he obeyed the call Especially as she continued to challenge him Sure A twelve step program might take the edge off all that sunshine and happiness you ve been sharing today. I found My Hometown Hero to be pleasant and realistic read The heroine Riley, falls for the grumpy veteran Colonel Brian Stone She is bound and determined to give his orneriness right back to him All while doing so, she feels like she is betraying her deceased husband Brian who has PTSD and is learning to cope with the loss of both his legs doesn t feel like he should be a hero in anyones eyes From the first time he lays eyes on Riley, he knows he is in for all kinds of trouble Sassy, sexy and single never looked so good to him They have ups and downs than a good roller coaster ride Once they learn what really is important, is when they will find where their happiness lies.Rating 4Heat Rating HotReviewed by Karie DCourtesy of My Book Addiction and More I received this book via a Goodreads giveaway It was an enjoyable read good enough to get through it in the course of a day I thought this had a nice balance of romance and solid storyline I was rooting for Brian and Riley to be able to overcome the struggles of their pasts in order to achieve the love that they ultimately deserved and hoped for The story of how this happened was realistic and endearing Looking forward to fun and casual reading from Melissa Klein I won a copy of this.When Brain and Riley first met, neither was looking for someone else Riley had lost her husband from a dangerous job Brain had been injured in service, and had a chip on his shoulder for this Would push people away and didn t want any pity.But as they got pushed together working on a project sparks flew Is it possible for either to accept they could make it He loves to take risk, and looks like that is what he will be doing But can Riley accept this, or is it too much for her to take the chance.Loved the story. The characters are realisticand the storyline as well which is nice It was a somewhat slow pace which I didn t care for I thought the story was nice but I for some reason couldn t seem to get into it A military man who is now disabled, struggling to come to terms with his disability and what it mean for him Riley who is a widow of an officer, trying to run from her past, the memories and life They both end up in the same town connected by mutual connections. After Losing Her Husband In The Line Of Duty, Riley Logan Looks For A Fresh Start In Magnolia Springs However, A Fear Of Rejection Makes Relationships Difficult Lieutenant Colonel Brian Stone Returns Home From The Middle East After Losing His Legs To An IED The Last Thing He Wants Is To Be Treated Like A Hero Or Pitied For His InjuriesWhile Working On A Charity Event, Benefiting Injured Veterans, They Find They Have In Common Than A Talent For Snarky Comments But When Brian Is Offered An Opportunity Too Good To Refuse, Riley Must Decide If She Can Risk Losing Another Man To A Dangerous Job Pushing through their baggage to give love a chance you will be rooting for this couple to have their happily ever after.I couldn t put down this heart warming, sweet story Can t wait to read from Melissa Klein Really nice story I liked the characters because they seemed realistic to me, which is sometimes hard to find in this genre Even better than the first one in my opinion So excited that I got a signed copy as well.


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