Pearseus Bundle (Pearseus #1-3)

Pearseus Bundle (Pearseus #1-3) The First Three Books Of The Best Selling Series If You Like Dark Epic Fantasy With A Sci Fi Twist, Then You Ll Love PearseusOn New Year S Eve, The Year Of , The Distinguished Guests Aboard The Pearseus Did Not Get To Countdown Seconds Instead, They Counted Bodies And Survivors After The Spaceship S Crash Landing On Another PlanetThe Good News The Planet Was Seemingly Hospitable Both In Resources And In Terms Of The Natives Attitude Towards EarthlingsThe Bad News They Might Have Come On This Planet Bare Of Possessions, But What They Hadn T Been Able To Shed Were The Shortcomings Of Their Human Nature Will That Be The Sole Threat To A Unified Future, Or Is The New Land And Its First Inhabitants Not As Innocent As They Look The Bundle Contains The Three First Books In The Series Starting Years After The Events Described In The Prequel, Pearseus Schism, They Examine What Happens When Humanity Is Forced To Start Over AgainNote The Original Version Of This Bundle Contained The Prequel, Pearseus Schism The New Version Contains Rise Of The Prince, Mad Water And Vigil


[PDF / Epub] ✅ Pearseus Bundle (Pearseus #1-3)  By Nicholas C. Rossis –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 1394 pages
  • Pearseus Bundle (Pearseus #1-3)
  • Nicholas C. Rossis
  • English
  • 15 June 2018

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    I m seriously happy I didn t try to review these books one at a time I would have gotten lost in the process, I became so engrossed in the books Wonderful Nicholas, wonderful.Pearseus Bundle books 1 to 3 of the Pearseus epic fantasy series by Nicholas RossisThis is incomparable I really can t think of another series that tied the world of fantasy and scifi together so well since Pern, but the way he did it Beautiful, I usually try to ascribe a visual style to what I read, or put it in context of something I ve read before, but I m struggling with this one This is a truly original viewpoint of fantasy, and I loved it So many factions, so beautifully written I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tale, and bow to a master at the craft 5 5 I received a free version from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    This box set is a bundle containing the first three books in the Pearseus series Year 18 The Schism, Rise of the Prince, and Mad Water The third book does not finish the series, and is left very open ended The author says on his website that Book Four is on the way soon This is an epic fantasy series, that has strong tones of science fiction, as well as Greek myth What a feast.Book One opens with an explosion on spaceship Pearseus, and the escape pods land on a new planet that the settlers name Pearseus Shortly after, there is an encounter with one of the natives a First Due to the confusion of one of the captains, this doesn t go well, and the First move away from the humans over time 18 years after landing, a schism develops amongst the survivors Books Two and Three span a further 300 years, and show the political intrigues and upheavals that beset the settlers There is to the planet than the humans had at first realised, and they have to deal with the Whispers , the Orbs , and the Fallen , to name but a few The plot, pacing, character development, and world building are all done very well The book would benefit from a further proofread, as there are words and punctuation missing in places, and also extra words in others Some of the sentence constructions are clumsy, and delaying action with started to began to is overused The writing is passive in places, but on the whole is tight.I found this an easy read, and very entertaining The book held my attention throughout, and by the last quarter of the novel I really cared what happened next There are many threads expertly woven throughout the tale, which all add to the enjoyment of the read Book Three doesn t tie any of them off, but leaves them loose so now I am avidly awaiting the release of Book Four.Readers of sci fi and fantasy will love this series, and I can heartily recommend it Update September 2018 the bundle contains different versions of the books to the stand alones

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    Book One SchismIn the not so distant future, a space ship crash lands on a far away planet It seems like an accident, or was it However they got here, the survivors from Pearseus are left to set up a new civilization, if they can work together And for a while, they do.But the possession that seems to have brought them here is never so far away And the whisper in the dark just adds to an already corrupt human nature right So when everything crashes, the civilization splits and we have the schism that creates Pearseus.Schism is a shorter book that opens up the world and sets the stage for the drama that is about to unfold on the new planet Pearseus.Book Two Rise of the PrinceThree hundred years have passed since that first split that created distinct empires on the new planet Pearseus, not to mention the native First But the whispers in the dark never did go away.There s now three main Newcomer factions, plus the First Not to mention the shadow war between the Orbs and the Whispers We meet characters from each of these places as they struggle to keep the peace, stay alive, and win wars Leadership changes, friendships are born, and battles won.Rise of the Prince isn t a story about a single character or hero, but the story of a world struggling to find peace The dynamics and alliances are constantly changing, and through it all, we have to decide for ourselves who s in the right and who s not.Book Three Mad WaterCyrus now rules in the Capitol, but the wars aren t over Less and less in the shadows, the history of the battle between the Orbs and the Whispers comes into dramatic light Not to mention the Iota, another native species from time almost unremembered.Some of our heroes are dead, and the next generation is left to take their place But the battle isn t so straightforward, and our new leaders must find their own balance in the world Alliances and declarations of war aren t so simple any, because first each person must determine for themselves exactly what it is they fight for.

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    I read the bundle over a few days it kept me turning the virtual pages If you read the Goodreads summary and a few other reviews, you will get the setting and the plot I want to comment on the strong character development as the story progresses That is something you don t always get with fantasy or sci fi Like a Song of Ice and Fire there are a variety of competing factions Good characters can become bad as mysterious outside influences affect them It will keep you on your toes trying to keep up with events While I used to read fantasy and sci fi, I have been tending toward suspense mystery thrillers the last several years This is a welcome return especially since I am writing sci fi myself Rossis is a good writer.

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    Out this World The first three books of Nicholas C Rossis PEARSEUS collection takes readers on a non stop adventure through the first three centuries AL, after earthlings crash land on the already inhabited planet of PEARSEUS Rossis writing grabs the reader and doesn t let go as generation after generation of humanity in all its forms compete for supremacy, struggle with survival, deal with alien cultures, face personal trials and wonder what life is really about I found the series, not only to be entertaining, but thought provoking as well action, PEARSEUS kept this reader wanting .

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    I was delighted with this marvelous read I am a fan of Greek Mythology and Homer s Odyssey, which I recently re read after many years I was instantly immersed in the excitement and adventure of a classic battle of cultures between a mystical Native population colliding with colonists who have conquered them Nicholas Rossis takes the polytheistic cosmology of Homer and weaves his own blend of science fiction and fantasy in a richly invented world that includes magic and mayhem Intrigue, revenge and murder abound in this page turner The I read, the I envisioned this world building saga as a long running TV series As I like to say from my lips to Hollywood s ears.

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    The author provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review which follows I read this collection without reading the first book, Schism so I had to do some catching up before I began Luckily, included in the beginning of the collection is a character synopsis and map of Pearseus so you can bring yourself up to date with the events that preceded I really liked this feature because it gave me a sneak peek into the characters from the onset of the book.Pearseus is an epic fantasy novel of which I had never read the likes of before It has all the elements of a fantasy novel but it is enriched with the elements of a science fiction novel too What an imaginative and fascinating read From the very beginning of the novel, I was hooked The plot is one of the most interesting I have encountered A spaceship is forced to land on a planet that is already inhabited by other life forms that terraformed the planet into what they wanted it to resemble The refugees from the spaceship are forced to survive in a land fraught with danger They clash with the First, inhabitants which cause the two groups to split The First go off to the north and the human refugees remain in the territory they took from the First, thereby segregating themselves from each other.Now, years into the future, most technological advancements have vanished from the original space crew refugee descendants There are still a few reminders around such as tablets and some weapons of mass destruction The really interesting part was that the people of the future have regressed into a feudal society with different factions and clans fighting for control using ancient weapons like swords, and knives At times, I found the societies resembled ancient Greece intertwined with eastern philosophies to make up their complex political and philosophical beliefs.What I really loved was how detailed the author was in creating all the different factions and clans The detail is so thorough and believable To explain, Pearseus was settled by three different life forms The original inhabitants of the planet were overtaken by the First, who were then overtaken by the refugees of the spaceship All of these life forms coexist together at the same time on Pearseus resulting in plenty of conflicts I told you I was blown away at the detail Through it all, magic and technology unite in an explosive war between The Whispers, The Fallen, and The Orbs The humans are brought into the battle to help win the war and to fulfill the ancient prophecies.I must note that the author kept the intrigue going by switching each chapter in all three books with another character s point of view This gave me the perspective from all sides, good and evil It was a unique and effective storytelling method that really propelled the novel along.I personally enjoyed the deep characterizations added to the different life forms In addition, there was plenty of philosophy, hatred, and intrigue much like a modern society today, which added a sense of realism to Pearseus I understood the struggles of all the life forms and likened it to the differences in cultures today found on our own planet.At the heart of the books are four central characters that stand out as having the perfect combination of strengths and flaws that together make an unbeatable team I cannot wait to read the next book in the series Character Believability 5Flow and Pace 4Reader Engagement 5Reader Enrichment 4Reader Enjoyment 5Overall Rate 4.5 out of 5 stars

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    I ve thoroughly enjoyed The Pearseus series This is dark fantasy at its best and definitely not your run of the mill scifi series Epic battles and corrupted people of power keep tipping the scales to keep you guessing and turning the pages thirstily to find out what happens next There is some gore graphic detail in violent scenes something that I don t particularly enjoy but the writing is so masterful in these books that it didn t spoil my reading pleasure at all If you re looking to get away with a thrilling read set in a fantastical world of epic proportions, look no further I received a free copy of this series and chose voluntarily to review it.

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    Mesmerizing Action Packed Sci Fi Adventure I was given this three pack bundle of the Pearseus fantasy series in exchange for an honest review After reading each book I chose to review them separately without giving anything away Book 2 Mad Water was even action filled than the first with a myriad of wonderfully defined characters even the evil ones were fascinating There is something for everyone in this epic series There are evil creatures with red eyes lurking in the shadows just waiting to take over the minds of the rulers Orbs of light hovering over those in need, Firsts who were forced out of their rightful place on Pearseus, Iotas who want to take back what they feel is there s, and a host of intriguing characters like Lehmur, Moriah, Gella, Cyrus, Angel and many .Each character has their own story that intertwines with others in a way that is mind boggling trying to connect them all The author has written a truly creative and unforgettable series that will one day become a gem among sci fi fantasy books.

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    The first three books of Nicholas C Rossis PEARSEUS collection takes readers on a non stop adventure through the first three centuries AL, after earthlings crash land on the already inhabited planet of PEARSEUS Rossis writing grabs the reader and doesn t let go as generation after generation of humanity in all its forms compete for supremacy, struggle with survival, deal with alien cultures, face personal trials and wonder what life is really about I found the series, not only to be entertaining, but thought provoking as well PEARSEUS kept this reader wanting .

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