Heart of a Traitor

Heart of a Traitor When The Peaceful World Of Correll Came Under Attack, From The Brutal And Savage Gunoi, Everyone Expected The Confederacy To Come To Their Aid But Help Never Came Years Of Fighting Backed Them Into A Corner, And Facing Complete Annihilation Their Leaders Made The Greatest Mistake Imaginable They Stuck A Deal With The Demonic Entity Drak Nal, Trading The Souls Of Their Soldiers In Return For The Power To Defeat Their Enemies Three Hundred Years Later, Nariko And The Other Survivors Of Corell Are Still Searching For A Way To Free Themselves From Their Involuntary Enslavement To Drak Nal, But They Are Running Out Of Time Every Time They Die, Their Curse Brings Them Forcibly Back To Life Every Day They Lose Of Their Humanity, Lose Of Their True Selves, And Darkness Takes Its Place Nariko Had Always Clung To Her Faith To Give Her Strength, But Now The Luminarch No Longer Answers Her Prayers And A Second, Darker Persona Is Growing Within Her Threatening To Swallow Her Whole And Claim Her Cursed Body For Itself All She Had Left Was Her Pride As A Soldier, And Now, Even That Is Stripped Away From Her As She Is Transferred In Disgrace To The Seventh Division, Whose Leader Inami Has Gone Completely Mad From The Curse Inami Believes That She Has Found The Key To End Their Crusade And Claim Their Freedom, But How Can Nariko Place Her Faith In A Madwoman

I am a dedicated and devoted housewife, who just happens to be a guy.I come from a family of ballet dancers I know, right My parents actually met dancing at Ballet West together So, the first few years of my life were spent backstage at productions like CATS, Dreamgirls, and A Chorus Line, where I developed a lifelong aversion to stage makeup My parents even appeared in a few movies and TV s

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 566 pages
  • Heart of a Traitor
  • Aaron Lee Yeager
  • English
  • 04 August 2018

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    What I like about this novel is how inventive the setting is For example the machines have spirits controlling them Ok, that doesn t sound very inventive I mean we all heard the phrase ghost in the machine But have you heard of a method where to fix a broken cable one bangs on it with a wrench This is that kind of setting Also, holy wars and I mean real holy wars against demons in space, using ether to travel faster than light, guns powered by human sacrifice, etc This is the most unusual setting I ve ever seen in a book Oh, and one of the languages used in the setting is mock Romanian ever heard of mock Latin.Now, what I didn t like was the amount of references to Japanese culture How many people know what an enjo kosai is Further, when the main character is moved into a different division it s like she s in an entirely different world A rather mad world, where people lick dangerous looking animals and learn how to disarm a bomb using a real bomb And yet the main character has deaths behind her belt than any of the others How is that possible Still, I liked this book and I m waiting for the sequel.

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    A unique and entertaining work The author delivered an interesting and fascinating world with bold and memorable characters I found the writing compelling, a real page turner.

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