Bridle My Heart - a Western love story

Bridle My Heart - a Western love story I really enjoyed this book As someone who has gone through a divorce I can relate to the feeling of being branded with a big D and thinking I would live with that stigma forever Now that I am blessed with a wonderful husband and children I am thankful for second chances This is a wonderfully redeeming story that I would highly recommend, especially to those needing to know there is hope after divorce. Will Another Cowboy Steal Jillian S Heart Jillian Marsh Knows What It S Like To Tangle With A Texan All Too Well She S Been Cheated On And Deserted By A Rogue Of A Cowboy Who Should Have Known Better When The Ink Dries On Their Divorce Settlement, All Jillian Has To Show For It Is The Deed To Her Late Ex Father In Law S Dilapidated Horse Ranch In A Tiny Tornado Torn TownA Philadelphia Real Estate Agent, Jillian Makes Her Lovesick Teen Daughter, Danielle, A Promise They Ll Travel From Philly To Texas, Just Long Enough To Flip The Ranch And Sell It It S The Only Way Jillian Can Pay For Dani S Return To The Academy Next Term, The High School Dani S Boyfriend Also Attends Jillian S Father, Emmett, An Ageing Contractor, Gamely Volunteers His Expertise As The Trio Ventures Southwest For The Summer No Doubt, These City Slickers Will Be Fish Out Of Water In That Tiny Texas Town Jillian Steels Herself For The Hard Work Renovating That Turkey Of A Homestead Will Require But What Jillian Doesn T Count On Is Dealing With The Squatters Who Have Taken Up Residence On The Spread, Or The Second Chance At Love That Time On A Texas Horse Ranch Could BringStill Smarting Over Her Ex, Jillian Is Hardly Ready To Trust Another Man In A Cowboy Hat, Much Less Get Into A Love Triangle Between Two Cowboys But Dashing Land Baron, Ray Hightower, Isn T Shy About His Romantic Pursuit Of Her Ray S Antithesis, Luke Taylor, Isn T As Quick To Stake A Claim, But Something About The Mild Mannered Horse Ranch Farmer Quietly Competes For Jillian S Affections With The Texas Moonlight Conspiring Against Her, It Ll Be All Jillian Can Do To Keep Her Promise To Dani That They Ll Return To Philly By Fall When Love Comes Calling The Second Time Around, Will Jillian Be Able To Bridle Her Heart REDEEMING ROMANCE Is An Anthology Series, A Collection Of Clean, Inspirational Love Stories Based On Susan Rohrer S Screenplays Bridle My Heart Is The Fifth Stand Alone Novel In This Women S Fiction Series, A Contemporary Romantic Western Just ok There were some major sticking points for me 1 What did these people look like They were not adequately described for me to visualize them 2 This is a big one Luke s character was very under developed I didn t get to know him 3 The relationship between Luke and Jillian was under developed We were told that each started to care for the other but I wanted to read about it instead of being told 4 Ola, Luke and Beau spoke like they were uneducated It s modern day Texas for heavens sake On the plus side, it was a nice Christian themed story without being preachy. I thought this book was a fun read It s lighthearted and easy to read and yet also has a lot of heart I liked watching the relationship between the mother and daughter develop And Jillian s father and Luke s Mom were such a kick I thought they brought a lot of humor to the read with their quirks If you like to read clean romances, you ll enjoy Bridle My Heart. What a captivating story of hope and love As a native Texan I was thrilled by the way the characters were portrayed as authentic Texans I kept thinking that they are people I ve actually known in my life Great story of forgiveness and starting over, and how quickly situations can change for the better Very fun, enjoyable story Loved it Needs a sequel Jillian Marsh is raising her sixteen year old daughter, alone Austin, her husband had went home for his mother s funeral and didn t want her to go and he took off with his high school sweetheart It has been several years since he left and she figured any day now she would get divorce papers Sure enough her papers arrived and the only thing he left her was his parents run down horse ranch Actually Austin was so far in debt he owed everyone and he just left that to her so he wouldn t have to pay the taxes on it Her teenage daughter , Dani, is madly in love and when her mother tells her they have to go to Texas to fix up the ranch for selling, she flips She doesn t want to go Jillian and Dani live with Jillian s father, Emmett so they pack for the trip and head for Texas from Philly It takes three days but they finally get there They find a woman and her grown son taking care of the place and living there Austin s father gave them permission after the tornado swept thru town and took out most of their homes When his father past on they stayed because it was the only place they had to go Ola Taylor and Luke her son moved out of the house and back to the shelter under the barn where they lived before This is a sweet story and it is good love story without any unwanted sex scenes, so it is safe to read I know you will enjoy it. Bridle My Heart is a romantic story of Jillian s struggle to find her way after her husband left her and her daughter Dani for another woman She feels she has failed as a wife and is questioning her way as a mother of a teenage daughter With the support of her father Emmett, she heads for Texas to sell the ranch she received in her divorce settlement They arrive after dark to find the homestead occupied by Luke and his mother, Ola The story continues with a good part humor, lots of hard work to repair the rundown ranch and Jillian finds the peace she seeks and the love of a good man when she gives her cowboy a second chance.

SUSAN ROHRER enjoys wearing a variety of professional hats as a writer, producer, director, and author specializing in redemptive entertainment.Rohrer s TV credits include God s Trombones Another Life Never Say Goodbye Terrible Things My Mother Told Me and The Emancipation of Lizzie Stern No Earthly Reason Mother s Day Sweet Valley High Book of Days and Another Pretty Fa

[KINDLE] ❄ Bridle My Heart - a Western love story  By Susan Rohrer –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Bridle My Heart - a Western love story
  • Susan Rohrer
  • English
  • 08 July 2019

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