Filthy 6 (Filthy, #6)

Filthy 6 (Filthy, #6) The Sixth And Final Installment In The Filthy Serial NovelFaye S Life Had Finally Come Together, Things Were Finally Falling Into Place Until He Ruined It Rhett Shattered Her Heart And Destroyed EverythingFaye Did What She Does Best She Ran But This Time Things Are Different She S Different He S Different And Maybe It S Too Late

Megan D Martin is a multi published author, mother, student, editor, and history lover In her spare time Megan plays video games with her incredibly sweet son, buys fish for her many fish tanks, and has long talks with Gandaldore the little writing wizard that sits on her desk She is well known for losing her keys and has than one nerdy tattoo.Megan lives in North Texas with her wonderfu

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  • Filthy 6 (Filthy, #6)
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  • 13 January 2019

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    Filthy , book 6 of 6 Epic forbidden love story Separation, healing, truths, revenge redemption For full reviews refer to book 1 book 1 review and box set series review.Books in Filthy serial should be read in order Book 1 Filthy 1 FULL BOOK 1 REVIEWBook 2 Filthy 2Book 3 Filthy 3Book 4 Filthy 4Book 5 Filthy 5Book 6 Filthy 6 Part 1 6 Filthy 1 6 FULL SERIES REVIEW Hero rating 4.5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 4.5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 4.5 starsStory ending rating N A Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes.

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    5 I ll always come back for you STARS My love is broken, because that s all I have to offer My love is pathetic and fractured, but it s REAL And it s true.And if you need this, my hate, I ll give it to you I ll give you anything you need because that s what true love is RHETT Faye is ripped apart by two men Two men sharing the same blood One slayed her flesh and left physical wounds The other slayed her heart and left emotional ones The sad truth is, for Faye, the scratches of the knife in Taylor s hand hurts much less than the shredded heart Rhett left behind with his sharp words, still throbbing inside Faye s chest for him.But Fay is strong Faye is fearless Faye has survived so much, and now is not the time to quit fighting She can survive this like she survived everything else before Now it s time to move on Taylor is gone Rhett is gone Faye is alone and it s exactly what she needs Tonight was the first time I looked up at the sky in this way With the bitter taste of happiness draining down my throat With the joy of all the things I could never have had rushing down my cheeks FAYE Rhett has always been the man that didn t save Faye Always been the man that didn t see her suffering, her pain, her tortureShe is gone now and Rhett will not chase after her Not this time. Why would he What kind of future can he promise her anyway What kind of tainted love can he give her How can he ever heal her properly when all she sees is his father s eyes when she looks up into his Rhett will let her go and give her a chance to live her life the way she wants to Without all the heartbreak Without him Without love.Faye and Rhett s love isn t pretty It isn t easy In fact, it is as ugly as it getsbut it s theirs and it s PERFECT You will all love it, too.I PROMISE He was like a black hole that engulfed everything in his path Except it wasn t the darkness that consumed everything It was green THE COLOR OF THOSE EYES Eyes I loved Eyes I had wanted to spend the rest of my life looking into FAYE Beta read for the amazing Megan D Martin Thank you for the incredibly huge honor

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    4 stars I gave you what you needed It wasn t what I wanted, but I set you free Filthy 6 was not our perfect fairytale ending, but it was perfect for Faye I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am for her and to truly appreciate all that she is now is to live through her life and see the hell she came from All the Poison Sickness Filth. was worth it in the end, it s not a past to be proud of but it s a journey of strength, and self love and forgiveness Truly a pleasure reading Faye s story.

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    4.5 For the Epilogue starsThis whole series had me like Thankful for all the endings that led to new beginnings.This is the last instalment of the series, it is set 6 years later.There was a different dynamic to this one as Faye had matured and become independent after escaping her past Going to college and becoming a professor, living in her own apartment and having a new life Some things do not change and her sexual preferences prove this The six years had been harder on Rhett who struggled with a substance abuse of his own and nearly lost everything.A chance meeting gives these two a second or is that third of fourth chance at happiness.The, we should we shouldn t crap drove me a little nuts in this one I was actually a little let down by this one as it was starting to get repetitive but then BAM Now lets talk about the epilogue, It had everything you could possible want, 1 year later, 6 years in the past, way back into the past, 17 years later and from three different points of view Fucking brilliant I strongly recommend this series to all my friends that like them a little dark and twisted.

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    The conclusion to my beloved Filthy series, I was so excited to have another Filthy in my hands but I was so sad that Faye s story was ending This last installment was an emotional roller coaster I was sad, mad, content, hopeful, pissed, happy, pissed again, scared, in disbelief, mad again, sad again, apprehensive, and relieved It was such a journey Faye s story was far from easy The thing I really was, exposed Poison Sickness Filth That s what I was. There was so much left unsaid at the end of the last installment and I was dying for those big conversations, for the closure This part of the story was really important for Faye and Rhett Though Rhett s journey was nothing like Faye s, he did have his own problems that contributed the their collective issues One of the things I really loved about this story was that it wasn t about Faye getting fixed she didn t magically overcome her past, she struggled with it and made a concerted effort to better her life but she never forgot about the past.That closure I was waiting for did finally come, after Megan stomped all over my poor little heart Let s be honest though, I love the heart stomping part of the stories and that s part of why I love Faye s story so much, it literally hurts my heart at points I cannot recommend this series enough, if you are not afraid of the subject matter please take the plunge and read the series, it s amazing I can honestly say I will definitely be re reading the series and I will still love it I will still feel those little twinges in my chest when something particularly sad happens, and I will still smile like a fool when something good happens I won an ARC from the author, thanks Megan

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    4 Loves Not Perfect Stars A broken man and a broken woman trying to get over their past It is nothing We re just two unfortunate people in a fucked up situation One trying to move forward with life after someone stole her innocence at a very young age and one living with the guilt that he didn t know what was going on right in front of his eyes What do you want from me Do you want to know how much I hate myself How much I fucking loathe myself Because I do, Faye There isn t a day that goes by that I don t think about you In the last book Rhett shattered Faye s heart After she confessed her love to him he said things he didn t really mean and walked away from her Faye was so broken she packed up and left Rhett came home and was devastated and decides it s for the best that he just sets Faye free He chooses not to go after her this time.Six years later Yes people six fucking years later Since they ve been apart Faye has went to college and his now a professor teaching at a community college She is in class when her eyes collide with eyes she hasn t seen for six years Rhett is in her classroom When class is over Rhett talks Faye into going to dinner Dinner gets boxed up because the tension is thick between these two Neither one of them bring up the past You can tell that it s brewing and when it finally comes up it erupts like a volcano I honestly felt bad for Rhett and Faye They both have issues I watched her because I was in awe of her I was baffled by the fact that she had survived something so horrid, for so long That she had survived it, and yet she could sleep She found a way to fall into a slumber, when one view of it kept me up for months I had watched the rise and fall of her chest, the slow movements They were rhythmic, comforting, proof that strength existed that she existed RhettFaye is dead inside She can only have hate sex Until Rhett I m not like him I m not I love you But not the kind of love he had for you My love is broken, because that s all I have to offer My love is pathetic and fractured, but it s real And it s true And if you need this, my hate, I ll give it to you I ll give you anything you need because that s what true love is RhettRhett is also dead inside You can tell that both Faye and Rhett love each other But they both need to make peace with the past so they can move forward This final book was a perfect ending to a series I loved I only wish there was I know But damn a epilogue would of been nice lol

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    I put off reading this series for ages because drugs, prostitution, abuse that s not something to help me escape the sometimes shitty boring mundaneness of real life I ll read some fluffy books, something with a bit of angst or grit, but this book and series heaps loads of shit on you right from the start and makes no apologies for its bluntness.And do you know what, I cant fault any of it It wasn t a pleasant read, it had a lot of triggers and truly awful sick things going on But at the same time there was hope That one tiny thing that enabled Faye to carry on To live.The writing, the characters, the story development, all the disturbing details Everything It all worked It pulled me along by my pants and left me an exhausted puddle on the dirty stinking pavement It seems kinda wrong for me to have loved these books because they re not happy or nice but I did fucking love them All the sick twisted shit It was brilliant.I do have to say that this one was my least favourite I really didn t like Faye and the things she pretty much forced Rhett to do, just to make herself feel better What I did like were the little extra bits after the epilogue It let you see the parts that were missing from this and earlier books.Loved these and without doubt will be reading everything else by this author.

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    OMG what a book an series amazin Faye as been through so much an had 2 get away after the way things were left between her an Rhett but she could handle any shit after putting her heart on the line so after 6 yrs seein Rhett was a shock she as done so well 4 herself in them 6 yrs she is now teach in an a community college an is enjoyin it so when her student brought in her employer 2 take 2 the class Faye got the shock of her life 2 c the green eyes she as pushed 2 the back of her mind she as very mixed feels when she c him an then class is over Rhett tries 2 talk 2 her but they don t get far an then he asks her 2 dinner an then 1 thing lend 2 another an then they were havin amazin sexy time but things can t stay smooth 4 long this is Faye an Rhett I ve alway found Faye such a strong woman through this series an this book was just the same it showed how much things r still getting 2 her even though I m not surprised she as been through hell but she as been doin well but with Rhett back it s hard her mind is workin overtime an she thinks the past will alway b there Rhett as been through a lot since Faye left as well an he did want 2 b with her he luvd her but he want her 2 b free of al the shit she as,been through was it what she wanted no did she need it I do think so they had loads of ups an downs in this book just like the rest but Faye did need closure but she needs 2 do this on her own the oh think is that they do luv each other it s just they need 2 get themselves on the same page This as been a great ride it s been an emotional 1 but what a story every book just kept getting better it as killed me 2 wait so long 4 this book but it was worth the wait couldn t put it down once i started it I did find this a lil dark an I never really go 4 that but I have 2 say I will give darker books a go now after readin this cause I really really enjoy this story an Faye an Rhetts characters r just so good the things they r both gone through loads an Faye just kept getting kicked while down but she kept getting up an I luvd this about her I would definitely recommend this series Ye it s dark an sexy but the story is great xxx

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    I had been a twenty year old girl in love with a man she couldn t have The finale to this amazing series It s always a little heartbreaking reading the final part of a series you love This journey of Faye has been very interesting and one I loved reading about.Even though a lot of it was about her pain and grief and the awful things she endured It still made a great story.Ok so I got a lot with this final book on Faye and Rhett s relationship I say that in brackets because what they have is so damn complicated Sometimes people just go through too much to be together, like there s just a whole lot of pain associated with the other person and that s something Faye and Rhett have, so it was difficult to see them ending up together Rhett has a lot of guilt over the past, and Faye assumes he s never going to get over seeing her and always feeling sorry for the things she went through So for them to even get past all that is incredibly complicated So this book just focuses on their development.I got my closure This whole book just builds up to it I m not gonna go in to detail about it all because I feel I would be revealing too much but everything sort of comes together well The only downside regarding this closure, was that the ending was just sort of like, WHAM the end A little too short and I needed a little about how they started this new journey I ve followed them throughout 6 books so I kind of needed that little extra.Overall, I highly recommend this entire series to everyone It s one of my favourite thanks to Mercedes It s a little intense, painful, but it s so amazing at the same time Like it keeps your interest and it s hard to put down I remember I read the first 5 books in one night because I got so lost in the story So yes, do read if you haven t already And I really want to thank the author for writing this unique story You have no idea how sick I was with all these stepbrother stories which had no real basis of an actual character connection So thank you for giving me one

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    Post read pre review writings UGH After 5 novellas of emotional fuckery, this is just what I needed Lots of sex, lovely mushy shtuff mixed with sex , and those goddamn pan references.7 a.m pancake fuelled review to come Post pancakes present review writings Not only am I super happy thanks to a blueberry pancake breakfast I m also all melty thinking about The Filthy Series and the characters, the fuckedupness, the sex oh GOD the sex and how the ending suggests a certain level of happiness, but also leaves you to think of your own ending whatever that may be My ending is and they lived happily ever after and had lots of kinky sex Heh But anyway Filthy 6 by Megan D Martin is the last novella in the series, and while I still think that Filthy 5 was the best one not being arc biased at all , this one was a nice wrap up Nothing eventful happens in here excluding view spoiler the six years Faye and Rhett were apart hide spoiler

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