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The Messenger The Messenger by Kimberley LewisI received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review through the Lovers of Paranormal Group on Goodreads.comBeth is a Critical Care Nurse She has a traumatic childhood and eventually went to live with her very religious Grandmother Her life revolves around work and religion She finds herself in an accident and saves the life of rock star, Sam Yaza, who she has never heard of and does not recognise A passionate love affair quickly ensues This book is very well written, with an interesting take on Angels and Heaven The storyline is solid and it is a very good read It can become a bit confusing at times, but perseverance will be rewarded as it is actually a lovely story. ICU Nurse Beth Jordan Understands Challenging Situations And Meets Them Head On Between A Demanding Work Schedule, Renovating Her Historical Home, Helping Her Veteran Brother Through PTSD After Combat In The Middle East, And Resolving Aspects Of Her Traumatic Childhood, Her Life Is Full Too Full For Additional ComplicationsWhen Beth Is Involved In An Accident Resulting In A Fatality, She Is Unwittingly Pulled Into Events Beyond Her Immediate Understanding, Shaking Up Her Predictable Existence Dramatic Rescues Are Commonplace In Her Line Of Work, But The Man She Helps Save Turns Out To Be A Rock Star Whose Initial Gratitude Turns Into Romantic Interest And Beth Isn T Sure She Wants To Draw The Attention Of An International Celebrity Even If He Is Practically IrresistibleRelief From Financial Strain Comes In The Form Of Two Fellow Veterans Her Brother Sends To Rent Rooms From Her One Might Say The Timing Is Heaven Sent While The Men Get To Work Helping Her Refurbish The House, Beth Can T Help Wonder Why She Feels So Secure On Such A Short Acquaintance, When It Isn T Her Nature To Trust So Easily Then Disturbing Dreams Of Angels And Demons Begin To Plague HerTension Builds As Suppressed Memories From Her Childhood Resurface And Coincidences Occur That Aren T Easily Explained Beth Discovers Not Only Can She Not Escape Events In Her Past, They Might Play A Crucial Role In Her Future As She Realizes The Men In Her Life Are Not Who They Seem To Be, She Is Also Faced With Choices That Catapult An Ordinary Woman Into The Potential For An Extraordinary Destiny In The Ultimate Struggle Between Good And Evil Refreshing take on Angels and Heaven.A very enjoyable read An excellent story that moves at a good tempo Well written and edited which is so refreshing for R2R books Beth has had a hard life growing up, alcoholic father, abused mother save for her grandmother with her strong belief in God helping her to survive At 26 she s a critical care nurse living alone in her grandmothers mothers home with a chapel she keeps locked Her only remaining family, a younger brother Travis, is under the veteran s care for PTSD and visits often but seems to just be a filler in the story as nothing really develops for him She s in an accident and saves the life of a rock star with the help of two guys, Yuri and Paul The rock star named Sam Yaza dope slap Beth because that name doesn t set off bells for the deeply religious young woman pursues Beth and a budding relationship grows very rapidly for a woman who is gun shy of men Ignoring the oddities the characters are very engaging There are some very erotic sequences so definitely an adults only book.This book was given to me for an honest review by LOP and I can honestly say I liked it I purchased the next book in the series. Loved this book Fresh take on otherworldly angelic circumstances Loved the characters Wowsuperbly imaginative This is a book that makes you rethink common doctrine I didn t realize when I picked up the book it would include graphic scenes Those scenes, however, do not take anything away from the story They actually enhance the tale.Well written with well developed characters A must read book Very good first book in this series Angels are still not covered nearly as much in the books about the paranormal so I am always really happy to see when someone writes one, especially when it is a real catcher like this one Kimberly is an excellent author that pulls you into her world and doesn t let you go This book is tough to put down and reads with a very good pace There are ample twists and turns that are unexpected and only a few that I was able to see coming.Beth was an interesting character and I am not fully sure yet how I feel about her, hopefully the next book will help with that Even though she has gone through so much, she seems so ok with everything going on She hardly questions and just forgives pretty much everything I have a difficult time understanding that kind of behavior On one hand she is so selfless, but then on the other hand rather selfish I really want to like her, but she made some decisions that I just can t understand and those make it difficult for me.Uriel is a very complex character and I probably like him the most in this book He is always torn by what he should do and what he wants to do, but the should do seems to always win He is strong and I think that is what makes him so likable Paul is of a side character, but a lovely one and adds nicely to this book Sam, again one I am on the fence with I see all his secrets and the things he has done, yet he seems to be a good guy Just like with Beth I am torn about him and will hold my feelings about him until I read the next 2 books.The plot is very intricate and gives a new view about fallen angels, making this a very good book that I really enjoyed I am only giving 4 stars for this one because I am still not certain about 2 of the main characters.I have received this book from the author for an honest review LoP, Lovers of Paranormal I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of Paranormal.I had a hard time rating this book because, honestly, I was torn as to whether or not I enjoyed it I know that sounds odd, but it s one of those rare occasions where I really couldn t make up my mind.There were elements of the story that I really enjoyed The twist on angels was very interesting and I found the main character, Beth, very likable Her ability to fight through adversity with a great attitude was amazing Being invested in her character was one of the main reasons I wanted to finish the book.Overall, I enjoyed the storytelling but there was just something about the book that I had a hard time following It may have been the feeling as I was reading that I was missing some key information I understand having surprises and twists in the plot, but somehow it came across as if I just missed something not as if I was waiting to discover something Also, I had an issue with some of the twists to religion that were established in this book I fully understand that it was fiction and that the author has the right to create her own world, but, for me, it was very difficult to read accept Whatever it was, I honestly found it difficult to finish the book after the half way point I will admit that, about of the way through, it somewhat caught my attention again and I was a bit interested in completing it.I think that there are a lot of people out there that would enjoy this book thoroughly it was well written and the characters were interesting For me, personally, the writing style just threw me off and made it difficult to get into.

Kimberly Lewis is a nurse with a background in Critical Care, Case Management, Geriatrics, and Medical Surgical nursing She lives with her four children in Connecticut Kimberly began her work as an author in 2013 with the first three books in the Celestial series.

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