Filthy 3 (Filthy, #3)

Filthy 3 (Filthy, #3) The Third Installment In The Filthy Serial Novel Faye Thought She Could Run From The Past AgainShe Thought She Could Go Back To The Seedy Life The One Where Men Pay For Her Body And She Snorts Cheap Coke Off The Back Of Her Dirty Hand But The Past Has Found Her AgainThe Past With Green Eyes Full Of Hate And LustAnd This Time He Plans To Keep Her Filthy Is A Dark Erotic Serial Novel That Will Release In Six Monthly Segments Of Around Pages Each This Book Is Not For Those Who Like A Traditional Heroine Faye And Rhett S Story Is Dark, Complicated, And Twisted With Themes That Are Not Acceptable To All Readers Read At Your Own Risk The tragedy that is Faye s life continues to keep me riveted to the pages The cocaine she uses to cope rules her life It s impossible for her to accept help from Rhett without revealing her addiction and she is no where near ready to give up her numbing highs in exchange for a look at the reality she s living.When Rhett drags her back to civilization she makes the one call she should never have to but with only one person knowing and willing to feed her addiction, she doesn t think she has a choice If there was ever any questions about Faye s life before becoming a prostitute, they will all disappear when Faye s past with Taylor becomes her present.This installment ends on a cliffy Like, a giant, steep, depressing cliffy with lots of sharp rocks at the bottom. 4 stars We were monsters, her and I Every time I saw her she was even lost than the last time She was dirtier each timeFilthy 3, holy shit, I did not see that coming Her story just went from bad to worse, to OMG Her days are filled between ignorant bliss and self loathing Hating her past and now hating her present, she wants it all to just go away and there is only one escape left As sick and twisted as this is, I am completely hooked, it s painful and utterly heartbreaking to see her reduced to even lower than she was when we first met her. 4 poisonous and filthy STARSConflicting emotions blossom in me because of the characters in this dark and twisted story And I get and confused with myself with every new book in the series These people are all flawed They are all freaks They are all disgusting in different ways But the funny thing is, I can relate with each and every one of them.Which is why I f cking love Filthy and why I absolutely adore Megan D Martin Faye has left Rhett s house and went back to the only place she could ever call home the Truck Stop She knows that s the best for everyone For both herand Rhett All she has to do is let herself drift back to her old life, being a prostitute, a coke addict, a lonely and miserable young womanand everything will go back to the way it was before Before Rhett came and smashed everything up Before he stirred something inside Faye and made her want him, all over again All she ever wanted was to have something beautiful and special with Rhett, and now, she wants everything So she lets go But she wonders She shouldn t worry though. Because Rhett is determined to pull her out of the dump she insists on sinking herself in He goes to the Truck Stop to find Faye and take her back home, only to watch her have sex with some guy in a truck, for coke moneyAnd he doesn t take this situation well Rhett is furious Rhett is disgusted Rhett is aroused Rhett hates Faye but obviously he hates himself just as much, for the way his body and perhaps, heart reacts to Faye He was a monster A monster I knew A monster that made me f cking horny. Both Rhett and Faye feelwell, something for each other, yet Rhett is too stubborn to admit it and Faye just isn t mentally stable and strong enough to push him to his limits.When Faye is back at Rhett s house, something heart breaking and incredibly cruel that made me want to rip Rhett s throat and gouge his eyes out happens Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you Rhett After being stabbed in the heart, Faye makes the biggest mistake she could have ever done She falls back into the webs of Taylor Hale, her step father, her tormentor, her demon, willingly.Taylor comes to take Faye back to the house she grew up in To the house that the people that were supposed to love and cherish her, destroyed her instead I knew what he was thinking I knew what he saw when he looked at the two of us He saw my betrayal He saw his property in the arms of his own son And he hated that.The jealousy ate at him like a disease, destroying him until he was nothing but a monster A monster I was about to go home with. Taylor is a complicated character His actions make you hate him, but his words are a completely different story Those, make you believe that his twisted love for Faye is, in fact, real.It didn t matter, Faye Don t you see that I m not the monster that preys on little children You were the first and only person I ever felt this way toward It was an instant attraction It wasn t because you were a child That has nothing to do with it I felt a connection with you like I d never felt with anyone else I knew you were meant to be mine And only mineBut as real as this love is, it just isn t right And it certainly doesn t erase all the damage Taylor has done to Faye s psyche, ruining her life and shredding her soul, driven and blinded by his love and obsession.Dammit, the last %30 was especially painful to read How could I have felt sick to my stomach one second, hopeful and almost happy the next, just to end up shaking with fury, teary eyed and overwhelmed by sadness At some point, I had to stop trying to analyze all the input bombarding my brain, and just start reading like a robot, devoid of emotion, to keep my sanity intact It was hard for me to accept that this woman and I were one in the same We were monsters, her and I Every time I saw her she was even lost than the last time She was dirtier each time.The woman in the mirror was me And I despised her. The self hatred and dread Faye feels, pushes her to do something drastic, and the book ends with a BANG And now he would be able to forget He would be able to move on with his life without me and the poison, the filth that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. CAN NOT WAIT FOR BOOK 4ARC kindly provided by the lovely Megan D Martin One to go review will be on 4 Holy god what a book I ve mixed feelings about how I feel sad angry frustrated but the book is AMAZIN the way it was wrote was just whoah an the story just gets better I luv Faye so much but things just keep gettin worst in every book at 1 stage I thought things were gettin better but there is something at i just luv even though she is goin through the worst things ever Rhett is startin 2 piss me of a lil the way he is talkin 2 her an actin like an arse an taylor there is nothin good 2 say about that son of a bitch I hate him sooooo much he is just evil I m dyin 2 know what s goin 2 happen I can t wait 4 the next 1 this 1 ended on a lil cliffhanger so need 2 know what happens next xxx 5 OMFG Stars Faye escaped the streets for a few days just to be returned to her nightmare Although her attraction and desire for Rhett hasn t faded, some scars are just too much to ignore Returning to the place where she s in control was supposed to be her salvation, but Rhett isn t ready to let go of the girl that he knew all those years ago He found her once, and he proves that he ll find her again But when he brings her back once again this time everything changes and Faye s past can t be escaped, without letting go of everything.So what can I say about part three other than fuck, I needed a shower to wash off the creeps this one gave me There is so much I want to say about this series, but the author left the blurb so vague that I can t without spoiling something This story is so much than the few sentences that are given to us in the description I am addicted to this series. 4.5 Continue the crazy Stars She runs from the darkness into of the sameShe runs to darknessShe could never stay awayFaye returns to the truck stop and selling herself as she has to get herself of that coke she loves to use as an escape.I just can not get past the scene in the truck, he should get help with that She is again taken away from the truck stop and ends up in the monsters hands willingly though as he supplies her with what she thinks she needs Until it all goes wrong and Faye just decides she can not do it any The darkness swallows herUntil theres nothing leftUntil she begs for mercyUntil she s screaming, clawing to breatheUntil she s gone ARC provided by for an honest review. 4.5 SAD POISONOUS STARS Be prepared for major cliffy Poor Faye is back at the Truck Stop with a John, when Rhett returns for her again But when he breaks her heart the next day, she feels her only option to get what she needs and what she deserves, is to go back to Taylor.After convincing him, he s the only man for her, Taylor spends his time with her in a torturous way That is until Rhett walks in on them But Rhett is only too eager and ready to believe the lies that Taylor tells him.Since she s poisonous to everyone including herself what s a girl to do Wow just wow I am so sad I hate what s being done to Faye and what she believes her lot in life is Everyone has failed her in her life The one who is supposed to love you after giving birth to you, her mother The man who was supposed to be like a father to her, and the only man she ever thought cared for her and who she thought she loved in her childish way To be in such despair, to not know any other way out, to never know unconditional love from those who are supposed to care for you I can t wait for the crushing weight of regret and guilt when Rhett finally finds out how horribly this poor girl was treated and his part in all of it How he perpetuated her self loathing after all she s been through I hope he chokes on it But until then, I just have to impatiently wait for the next installment.Megan How can you do this to me

Megan D Martin is a multi published author, mother, student, editor, and history lover In her spare time Megan plays video games with her incredibly sweet son, buys fish for her many fish tanks, and has long talks with Gandaldore the little writing wizard that sits on her desk She is well known for losing her keys and has than one nerdy tattoo.Megan lives in North Texas with her wonderfu

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