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Bad Apples This collection was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit To provide full disclosure, I consider all of these authors to be my friends and I was provided a free copy of this book to review Despite those things, I have written an honest review I read this collection as part of the Fall Fear Challenge over in the Horror Aficionados Group at Goodreads There was a buddy read going on for this book and I had a great time participating The buddy read goes for the whole month, and welcomes everyone My favorite story in this collection was The Riggle Twins by Gregor Xane Wildly imaginative and creepy, I was sad when this story was over I hope that Gregor builds on this story in the future, because I think there is a lot of room to grow in the world from which The Riggle Twins were born Pumpkin Head Ted was Evans Light s contribution to the collection At first I thought this was going to be the usual revenge tale It wasn t and now I no longer like fireflies Thanks a lot, Evans Ghost Light Road was Adam Light s tale I was a bit disappointed in this one Not that it was bad, it just didn t work well for me Easy Pickings by Jason Parent was a blast I love creature features and this was a good one.I liked that it was hard to spot the creature at first, and then it was hard not to see him The Scare Rows by Edward Lorn was just crazy Flat Out Crazy I have a picture in my mind of Mr Lorn laughing his ass off as people read this effed up tale This one was WAY over the top I understand that being over the top was part of the author s intent, and I did think some of it was hilarious, especially the part with the popcorn , but at the same time I felt that its over the topness felt a little cheap I did enjoy the fact that a few of my online friends were characters in this story and none of them fared well.Overall, I enjoyed this collection quite a bit and gave it 3.5 stars.I thought it was an excellent idea for these authors to team up I think each and every one of them has something to offer horror fans and I will be reading from them all in the future. I have been anxious to get into the Halloween spirit already, and this book of 5 stories was the PERFECT choice I have read stories from each of the individual authors in this collection previously, and simply can not emphasize enough how well they all go together This is the absolute perfect themed anthology to get you into that festive mood The first story up was The Riggle Twins , by Gregor Xane This one had me hanging on every single word It is a unique, grotesque story embodying the full element of the Halloween spirit With the legend of Samhain, child molesters, torture and sacrifice, as well as retribution, this story was nothing short of spellbinding from first to last page This is certainly a seasonal story worth re reading each and every year 5 stars.Next up we have Pumpkinhead Ted , by Evans Light This was a horrific, emotional tale of a horribly disfigured boy just trying to fit in The raw, visceral scenes will hit you from all angles When Ted finally realizes that fitting in is just something that he is NEVER going to be able to do, the tale takes a turn of vengeance that may just have you mentally cheering The only thing I wasn t particularly fond of was the ultimate ending, but that was of a personal taste 4.5 stars Ghost Road Light by Adam Light What starts out as a typical ghost story told to kids about a dead soldier s fatal motorcycle accident on a rural road, morphs into anything BUT a cliched urban legend Great twist that I didn t see coming 5 stars Easy Pickings by Jason Parent When two bullies are out terrorizing the neighborhood on Halloween, the elder one targets a young boy dubbed Retard Ricky and his imaginary friend This story provided a fantastic twist of fate as the two troublemakers learn what lies between the air 5 stars Scare Rows , by Edward Lorn Ed takes us back to the town of Bay s End for this fantastic tale blending horror and off beat humor There are some familiar names in here that had me smiling throughout When a magical carnival of corn rows springs up overnight, the scene is set for sacrifice, mutilation, and other forgetful events The saving event had me literally laughing out loud at how well the author connected the events in this tale of the ultimate Halloween in a town that is no stranger to odd events 5 stars.Overall, there isn t a story in this collection that isn t worthy of being re read every year during that magical autumn season These are ALL top rate stories from some of the best names in the business Highly recommended He reached into plastic shopping bag where he kept his groceries and drew out a slice of bologna A gelatinous coating had formed over the surface As he passed a pickup truck, Trevor slapped the thin sliced meat product against the vehicle s side panel where it held fast A chuckle shook his belly at the thought of the truck s owner peeling off a circle of paint as he removed the bologna Halloween was truly the greatest night of the year from Easy Pickings by Jason Parent Though I ve never bolognaed someone s car, I must agree with the sentiment Halloween IS INDEED the greatest night of the year There are only great Halloween goodies in this treat bucket no boxes of raisins or those awful orange and black wrapped things First up is The Riggle Twins by Gregor Xane Though he s proven himself to be a Goodreads friend with a wicked sense of humor, Xane is a new author to me Here he presents a tale of two kiddies who emerge only on Halloween It s a delightful story, full of glee and childlike wonderuntil the killings begin Evans Light is next with the story of Pumpkinhead Ted Poor Ted, so sick of being bullied, spends a year planning his revenge I ll never eat Whoppers again And leave it to Adam Light to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that watching horror movies is much, much better than acting them out They were growing, shedding their skin costumes and revealing their true nature They were mutated beyond recognition, all of them now standing six to seven feet tall, their features had become like melted wax, dripping from their misshapen skulls over faces devoid of human characteristics Stay home Lock your doors Maybe even hide under the bed Just stay far away from Ghost Light Road In Jason Parent s scary tale, Easy Pickings, another bully they re everywhere on Halloween learns that taking candy from an almost baby is difficult and deadly than he had expected And Ed Lorn rounds things up with The Scare Rows This has a real Something Wicked This Way Comes vibe to it, although it s for adults only as a sinister traveling entertainer introduces the citizens of Bay s End to corn porn I ll probably never enjoy corn on the cob again This is a fun collection of Halloween tales that are both treats and tricks, though it s impossible to say which is which AND which you ll enjoy. Do not let the benign title fool you These dark tales mean business Five slices rotten to the core, and oh, so tantalizing THE RIGGLE TWINS by Gregor Xane was a standout for me Two strange little souls who live for Halloween and their benefactor, who wears a cape made of batwings Keep the lights on and for the sake of all that is holy, give the little monsters all they can carry when they come knocking at your door.PUMPKINHEAD TED by Evans Light is a sad story about a youngster with a deformed head Bullies abound, of course, to make his life even miserable What are the odds that the biggest bully of all is named Carver GHOST LIGHT ROAD by Adam Light proves that first instincts are the best Always stay in your house Jason Parent s EASY PICKINGS features a drink you do not want to order It comes with a straw The wings.Edward Lorn s SCARE ROWS is one that will lurk just behind my shoulder for awhile A lush cornfield that springs up overnight surrounding Church o the Lantern, whose members consist of empty eyed shambling scarecrows Hardcore twist to end it up Wop, wop, wop. Looking for something to read on Halloween night I don t think you can go wrong with this one The Riggle Twins by Gregor XaneI had so many questions when I stepped into this story because the characters and the setting were so unusual What are they Where did they come from What is going on Soon enough I just went with it and followed the odd Riggle twins as they headed out for their Halloween adventure to find two tributes before midnight And it s imperative they do so becausethey don t want to die again The first time was bad enough This was a bizarre, horrifying and completely unpredictable little tale As much as I love having my questions answered, in this case, I enjoyed the fact that we weren t spoon fed all of the answers It made things much ominous and mysterious.Pumpkin Head Ted by Evans LightPoor Ted lives a miserable existence He is neglected and abused at home and ruthlessly tormented by his peers Halloween is the one night Ted can blend in and almost feel like he belongs He dons a mask and people don t notice his deformities and treat him like any other kid Feeling brave, he visits the home of his biggest tormentor and starts a terrible chain of events that children will be whispering about for decades to come This is a story filled with rage, hate, pain and revenge and it was a gut wrenching read Don t let hate infect your soul kiddos, that s all I have to say.Ghost Light Road by Adam LightBilly was planning on spending Halloween avoiding trick or treaters, watching horror movies and drinking beer but his little sis calls and screws with his plans Now he and her two friends are off to Ghost Light Road so they can spy a ghost, despite the rumors that people often do not return from their little visit.These four dummies decide to drink some concoction of booze which may or may not be laced with some magickal mushrooms and, as young drunkards will do, proceed to make some truly dumb ass moves that have them discovering the reason why some folks never return from their trip to Ghost Light Road.The twist was surprising The story takes a bunch of horror clich s and mashes them together into something new It was fun and a little gory and left me pretty happy with the outcome.Easy Pickings by Jason ParentTrevor is a big bully and Halloween us his favorite time of year, a time when he can terrorize his younger, weaker neighbors and steal their candy while cowardly hiding behind a mask When he and his side kick happen upon a young boy, without a parent in sight, the two make their move assuming he ll be easy pickings They were oh so wrong The true monster in this story gets what he deserves and I loved the gruesomeness of it The Scare Rows by Edward LornA seasonal attraction called The Scare Rows has popped up in a small town, seemingly overnight, and all of the townsfolk are abuzz with excitement for the big show.The big show isn t anything at all what they could ve concocted in even the darkest, dirtiest of minds This one is down and dirty and darkly humorous so of course I loved it Most of the characters are revolting which makes the outcome that much sweeterHer lips and tongue seemed intent on polishing every individual kernel of starchy goodness Pass me some of that popcorn Some absolutely wicked stories, a Halloween caked in dismembered body parts, macabre pumpkin heads and scare rows of corn, funny, creepy as fuck and each brilliant in its own way.First up we have The Riggle Twins by Gregor Xane, a mischievous tale of horror for those who do their damnedest to avoid the Halloween frivolities, for those who sit in the dark and pretend they re not in You see the Riggle twins search for such people and take them as a tribute to their saviour the god of the dead, or Sam to his friends.The Riggle twins come out of the darkness on Halloween, with their sacks full of tricks and traps and treats, through the tunnel of severed hands, guided by the man with a batwing coat, to pray on those that don t celebrate All Saints Eve.Next up is Pumpkinhead Ted by Evans Light, the story of a boy who wishes every night was Halloween, just so he didn t have to take off the mask, a boy ridiculed for his looks and bullied every day of his life His life was all about the frowns, the stares, the hurting, present for it all because he had no happy place to retreat Until his dreams of retribution come to pass on Halloween.The third story is Ghost Light Road by Adam Light, some might say Halloween is not the best time to explore the supernatural occurrences out at ghost light road and fuelled by drugs and alcohol definitely doesn t bode well for a happy ending Especially when the car gets stuck and help turns out to be anything but.The penultimate story is Easy Pickings by Jason Parent and that s what two bullies, one of which deserves everything coming to him, are to a boy and his imaginary friend Trevor rubs his hands together, excitement making them clammy, savouring the anticipation as he spies Ricky Retard playing on the field, talking to himself Just settling into his usual tactics of psychological warfare as a prelude to violence, when he s thrown as the boy introduces his invisible friend Jacob and he knows their name s, most disconcerting But not half as much as when his partner in crime Rascal floats into the air with blood flowing freely through his mask.The final story is The Scare Rows by Ed Lorn, a creepy tale infused with the usual humour that could well lead to controversy but it s light hearted and fucking funny A man turns up at Bays End probate office looking to procure a permit to provide entertainment in the city The Scare Rows is soon the place that everyone wants to be on Halloween and it s chillingly like a spell has been placed on the inhabitants of Bays End Pretty soon everyone s clamouring for a ticket and people are acting mighty strange in the build up to the night of Halloween where the Scare Rows quake with anticipation for what s coming Save a chronic yeast infection.There s some familiar names in this story, so whether you like or dislike your character in The Scare Rows, I m sure you ll laugh at some point and take it with a smile on your face.Five cracking short stories, a little for everyone, imaginative, gory in a limbs torn apart fashion and full of supernatural entities waiting to cause you harm, a suitably distressing start to the Halloween period My favourites, The Scare Rows, horror mixed with humour and the imaginative Riggle Twins, both of which were ingenious for different reasons.Bad Apples was provided by Ed Lorn in return for an honest review my thanks and that s what you ve got.http post From the minute I found out about that this book was in the process of being made, I knew I wanted it The wait was insane, awful sooooooo long Finally I saw the authors start posting the date of publish and I was excited When Adam asked me if I d be interested in reading it before it came out, I could not say yes fast enough In fact, it was on my Kindle and waiting to be read within 5 minutes of it being sent to me and I started it that night.What do I think of it HmmLet s put it this way If I were told I could only suggest five of the books I ve read this year to my readers, this would, WITHOUT A DOUBT, be on that list If I could give this book than 5 stars, I would It was THAT good All five of these authors have impressed me time and time again and, yes, I am impressed once The Riggle Twins I love the way Gregor writes It s like when you see something that you re not quite sure you saw, and you turn around to make sure, and all of a sudden it jumps out at you Yeah, that s how Gregor does his thing Lesson learned, buddy, lesson learned I will always always ALWAYS give out candy on Halloween night and never ever ever EVER answer the door when the crazy neighbor is outside crying haha Thanks for the heads up.Pumpkinhead Ted Last year, when I was ready to give up on horror short stories and novellas for good having read SO many ones that didn t scare me at all , Evans stories convinced me otherwise Since then, I have read EVERYTHING that this guy has produced and this story, this story is one of the best A genre should be started for stories like his psychological horror You know, when you re not sure if you re scared or not until you get into bed, turn out that light and start to think Those stories that stay with you and pop in your head when you re minding your own business, walking down a dark path, and all of the sudden are freaked the hell out And the end THE END wow Ghost Light Road I ll admit I was a little wary of this one after reading ghost hunters in the description, but it went off in a way that I never expected only to go off in another way I never expected and, just like with his brother, the endings are always my favorite and ALWAYS amazing.Easy Pickings Loved this story LOVED it I think this one creeped me out than the rest Jason, you gave me the heebedie geebedies, especially since I know a kid named Jack with an invisible friend named Jacob AND they like playing games I think it s time I move The Scare Rows Ohttp the gal in the blue mask.blogs I say without a doubt that anyone planning on reading this book during Halloween is picking the right book to read The Riggle twins 2 siblings go trick and treat lock your doors and don t open Pumpkinhead Ted Don t mess with the boy with the pumpkinhead Ghost light road If your friend wants you to take a drive on ghost light road, stay home and watch a scary movie on Netflix instead Easy picking Don t mess with a boy and his imaginary friend The Scare Rows What s up with horror stories and corn No one dies in a field of wheat All and all 5 good scary stories, well the last one was odd than scary and with an ending, I really didn t see coming Now I just hope for Bad Apples 2 next year 4 stars The Five Freshest Voices In Horror Will Make You Reconsider Leaving The House On October St With These All New Halloween Tales A Brother And Sister Creep Out Of The Darkness With Bags Full Of Deadly Tricks In Gregor Xane S THE RIGGLE TWINS A Boy With A Misshapen Skull Just Wants To Be Normal In Evans Light S PUMPKINHEAD TED A Group Of Thrill Seekers Learn That Looking For Terror Is A Whole Lot Fun Than Finding It In Adam Light S GHOST LIGHT ROAD Two Bullies Go Looking For Trouble But Instead Find A Young Boy And His Imaginary Friend In Jason Parent S EASY PICKINGS When A Mysterious, Halloween Themed Attraction Comes To The Town Of Bay S End, Everyone Is Dying To Pay A Visit In Edward Lorn S THE SCARE ROWSAvailable In EBook Beginning September , Paperback Available Beginning September , Well, done gentlemen There was a lot to love about this Halloween anthology Each story was a memorable trip to autumn s past Gregor, Evans, Adam, and Jason I see an opportunity to revisit these stories and expand upon the universes that you each created I would love to see from each of them Edward, I really enjoyed the story I would love to see a sequel, with all new characters You ve created a piece unlike anything I ve read by you like a sexually charged Halloweentown Excuse me while I ice my Trans Am driving, vegetable invaded ass Great job, guys This is a great anthology well worth the time of any horror reader A solid 5 star read with annual reread potential.

Evans Light is a writer of horror and suspense, and is the author of Screamscapes Tales of Terror , Arboreatum , Don t Need No Water and He is editor of the anthology Doorbells at Dusk and the In Darkness, Delight series He is co creator of the Bad Apples Halloween anthology series and Dead Roses Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love .Evans lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, surroun

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