The Girl at the End of the World Book 2

The Girl at the End of the World Book 2 It S The End Of Days The Sky Is Falling, The Seas Are Burning And Your Neighbour Is A Zombie It S Brutal Out There It S Every Man For Himself And These Heels Are Going To Have To Go You Simply Can T Run In Them Across Two Volumes, The Girl At The End Of The World Offers Forty One Striking Visions Of The Apocalypse And The Women And Girls Dealing With It From Gods To Zombies, From Epic To Deeply Personal, From The Moment Of Impact To A Future Where Life Is Long Forgotten Bestselling Authors And Exciting New Writers Deliver Tales You Ll Still Remember When Holed Up In A Fallout Shelter With One Remaining Bullet And A Best Friend With A Suspicious Bite Mark On Their Neck Dawn Of Demons Eric Scott, Shirtless In Antarctica Justin Brooks, The Girls From Humanji Adrian Tchaikovsky, The Sharks Of Market Street Michael Ezell, The Weed Wife C Allegra Hawksmoor, Under The Green Witch Colin Sinclair, The Winter After Michael Nayak, Girls Day Out Bruce Lee Bond, Hope Street Dylan Fox, I Was Here Anne Michaud, Savage Times Paul Starkey, The Thirteenth Hour Michael Trimmer, Bunker Buster Alec McQuay, Halcyon High Gita Ralleigh, The Dragons Maw Cheryl Morgan, The Eternal Quest Of The Girl With The Corkscrew Hair David Turnbull, The Unbroken Line Kim Bannerman, Were Stars To Burn Kara Lee, Vanquish NOA Rawle

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[PDF] ✐ The Girl at the End of the World Book 2  By Various –
  • Paperback
  • 436 pages
  • The Girl at the End of the World Book 2
  • Various
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9781909348608

15 thoughts on “The Girl at the End of the World Book 2

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    Great variety of stories Impressed with the collection, and would definitely reread.See my full review

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    A lot of great stories included in the second volume of this anthology My novelette, Dawn of Demons, is included in this volume so maybe I m a bit biased I am proud to have been included with such talent.

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    A rich and varied collection of stories centered around a simple theme women and girls and the ends of their worlds Sometimes these apocalypses have been recent, sometimes years have passed, but the land, and the women who live on it, still bear the scars And whether that s on earth following a hideous plague opener The Weed Wife by C Allegra Hawksmoor, or far beyond the solar system where Kara Lee takes her heroine Kay in Were Stars to Burn, in all these circumstances women are surviving as best they can in a post apocalyptic universe Sometimes they resort to cannibalism Shirtless in Antarctica by Justin Brooks , sometimes to the law of the gun Savage Times by Paul Starkey, which is a highlight of this collection I always try to pick out a few highlights of any anthology I m reviewing, and there are a lot of highlights here As well as the aforementioned Were Stars to Burn and Savage Times, I also feel I should give a mention to closer The Dragon s Maw by Cheryl Morgan, which takes us not just to the end of the world, but the end of all worlds Other stories that stood out for me in this very fine collection were The Sharks of Market Street by Michael Ezell, set in a flooded and patriarchal San Francisco, and Vanquish, by N.O.A Rawle, in which a hardened eco warrior takes things a little bit too far All in all, if you need a book to take into your bunker with your canned goods to wait out the end of the world, this substantial book would be pretty good company.

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    I m biased as my story Vanquish appears here That said, it is amazing to see such a variety of interpretations on a single theme I ve had nothing but positive feedback from those intrepid readers who have dared find out our collective predictions for the end of the World, so take the plunge

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