Flame and Hope (Tales From Fauna Park, #1)

Flame and Hope (Tales From Fauna Park, #1) This was about a dog named Flame who was dealt tragedy as a pup and ends up finding himself as a newcomer to a farm in Africa The story is told from the point of view of the animals on the farm, mostly from a bird named Hope who sees everything that happens It is very much a children s story, though there is a death scene toward the beginning It isn t graphic but it is there, and it s a great opportunity to discuss death with younger children The writing reminds me very much of folklore, and I think children would enjoy it It s a great story about how one person can inspire others to come together and help one another, which is a great lesson for all kids. Flame and Hope is Maretha Botha s book 1 in An African Adeventure Fauna Park Tales series.Coming from an African country I was intrigues by this book s cover, beautifully done by the author herself as I later discovered There is so much peace and tranquility depicted here, yet don t be fooled as a lot is happening in the pages of this book.It is a story told from an animal s point of view about what life on the African plains is like And if you re looking to learn about Africa, then this is the book for you.The narration is charming and it will attract children and hold their attentions The book s illustrations, beautiful and detailed, will enchant and bring the characters to life This book is made to enchant as well as to teach a lesson or two along the way about honor and commitment, never giving up hope and standing up for your friends.Although it is a children s book I can definitely say that adults will find it enjoyable as well, as it speaks to the child in all of us.We are happy to know that there are books to follow Flame and Hope Flame and Hope An African Adventure by Maretha BothaWhat a wonderful story, a bit sad at times, but all in all a great tale told from the perspective of Flame aka Jack Old Boy.Flame was a skinny puppy who s life was devastated by some strangers His caretaker gave him over to a close friend in hopes that the small puppy would have a better life As an adult dog, Flame relives his days with the help of a feathered friend as they tell his story to all the animals on the farm where he lives.I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the illustrations throughout this book I read this to my children and was very pleased to see the excitement on their faces as I narrated it to them.If you enjoy reading children s stories than I would recommend this book you Actually, I would recommend this book to people of all ages as it would be enjoyed by all. Flame and Hope is a children s book set in South Africa Ms Botha tells this story through Flame the dog and Hope the bird s prospective Although it is intended for children, and I will be buying a book for my grandchildren adults can enjoy it, too It is a world seen through animal s eyes I was struck by their commitment to get along, follow rules, honor their word, and take care of each other There are beautiful illustrations throughout and descriptions of the landscape It is deep and thoughtful with the realities of life, but there is hope, too I look forward to reading from this author and other books in this series. I had fun reading this book with my youngest daughter who is 11 It was great because she s old enough to discuss the parallels between what the characters were encountering and things she has been experiencing in her own life Conversation was even prompted about things we are hearing in the news about goings on around the world Lessons included that were particularly personally meaningful to my daughter right now were ones of hope and perseverance That being said, there were a wealth of discussions the book opened up, which is always a gift for parents looking for ways to engage their children in important conversation This is an adorable animal tale told through the eyes of the animals in question, the central characters being a dog called Flame and a brightly coloured bird, Hope The animals act in a way that all children would like to imagine, having meetings and talking together but they are still animals being animals, the author doesn t try to humanise them in any way.Flame s sad history is revealed through Hope s story telling as the dog brings all of the animals together to make a promise, a promise which will make Fauna Park a haven for all creatures who may need sanctuary.I can see this being a wonderful bedtime story with younger children being able to follow along with the gentle illustrations and older ones enjoying falling in love with all the different creatures.A lovely read set it a great animal filled world. There are a couple of things I would like to say about this children s story First, these are beautiful stories told by the animals themselves This may explain the un orthodox style of the writing The formatting was also off beat, which made reading the story very tiring I usually read my short stories in a sitting or two, but this one took me little days to read For instance, I want to know who is speaking, and when This was not always clear to me.I would do this book again, if I m the author, and get professional help to make it reader friendly Right now, it is not, and yet the author has a great story going on there. I really enjoyed this story It appealed to the part of me that really liked Charlotte s Web when I was a kid I can imagine a pre teen enjoying a book like this The South African setting fascinates me as well as the dealing with real life in the wild, namely life and death The main characters are animals and I found the characterization and the dialogues were clear and well written Overall a beautifully descriptive and poetic story. Having lived in southern Africa on the edge of a game reserve, Maretha Botha has first hand experience of life in the region, and draws upon it to inform her stories She is a champion of conservation, and keen to help young ones appreciate the importance of looking out for, and seeing the plight of many creatures, especially those in the wild.Though this is a children s book, it will be enjoyed by animal lovers of any age It s an entertaining adventure story that parents will enjoy reading to younger children, or will be appreciated by older independent readers It s thought provoking using the descriptive imagery of Africa to set the scene for the series to develop.Flame and Hope are best friends, and the stories are told through the eyes of Hope Since Hope is a bird perched high in an Acacia tree, he has an uninterrupted view of the remote cattle farm where Flame, a dog, lives Flames and Hope are also friends with many other and varied animals and birds that live in the vicinity On occasions the creatures gather around the tree where Hope is perched, and from where he recounts tales of past goings on.This is a great writing device, and Maretha uses it well Although the stories are engaging and well told, I have a slight reservation with the book for the newly independent reader typically eight years old and upwards Having said that, Roald Dahl s Gobblefunk added over a thousand words to the English language of no relevance or meaning and his books are highly successful Unlike Dahl, Maretha does include a dictionary in her book to help with pronunciation look out Roald, you have a new contender chasing your heels Life Takes Strange Turns For Flame, A Puppy Born In The African Desert Adopted By A Free Range Cattle Farmer, The Pup Faces The Challenge Of Proving Himself To Than One Of His New Family As Flame Grows Into A Strong And Brave Dog, He Finds Friendship With Many Loyal Furry And Feathered Friends Including Hope, An Elusive Bird With Strange Pink Eyelids, Who Tells Stories About Fires, Villainous Poachers, Happy Reunions And Hilarious Confusions Flame S New Friends Also Teach Him To Keep The Promise Protecting The Vulnerable In Fauna Park, A Secret Sanctuary Within The Boundaries Of The Farm And When Flame Is Called Upon To Risk His Life To Keep An Important Pledge, He Finds Fame Amongst Friends And Foes In A Parallel World Where The Sun Always Lingers Longer Before It Disappears Behind The Horizon An African Adventure, Is The First Book In The Tales From Fauna Park Series, Which Will Captivate Animal And Bird Lovers Who Enjoy Learning About The Importance Of Nature And The Environment It Is Perfect For Those Whose Inner Child Is Waiting To Be Rediscovered, Whether Reading For Oneself Or To A Younger Loved One

Maretha Botha Children s author illustrator and self confessed bookworm, chocolate and black coffee addict, animal and bird lover, occasional gardener Her children s 9 12 series of illustrated books called, FAUNA PARK TALES is based on African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends a September 2013 GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, a HarperCollins writers website She has

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