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Crediting Callie I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review, New Adults book club In this third book we see the couple struggle with the existing pretend relationship and their real feelings for each other This book is an excellent addition to what is turning out to be a great series The main characters are again Callie and Dean, in this book both of them are on the same page in terms of what they re feeling for each other However with the added complication of the lie made up in the last book to help Callie realise her feelings for Dean Then there s Maya who now wants Dean back as was the basis of the lie To sum up this book it s a love note between Callie and Dean with a lot of things in the way of their potential relationship I have even love for this couple and now feel emotionally invested in their relationship The secondary characters are the same as before with both Jinny and Emmet offering advice and giving the main characters a helping hand in reaching happiness throughout the book Jinny seems to be very focused on making sure both main characters know exactly what has happened leading up to where they are now Whereas Emmet seems to be quietly aware that all he wants is for the two main characters to be together and be happy The pacing is great pointing the story in one direction all the way through then twisting us in the opposite direction at the very last minute The story line is great and original leading us perfectly from the previous book to the next one flawlessly This story is one that has been perfectly planned to keep readers wanting to read about these great characters 4 stars On to part 4. within Part Three continues, with a lot of difficulties, Operation get the girl.I m not going to say who is this girl nevertheless, in both cases the operation is working Callie keeps its transformation from material to a real girl, even if I think that her attitude is the one of a high school girl, who pretends to be older while I find Dean a little bit mature than a 20 years old guy, just a little bit, because at the end his lies will obtain their revenge.Part Three is connected with part Two than part one Even if I think that the topic, which keeps together all parts is the duo fake and real relationship, it is very difficult to keep separate fake and real feelings, emotions and above all, we can not going nowhere with lies.I appreciate this Part like the second one, thanks to expectations created was very difficult to put the Kindle down Received for an honest review Claiming Callie is a cute young love story We ve all had financial and emotional woes Callie had an addiction that threatens everything and she comes up with a scheme that backfires I like Callie and Dean both They are seriously a complete mess I like Dean but I find him quite weak and childish He wants Callie to see him as a man but he isn t very manly at all I think he is sweet and romantic but it s lost when he quivers in fear at telling Callie the truth Again, I thinks it s cute and it reminds me of the movie Never Been Kissed which is a favorite Worth the time to read because it will lift your spirits Callie s addiction is just as real and dangerous as an other Many might argue that point but Callie s redeeming quality is that she is strong enough to face her demons, eventually. I received this book in exchange for my honest review This book was filled with lots of drama and heartbreak I really like Dean but he really drove me crazy not telling Callie the truth I know it can be hard to tell someone that they love them but after everything it should not have been hard to tell Callie the final truth especially when he already said the 3 big words Jason is such a creep and I wish he would leave Callie and Dean alone, I don t understand how things turned into such a big rivalling between Jason and Dean Callie is such a fighter it was hard to see her giving up on her job so easy, I hope she finally figures out what she needs to do as she has worked so hard already The booked ends with a nice cliff hanger and can t wait to see how things progress in the next book. I received this book in exchange of an honest review.Okay I totally loved this It seems to get better and better each serial which is always a plus The romance between Callie and Dean is just too perfect I love how Callie doubts her feelings and backs away quickly and how Dean is affected by it It s super cute and realistic.This part brings so much drama, twists and turn that I can t help but want of Callie and Dean I need to see how this ends for them. Was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest book reviewAs the part three continues, I like that Callie is reinventing herself as the girl who is far from being a materialistic type Although there are still glitches in her attitude LOL it s totally fine because it makes the story witty This is I guess, the most exciting for me, because of the lies and revelations of their feeling The revenge and whats not which makes it even a page turner I am so dreading for the last book and so shipping Callie and Dean. I m really enjoying this series and part three was no exception I still feel like almost everything I thought I ve expected happens an entirely different way, which has kept me really intrigued At the end of the last book I finally thought Callie and Dean were on the right track but thought book three surprises kept coming for them I have really enjoyed how in each book you keep seeing traits to each main character and again this one was no exception. How can you not love this series Like the first two books, I couldn t stop reading, and my mouth was left gaping at the very end There is just enough detail to set each scene and make you feel like you are right there with Callie and Dean Especially if you happen to be from the Pittsburgh area A great young adult read Operation Get The Girl Is Working Or Is It Just When Dean S Sure Callie Has Fallen For Him, She Calls Off Their Charade, Sending Him Into A Panic She Doesn T Trust Her Feelings For Him Any Than He Does Is This Heart Stopping, Pulse Thumping Feeling Real Or Has Pretending To Be His Girlfriend Gone To Her Head Callie Needs To Be Sure Before She Can Act, So When A Handsome Executive Asks Her Out, She Decides To Take The PlungeNow Than Ever, Dean Must Tell Callie The Truth About Operation Get The Girl That It S Her He Wants But Time Is Running Out, And He Must Make His Move Before It S Too Late Can t wait for the fourth one

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