Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder The Patterns Of Behavior Of Those With Borderline Personality Disorder BPD Are Often Frustrating And Mystifying To Both Clinicians And Family Members, Despite Several Decades Of Study And Research On This Form Of Distress Borderline Personality Disorder New Perspectives On A Stigmatizing And Overused Diagnosis Presents A Thorough Critical And Historical Review Of The Diagnosis Of BPD And Explores Through Academic And Clinical Narratives The Different Processes That Occur In Borderline Behavior PatternsThe Authors Offer New Perspectives That Emphasize The Whole Person Rather Than A Diagnosis, Addressing The Emotional Storms And Mood Instability Of BPD, Providing Guidance On Managing Emotional Chaos In The Therapeutic Relationship, And Explaining How To Use One S Own Feelings As A Clinical Tool Their Approach Gives An Intimate Experiential Feel For The Interpersonal Processes That Occur In Psychotherapy For Both The Patient And Therapist The Result Readers Will Better Understand Who The Person Behind The Diagnosis Is, And Comprehend What It Really Feels Like To Be Someone Struggling With These Difficult Interpersonal Patterns Not sure who the target audience is for this book There are too many sections that were inaccessible to the layman for it to be for anybody likewise too many sections contained basic information that professionals would not find beneficial To top it off chapter 2 seems to be geared toward erudite historians and it fell flat The book had two authors and that may be the reason for the very different writing styles which unfortunately did not mix well Due to that, I am rating each chapter individually Chapter 1 this chapter is a medley of all that is wrong and right with the book I did love that they spoke to the negative labeling effect BPD has Chapter 2 1 star is generous for this chapter The author s promise to the readers, These symptoms began being documented about 4,00 years ago No, this is not a joke, and do not worry we will not give you a dissertation like account of what transpired during that time Quite simply they lied In the course of this chapter they repeated in some form the meaning malodorous and acrid substances near the woman s mouth and nostrils or scented ones near her vagina in order to move the wandering uterus back to its appropriate location at least 15 times I lost count This chapter would have detracted less from the book if it had not been so repetitive It does not tie in well or make the point they are trying to prove It only succeeds in frustrating the reader Chapter 3 3 stars There are a lot of great gems in this chapter that were very meaningful insights regarding the individual s maladaptive response to untreated trauma, causes for suicide, etc I would have loved to have given this chapter 5 stars but it unfortunately rambles on in a very verbose and pejorative manner about the American Psychological Association and the DSM I get it, I am not a fan either but the opinions could have been stated succinctly and productively Chapter 4 7 5 stars These chapters deal with case studies and are written for the layman They do a really good job of conveying the many way BPD presents and the difficulty psychotherapist encounter when trying to treat the condition Chapter 8 1 stars my problem with this chapter is similar to chapter two It is rambling, repetitive, and sites stats that don t really have much to do with the main purpose For example, 53% of women report having used a vibrator in their lives Fifty one percent of women are married, which means that women are likely to have a vibrator than a husband Interestingly, 45% of men report having used a vibrator as well Live Science, 2009 While I agree that is interesting, it really doesn t tie in that well with BPD I reread the entire section several times to figure out why they were citing that.While this is a largely negative review, there was a lot of great information in the book What I loved about this book is that people with BPD diagnosis are treated as human beings I don t agree that it is sexist that the majority of BPD diagnosis are given to females There are many diagnoses that tend to be diagnosed to one gender or the other depression female or antisocial male, etc For my purposes the book spent too much time on auxiliary arguments that really weren t cohesive. With the exception of the historical anatomy of the disorder outlined in chapter two, this book presents a dearth of new information on BPD The case studies presented in the book are congruent with typical BPD case studies and pay homage to clinician s strengths and little If you have pre existing academic or clinical knowledge or interest of the disorder, skip this title.

Jacqueline Simon Gunn is a Manhattan based clinical psychologist and writer She has authored two non fiction books, and co authored two others She has published many articles, both scholarly and mainstream, and currently works as a freelance writer Gunn is now writing fiction in both the thriller and the romance genre Always in search of truth and fascinated by human behavior, her fiction writ

❰Ebook❯ ➩ Borderline Personality Disorder  Author Jacqueline Simon Gunn –
  • Hardcover
  • 159 pages
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Jacqueline Simon Gunn
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9781440832291

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