Venomoid (Night Code Saga #1)

Venomoid (Night Code Saga #1) There are some unique ideas in this book the way vampires and zombies are recognisable, but somewhat different, always makes for some added interest Unfortunately, I didn t really get into the world and plot around that Instead of occurring within the world, the world seemed to be created for the plot which of course, it is, but you don t want the reader to realise that You want there to be an awareness of the world around the events of the novel, and that was lacking here.As other reviewers have said, the quality of the writing is fairly mediocre it s certainly functional, but it s not deathless prose at all It s a very teenage style, and all in all the book comes across as being for the YA audience That tone in the narration is a little awkward, as the main character isn t a teenager in one sense physically, he is, but if I remember rightly, he s older than that in experiential terms, because he ages slowly as a vampire The adolescent outlook doesn t just come with a teenage body, but with teenage levels of experience.The insta love thing other reviewers have mentioned is also pretty problematic, not to mention the fact that one of the romantic leads is somehow a good zombie, and yet needs to tear apart and eat living humans Maybe there s some way to make that less horrifying, equivocal, but as it is, I couldn t get past that fact to see him as a unproblematic good guy And I don t think the intention was to make him a problematic lead Anyway, all in all, I can t say I really enjoyed this, which is a shame because the tweaked supernatural characteristics could ve been interesting. Seventeen year old vampire Lorin has been an operative for the International Paranormal Organization, a human run agency that studies paranormals and regulates their behavior, for the last four years, and under the organization s watchful eye since he was turned into a vampire at the age of ten Now weeks from his eighteenth birthday, the IPO board member are keeping an even closer eye on him, and Lorin lives in fear of stepping even a hair out of line least he gives them an excuse to torture or kill him something the IPO does to other paranormals on a daily basis.While on a mission for the IPO, Lorin meets Lex, a charming zombie who eats human flesh to survive The two boys have an immediate, intense connection that takes them quickly from friends to much much Lorin has always felt uneasy about the way the IPO treats paranormals, but it s Lex s capture and torture by the organization and it s scientists that finally gives him the push he needs to stand up against the IPO board members and prove to anyone who will listen just who the real monsters are.It takes skill to have the main character s love interest be someone who eats human flesh, and yet still make them a likable, sympathetic character, but Venomoid manages to pull it off yeah, I was surprised myself, because, you know ewww Lex is actually very charming and protective of Lorin and he s a very loving, affectionate boyfriend who just happens to need to feast on the flesh of the living from time to time to keep from going mad He and Lorin are very sweet together and I loved the romance between the two teens The zombie and vampire s romantic interactions are very sweet as well, not really going past kisses and light caresses although Lorin s passionate, euphoric reaction to having his fangs touched comes across as a stand in for other kinds of touches, if you know what I mean.This book is pretty much all action and romance, if a scene wasn t awash with heart eyes and tender embraces, then rest assured someone was getting their butt kicked This made for a very eventful book and I liked how it balanced out I found the idea of a teenage boy, even if he was a highly trained vampire operative, pretty much single handedly or less taking down a huge military organization like the IPO kind of far fetched, but hey, it worked.Overall, I liked this book I found it interesting, I liked the unique pairing of a vampire and a zombie, and I enjoyed the balance of romance and action I would love to see what happens next for Lorin and Lex and will definitely check out the next book in the series I received a copy of this book to review You can find this review and others like it at, along with recommendations for a fantastic cup of coffee. Venomoid, The Night Code Saga Book One, J.A KosslerReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsI thought this sounded interesting, have a weakness for vampires but sadly it wasn t one for me The premise is good but the execution is very Young Adult, both the language and the plots I ve read and loved some YA, Twilight of course, Richelle Meads fabulous Vampire Academy and Bloodlines and some Kellie Armstrong novels etc so that wouldn t necessarily put me off, but this was just too far in the YA model for me I m sure early teens will enjoy it but I just couldn t take the characters seriously There s little to no world building to explain what was going on, and what the agency did, and then we soon meet Lex a flesh eating zombie who falls for Lorin, a vampire working for the protection agency to kill law breaking paranormals Lex tells him that, yes zombies do eat humans alive, and he does that but he s not like that other awful group of zombies What He eats people alive but we re supposed to see him as a good guy Maybe that explanation came later as I got to just over a third of the way through and just couldn t simply didn t appeal and didn t make sense to me Sad smile but maybe a younger audience would be accepting It really needs to be made clear its a YA novel though.Stars sadly just two, didn t work for me ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers. This book was given freely for a fair and honest review from Riverdale Avenue Books This book was reviewed for NetGallery.comThis book takes us into a world where supernatural creatures not only exist, but live freely among humans Well, maybe not freely, you see they are governed by the IPO International Paranormal Organization This is a governing body, whom sets all rules and regulations, regarding the paranormal community It is run and opperated by only humans, except one.Illegally turned vampire Lorin, is only seventeen At the tender age of ten, he was remanded into IPO custody, already having been turned Remanded is such a harsh word, he was rescued at the time by the only human, the only person, he can now call his only friend, Jud At only fourteen, he was forced to join the IPO s military ranks in order to remain alive His contract states as long as he remains a productive member, never biting a human, continues to act like the IPO s puppet, he would not be executed Basically, if a mission was to dangerous for a human, Lorin was sent out He was expendable, he was not able to ever say no, either Thus, because of his age, and even though he works for them he is basically a prisoner until he turns eighteen This means, unless he is out on a mission, he is confined to headquarters When Lorin reaches the age of eighteen and can finally leave the confines of his prison , he must first undergo the invasive surgery of turning him into a Venomoid This is one of the regulations the IPO has put onto all vampires, the removal of their fangs Therefore rendering them venomoids The IPO considers vampires to be the strongest and most dangerous of the paranormals.Kinda makes you wonder why the IPO even exists They are really just are a front in my opinion for a glorified terrorist cell Only in this reality it s legal The experimentation, regulations, and down right torture of paranormal species, makes you wonder why they keep up the front instead of just exterminating the paranormals That s in my opinion what IPO s board would really rather do.The IPO says their misson is to regulate the violence under the guise of science What you will read , goes way beyond that The board is full of sadistic members, only are all who work under the IPO the same, or are they fed up with the torture, working conditions and threates to their families You ll have to read to find out.What happens when a new species of paranormal surfaces Why you capture, and study them of course The problem is, the new creature is viscous, bloodthirsty, and a preditor to even the vampire It does not discriminate, it only consumes it s victims, alive Therefore, given the name Zombies, by the IPO.While Lorin is out on a mission, he runs across one of the zombies, who actually saves him Lorin is on the fence There is something about this zombie that calls to him Against better judgment, he mets the zombie named Lex.Lex is different then what the IPO claims this species is about He slowly finds himself falling for Lex and falling fast Lex just so happens to be his mate Pulled against his heart versus his lievlyhood, is there a choice The problem is, one of the zombies factions are wrecking havock on the city Their main target to start is Lorin.When the IPO sends Lorin out on a call to a zombie attack, he finds himself cornnered by a creature that is stronger and nastier then even his species Nichodimous, is the personification of what the IPO warns about He tortures Lorin and kills his entire squadron sent with him to contain the zombie.At this point, just as in everything else, things are not all black and white While Lorin is recovering in the infirmary, Lex visits him and explains, yes, though he is a zombie, he is not like Nicodemous Their species is divided into two factions One whom believes they are the top of the food chain and should be the ruling class, they kill for the fun of it Nichodimous and one who wants to live in peace with the other people of society and take down the other faction Respecting the lives they take only as a means for survival Lex Problems begin to arise when Nichodimous and his plan is revealed He succeeds in step one Making Lorin, IPO s newest traitor Thinking Lorin is leading the IPO to Nichodimous nest, he inadvertently brings them straight to Lex s door While Lorin tries to save his angry mate, his team is slaughtered That s twice, two teams under Lorin s watch have been murdered He must be the cause, in the eyes of the IPO.Lorins time in captivity is heartbreaking Years of service and loyalty wiped away in a matter of minutes Making Lorin suffer the tortures, the paranormals he s captured have endured He is subjected to his envenomation without proper care After all is done, what is Lorin At this point my heart is breaking for Lorin He may have lost his mate, he has lost the trait that recognizes him as a vampire He is lost I felt myself yelling at the book trying to encourage Lorin.I have found very few books that have sucked me in the way this book has Kossler s description of Lorins treatment, his despair is so vivid You truly are able to feel as if you were Lorin I am trying to be careful not to give away to many spoliers because, once you dig into this book, it is really hard to put it down.As always Lex comes to Lorin s rescue Though being an known ex IPO agent isn t an easy thing for the zombies to accept into their fold Without meaning to Lorin s bonded dragon finds Lorin and set s the IPO upon them Capturing Lex in the process This is Nichodimous second part of his plan to become top of the food chain With his mate captured, Lorin s vampire side is released and even though they did what they did, he turns the faction over to the IPO Only the old Lorin is gone In his place is the vampire he is meant to be With the help of Jud, they begin the work of bringing the current board at the IPO down Saving Lex is first on his agenda With new plan in place he rejoins the IPO as a squad leader Somehow, even though Lorin served him up on a silver platter Nichodimous escaped.I think I will leave you with this cliff hanger ONLY because the rest of the book is so action packed and information filled that to continue on would take some of the joy away from reading it first hand.This is the first book by Kossler that I have read, but he has definitely made me a fan This book encompasses every emotion you want to feel when you read.The relationship between Lorin and Lex as it builds is priceless The honest emotions both display seem to bring back some of their humanity they had lost Well in Lorin s case, Lex begins to feel and want to live a somewhat normal human existence Throughout the rest of the book some of Lorin s allies will surprise you The goal of making the IPO what it should have been exists Can they stop Nichodimous in time to complete their goal Read to get the answer This book is to good to give away any of its secrets.This book is another I would take with me if I was stranded on a deserted island for company The you read, the info and clues you pick up.I rank this book at 4.5 Link to buy I liked this book, but there were elements that irritated me.Characters Lex was pretty cool, and stays consistent throughout the book, but Lorin swings in personality At times, such as the beginning of the story, he is badass and a pretty awesome guy At other times though, such as when Lex is with him for the first 3 4 of the book, he reverts to being a schoolgirl, complete with giggling and cute behaviour I don t especially mind either, but consistency is the bit I desire Lorin s morals change drastically too At the beginning view spoiler he is pretty indifferent to the plight of the werewolves and their fates, but by the end he mutinies about the torture of paranormals hide spoiler The idea for this book sounded interesting Sure, vampires aren t exactly uncommon but I ve never come across a relationship between a vampire and a zombie before That the whole relationship is made even complicated by a mysterious government organisation with dubious morality promised to add a certain suspense to it.Unfortunately I found myself rather disappointed The world building was lacking I couldn t tell just what kind of world this was set in and whether the average human knew about the supernatural beings that roamed it.The relationship between Lex and Lorin developed way too fast We start out with Lorin madly in love with his best friend Then he happens to meet Lex and it s head over heels love at first sight, even though he has to assume that Lex is a brutal flesh eating monster His feelings for his best friend are a thing of the past in an instant.I didn t particularly like the author s style There was lots and lots of fang tingling, blushing and stuttering whenever Lorin was in Lex proximity.I wasn t too fond of the way their relationship worked either Lex is your typical alpha male hero who has a burning need to protect his damsel er, gentleman in distress Lorin isn t too happy with that but he accepts Lex domineering behaviour without too much protest After all, it is kind of flattering.The author did have some interesting ideas Vampires and zombies have some very unusual erogenous zones that promised interesting sex scenes Unfortunately everything that went beyond a little kissing was fade to black, so we didn t get to explore those ideas further.To sum it up, this book just wasn t for me If you re a fan of fang tingling, blushing, stuttering, insta love and put the relationship above the plot, this might just be the book for you Personally, I thought there was too little world building and too much insta love If we d at least get some steamy sex, this book might have been somewhat interesting, but as it is, I definitely won t read the rest of the series. Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.As a seventeen year old vampire, Lorin has spent the last seven years training at the hands of the IPO, a secret police that makes sure paranormals abide by paranormal law Now one of the IPO s best operatives, Lorin is irreplaceable and extremely loyal to the very humans who hate him But when he goes on a mission and encounters, Lex, an intriguing flesh eating creature, Lorin s views on everything start to change including the way his emotions fluctuate around the other paranormal Now he s questioning the IPO s motives and their torture of innocent paranormals When two of Lorin s missions end in massacre, the IPO is quick to blame Lorin and his only hope of survival is Lex Can Lex get Lorin out of the IPO s clutches and if he does, will they be able to stop not only the IPO but also the creature killing so many operatives This book was nothing like I expected it to be I was drawn in right from the start Lorin is very young and naive and that shows from the beginning All he knows is life as the IPO s pet and the friendship of another operative, Jud He s unfamiliar with anything that doesn t have to do with tracking down and capturing other paranormals I loved that he was so innocent and that it was hard for him to understand how he felt around Lex At the same time, I adored Lex He s so cocky and smug, which made his teasing of Lorin very amusing He also falls very deeply for Lorin and has loyal to Lorin than his own family, which I found admiring and really, really loved Together they re a sweet couple and they definitely kick some ass They have a very flirtatious relationship filled with sweet touches and teasing comments They re just adorable.I only have two big complaints with this one First, there were a lot of editing errors to the point that I kept being pulled out of the story There were constant typos when it came to a certain character s name Judd instead of Jud and even missing words at times so the sentences sounded awkward or incomplete Second, there was a lot of teenage angst in this one Constantly Lorin would go from raging confidence to being depressed and insecure within five seconds The first few times this happened, I understood it but after a while, it grew tiresome to see Lorin become insecure at the simplest of words Not to mention that Lex and Lorin loved each other as soon as they saw one another so their constant I love yous made it seem like their love was forced and not natural And this is only an observation but how old is Lex It s never mentioned but Lorin is seventeen, is Lex around that age, too Overall, this was still a good book At times, it felt like it could have been a movie It s filled with some gruesome moments but also has some action and suspense Plus, there s a sweet little romance between Lex and Lorin with just a hint of a Romeo and Juliet feel to it two people who could never be together no matter what but are drawn to each other anyway It also has an interesting storyline, I liked the differentiation between the vampires and zombies and the chaos that the IPO causes I m definitely looking forward to the sequel because it ll be interesting to see where the author takes the story next Will it be about Lorin and Lex Or will there be other gay men that get their own story Can t wait to find out Great ideas, poor execution I love the concept of a gay teenage vampire working for a government agency that hunts and polices paranormals, and of him becoming romantically involved with an enemy outsider That is a great premise for an urban fantasy I enjoyed the first section of the book, where vampire Lorin is working missions with the IPO agency team, including his human best friend and crush object Jud I found some of the terminology for paranormals, hunters, and paranormal hunters to be a bit confusingly applied Sometimes the latter are paranormals who hunt e.g vampires and sometimes they re hunters of the paranormal e.g human IPO agents Some of the details of Lorin s vampirism also go unexplained he became a vampire after being attacked as a child, and is now, about eight years later, is in the final stages of a kind of vampire puberty wherein his fangs are nearly done hollowing out and his venom sacks are nearly developed So would someone turned as an adult also have an 8 year developmental period Or is this whole puberty thing merely a slightly clumsy attempt to conflate Lorin s situation with real life adolescence Upon the introduction of the zombies including Lorin s subsequent love interest Lex the terminology thing got even weirder, as these are not typical zombies, but merely a sort of creature not undead that must eat humans alive to survive But the weirdest thing about the introduction of Lex was not so much the metaphysics of his kind, but the fact that the love story between him and Lorin was instant, cheesy, and so completely over the top, while still being somehow sexless, manipulative, and stupid, all at the same time.I don t enjoy ripping anyone s work apart, but in this book the author doesn t know how to write boys, banter, or dialogue It s as if the author is very young, only just discovering human attachments via yaoi or bad romance novels and not through real experience or even good books Lex and Lorin first meet, and then Lorin misses Lex soooo much , they meet again and we get fifty lines of You re so cute Hey, don t call me cute But you re so cute , they meet and Lorin can never look at another boy or man again with that same fang tingling feeling It s astonishingly bad.Towards the end of the book, Lorin leads an uprising against the IPO leaders and their policies of torture and experimentation on paranormal creatures Okay, that s fine But the IPO leaders are cartoon villains and Lorin s impassioned speeches are awkwardly out of character When he wins also working to save Lex s good zombie faction and not the other bad zombie faction he is suddenly the New Leader of the IPO A teenager It makes no sense.I had actually been looking forward to reading this book I had my Review Copy for a long time, and it became one of those things I put off in order to better savor later What a disappointment I received a Review Copy of this book via NetGalley In Book One Of The Night Code Saga, Venomoid, Paranormal Creatures Are Governed By The IPO, A Secret Police Force That Ensures Vampires, Zombies, And Others Follow All Required Public Safety Regulations Among The Officers Is Year Old Lorin, TheIPO S Most Skilled Cadet His Co Workers Distrust Him, However, And In Extreme Cases Barely Tolerate Him As A Vampire, He Must Follow The Rules Including Turning A Blind Eye To The IPO S Practice Of Torturing Prisoners Or Face Death By Sunlight ExposureOn One Intense Dragon Hunting Mission, Lorin Encounters Lex, A Handsome But Flesh Eating Paranormal Who Is Quickly Intrigued By The Young Vampire Lorin Fears This Hunter, But As An Unexpected Friendship Unfolds Between The Two, An Even Unlikely Romance Blossoms The Problem Is Lex Is On The IPO S Radar, And When They Capture Him For Scientific Experimentation, Lorin Must Risk His Life To Overthrow The Organization He S Always Feared In Order To Save His Love It was an interesting enough premise kind of like Warm Bodies with a vampire boy instead of a human girl a forbidden romance with a vampire and zombie, and both are guys Unfortunately, just about everything else did not carry through the character development, world building, plot, dialogue, and writing The story follows Lorin, a teen vampire working for a vague agency, the IPO, that somehow regulates paranormal creatures and employs agents to capture paranormal creatures who do not follow the rules for imprisonment and scientific experiments Lorin meets Lex, a zombie, and they fall in love The IPO set their sights on hunting zombies, a vicious zombie sets up Lorin, and things get unpleasant in general with Lorin realizing the IPO treats the paranormals in their custody inhumanely, including him, so he decides to start a revolution to change things.I wanted to like the book, but the execution was so poor The world building was vague and flimsy The setting is mainly the IPO in an unnamed area or city with just the vaguest sense of organization, led by self serving Board men cardboard villains who get funding from some corporation to do their work There is little sense of the world they live in, how paranormals fit in, how the IPO came to make rules There are plenty of urban or paranormal fantasies built around some enforcement agency, and the ones that work are the ones that are developed, that convince readers the premise works The missions throw around jargon and weapons but are hardly believable They capture paranormal creatures to experiment on, but there is so little information about how these creatures work, beyond the label and rather lazy assumption that readers recognize what they are Granted, Lorin, is the reader s eyes, and he is a bit clueless Lorin explains his vampire ness, as does Lex on his zombie nature, but they are lame attempts that stretch the whole suspending disbelief Lex could have been an interesting kind of zombie coherent and intelligent, somehow alive rather than a moving corpse, able to heal regenerate quickly, still have to eat humans to keep their intelligence, but it all just fell flat As flat as the writing The dialogue was horribly stilted Emotion was not captured well For example, Lorin tells this supposedly horrible trauma of how he became a vampire, and it was ho hum and dull And the love between Lex and Lorin was just tedious It started out kind of cute when they met, but, as other readers had complained of insta love, it really did feel that way They quickly became in love, with thoughts only of each other, proclaiming their love often, and already not being able to live without the other The story dragged and suffered from being in Lorin s head where he whined, doubted, and overthought everything Very disappointing read, and there s supposed to be a sequel.I read this title as an ARC on Netgalley.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Venomoid (Night Code Saga #1) book, this is one of the most wanted J.A. Kossler author readers around the world.

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