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Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling series, Portal Chronicles, which has attained cult status within indie literature and become a favorite among teens and adults alike. An immunologist by profession, Dr. Rose published her first work of fiction in 2010. She now writes full time and is currently working on her second teen series, the Bonfire Chronicles. Imogen was born in Sweden and has l

❰EPUB❯ ✶ Integración  Author Imogen Rose –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 315 pages
  • Integración
  • Imogen Rose
  • English
  • 10 November 2017

10 thoughts on “Integración

  1. says:

    This one was jut as good as first.

    Quinn really shocked me and the biggest question I'm left with is was he always a player for the other side or do he find out about Cordelia and Jagger and joined for revenge?

    That was some cliffhanger there at the end!
    I'm sad Cordelia and everyone's finished at the academy!

    So much happens in this book and I know we didn't get to know Martha really but man i feel bad about her!

    I did for Quinn too until the end..

    Im liking Jagger more and more after very page even though he does my head in being so protective all the time. It's like are you a teen or an old fogy!

    This book gets so complicated sometimes with all it's twists and revelations you have to really pay attention or you'll miss something! It's so packed there's no room for boredom.

    I love the anticiipation of it all, but I'm impatient and can't find a release date for book 3, is there one yet???
    Anyone know? :D.

    Anyway, yeah, real good sequel guys!

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    If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be reading books that were not only young adult, but full of paranormal characters, I’d have called you crazy. But I got sucked in by reading the first of Imogen Rose’s Portal series, which convinced me young adult didn’t mean a grandparent was too old to enjoy it. It snuck in a small dose of the paranormal, so I was open to giving it a try when she started a series that was definitely paranormal. Now I’m hooked. Integration has only set the hook deeper.

    The Bonfire Academy series is a prequel to The Bonfire Chronicles, which currently has only one book, Faustine. Integration bridges the time from the end of Initiation to the start of Faustine. The focus is largely on Cordelia, although many of the students are returning, including one in particular who generates much of the book’s conflict. Some new characters also make their first appearances and shake things up.

    I’m always impressed by Rose’s ability to introduce and integrate new characters in an ongoing series and to craft an engrossing story, which is aptly demonstrated here. But what struck me as I was reflecting on Integration was that she’s done a first class job of world building without me realizing it. When I think of a typical book in the fantasy or science fiction genres, I expect a large part of that will be describing a world that is much different than anything in real life, while having enough aspects of the real world for us to be able to relate. While Rose’s world exists on the same planet we live on and sometimes her characters visit that world, I realized that what she has done with the Bonfire Academy series is created a world that is just as foreign to the world I live in as a story taking place on Planet X. None of the characters are 100% human. Their emotions, reactions, and powers are, at most, sometimes human-like, but more often not. Maybe the reason it took me this long to realize this is that their goals aren’t that much different from those of a human teenager: Survive school, have fun, and find someone to hook up with.

    **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

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    I loved this book; I can’t say enough good things about it, the story line is amazing and really pulls you into the book. Right from the very beginning there is something happening, there’s lots of action, romance and little surprise’s along the way. Imogen will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happen next.

    As all of you know by now I’m a huge fan of strong characters and Imogen nails it, Funny because you never thought you would love a demon so much! But I just love Cordelia She is strong, smart and not scared to kick some ass if need be but she also cares for her friends but she also keeps Bonfire Academy’s #1 rule at the fore front of her mind at all times “Trust no one”.

    In this book Cordelia is now working at Bonfire Academy as an apprentice for Professor Bern and continues to be a mentor to Faustine and of course there is someone trying to kill her still. If that does not make life hard she still can’t figure out what to do about Jagger and Quinn. But when Quinn goes missing the search is on. But will she be able to keep her friend Faustine safe? Or will whoever’s after them both finally get them?

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    I read Initiation first, then Faustine, now Integration and I think it is a great book! I absolutely love Cordelia. She is probably my all time favorite fictional character. I can't wait until book 3...I hope there will be a book 3!

  5. says:

    I just want to say that I truly enjoyed reading this book. Just when you think you know what's going to happen something else comes and surprises you.

  6. says:

    Great book but I have been busy so the I have room a couple days to finish.

    The book still has me in suspense I have no idea who the vilant is.

    I carried when a certain female close to Faustine's died. I was upset and confuse as why no one saved her. Wasn't Ryker there to wander her away even after being fatally wounded then. I am upset that she died.

    Twice now Faustine's has bitten a chunk out of something other than food. Oh well at least she didn't digest it.

    I knew it was fishy how can he be missing for almost a year and y'all just accept him back like he hadn't disappeared.

  7. says:

    Book 48 complete.

  8. says:

    For this review I wrote down my thoughts before I started. Having read Initiation, I was very excited to get on with this book. I was excited to get reacquainted with all of the characters, and I had high hopes for this book. I was not disappointed! And something special if you manage to snag a print copy of this book, in the back there are character interviews with some of the characters!

    Trust No One

    Really, that’s it. That’s the only rule when you attend Bonfire Academy. Heck, anywhere in life if you are one of these paranormal beings. Integration brings Cordelia back, and this time she is on the staff at Bonfire Academy, along with Quinn, Jagger, and some other graduates. Right away, I love Cordelia again. She is inquisitive enough to get into trouble…lots of trouble. But she is intelligent and brave, too. Now, if you read Initiation, you know she and Jagger are synched. Jagger is a faery, and now they are together. The belong together, and will forever. It doesn’t matter that she is a pus dripping demon and he is a faery, their hearts recognize each other and stake claim. But by this time, Cordelia still hasn’t told Quinn, her demon boyfriend. This was so frustrating for me!! I found myself chanting in my head “Drop Quinn Drop Quinn Drop Quinn”. Really, I have a thing for Jagger, he is my flavor of the week. I do have to note here the only disappointment I had in this entire story was that Jagger did not get as much face time as I would like to see.

    Faustine is back in school, and she seems like she has matured a bit. She doesn’t know all of the truths about her own life yet, and that’s a bit frustrating. I want someone to tell her about Ryker, for Pete’s sake! I swear, these paranormals take the whole confidentiality thing so far, I just want to scream!

    And Mason is back, and it seems that money bought his way in. Now, if you are new to this series and don’t know who Mason is, you are out of luck because I am not telling you. J But he is a jerk, and I want him gone. Someone needs to tar and de-feather that bird.

    This time around there are death threats left in the form of haiku poems on some of the doors of our favorite characters. Yes, there is a little cheese factor in that. But when you take in the picture as a whole, all of these characters are quite dramatic, so threats in this form only follow the traditions that have already been set. Nothing is normal at Bonfire Academy.

    There were a few new characters introduced during Integration, and I am very excited to see more of them in the future, along with the old characters. I can’t tell you the end without spoiling the whole story, but suffice it to say the secrets at Bonfire Academy run deep, and really there is just one thing to remember.

    Trust No One

    I loved this story, and I am super glad that I got to participate in its tour, since I first participated in Initiation’s tour also. As with the first book, these are characters that you can easily identify with and care for. There was plenty of action, and some of it was really gross lol. But everything altogether makes a fantastic story. Imogen Rose’s writing is fabulous and she really has a knack at grabbing your attention and keeping it. The storyline runs smoothly and I couldn’t put the book down. I still just have one request for Ms. Rose – More Jagger! Oh, and I’d love so much to see some artist renderings of Faustine and Cordelia in their demon forms. They are some nasty disgusting demons, and I love them!

  9. says:

    Integration is the follow up and sequel to Imogen Rose’s first book in the Bonfire Academy series, Initiation. In this second book, Imogen picks up from where the story last left off. Cordelia comes back to Bonfire Academy to start her year as Professor Bern’s apprentice.

    The book starts off with a very mysterious prologue that hooked me from the start. It had me eager to keep on reading because I felt I was finally going to get answers to all my questions from Initiation. Other familiar characters who I grew to love are back and not even a day has passed from when Cordelia arrives at BA when trouble starts up all over again. This time, the stakes are higher. Everyone Cordelia’s close to is in danger and even more lives are at risk. There’s so much threats surrounding not only Cordelia, but Faustine as well and it seems like no one can be trusted.

    Imogen Rose really added in the suspense and thrill I was looking for in the first book. I didn’t know what to expect in Integration and Imogen surely shocked me with the events that happened that I never thought to expect. Her writing is still just as addicting as it was in Initiation, but even more so. I couldn’t help but want to keep reading to find out what was really going on, to discover why all this creepy stuff was happening to Cordelia. I was happy that Imogen gave me enough information to appease my curiosity, but she still kept plenty in the dark to keep me begging for more.

    I really admired Cordelia in this book because she really started to take matters into her own hands. She finally started making her own decisions for herself and she also realized what was best for her and the people around her. I was proud of Cordelia for finally letting go the things and the people that needed to be let go. I just thought that Cordelia really stepped up her maturity in this book. I saw that she was really growing into herself, finding out what she truly wanted and needed for herself. I love that Cordelia continued to be such a great friend and protector towards Faustine. I also love Cordelia’s determination to get to the bottom of things. Cordelia does everything she can to help solve the problems happening around her and she won’t stop until the threats and danger that continue to plague them all finally cease. Cordelia is a true heroine and I can‘t wait to see what she does next!

    Overall, Integration was a great addition to the Bonfire Academy series. It was even better than the first. It was fun, fast-paced and exciting. Fans of Imogen Rose will love this book and paranormal lovers will enjoy such a different world and amazing characters created in this book!

    I can’t wait for the next book and if you haven’t started reading this series, I highly recommend it!

    More Reviews on my blog: Words, Pages, and Books

  10. says:

    You know that warm fuzzy sensation you get when returning to a series you love? That's the feeling I got when I picked up Integration. I read Initiation quite a while ago and absolutely L-O-V-E-D it. I loved the school, the 'trust no one' philosophy, the unique paranormal world that Imogen Rose creates, and most of all, Cordelia. So naturally I progressed into reading Faustine, and while it was a great book, I just didn't connect to it in the same way. Probably because I simply liked Cordelia better than Faustine. Hey, a girl can have favorites, right?

    Integration picks up where Initiation left off, with Cordelia returning to Bonfire Academy to complete her internship and sort out her feelings for Quinn (her childhood friend and longtime boyfriend) and Jagger (the Fae hybrid with whom she's synched). Like all of Imogen Rose's books, the action starts quickly and doesn't let up until the end. Once again Cordelia is tasked with watching Faustine who is in being threatened by an anonymous and hostile paranormal, while also juggling her professional responsibilities and trying to locate her missing boyfriend.

    Integration is shrouded in far more mystery than Initiation which I enjoyed, although having read Faustine first, I was always trying to put the facts together and figure out where the story was heading. (Given the opportunity, I would have read Integration first).

    What I liked.... Cordelia is fearless and confident (despite nearly being torn to pieces the prior year). She's got a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty (despite her inability to do the right thing by Quinn). And although we are constantly reminded that paranormals do not experience human emotions per se, Cordelia exhibits strong feelings for both Faustine and Jagger. Despite being a 'new adult' we still get to see her struggle with jealousy, love and friendship. She's also got a great deal of spunk, which I love in a female heroine.

    What I couldn't quite wrap my head around (spoiler alert!).... It seemed to me that Cordelia should have recognized that the Smelt was possessed and acted sooner, just as I felt she should have made some of the other mysterious connections more easily. I really wanted to jump in and give her a good shake when I felt the clues were so obvious! Fortunately, I can't dive into my Kindle though, because quite honestly, I'd probably never come back out.

    Overall, another winner for Imogen Rose. With lots of action, intensity, and a highly original paranormal world, I look forward to the next chapter in Cordelia's story and am excited to see how it plays into The Bonfire Chronicles (Faustine's story).

    * Note: This book is recommended for mature/upper YA readers as it does contain references to adult situations.

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