Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryDante s Inferno Or the excretory system good reads Charlie and the Chocolate factory Most of the people I know don t know this but I don t really like candy, but chocolate can be one of my favorite things when I am hungry I this case the book I read a few years ago called Charlie and the Chocolate factory amazed me and made me hungry all the time I read it This book is really related to the dreams of a kid at the age of Charlie Which is a boy who is not economicly good but has a great love for chocolate He is a really mature kid that follows his dream on going to Willy wonka s chocolate factory This book is not as others which take too long to get to the points and exciting parts On the other side this book never stops the fun in the kids journey Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a book I really recommend and enjoyed reading. This Is Not The Work Of Fiction This Is A Book Of Musical ScoresPVG Licensed Art SoundtrackThis Super Songbook Contains Six Hits Penned By Leslie Bricusse And Anthony Newley From This Imaginative Movie, A Perennial Favorite For Kids And Adults Alike Includes The Candy Man Cheer Up, Charlie I Want It Now I Ve Got A Golden Ticket Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo Pure Imagination 2 13 15There was once a very lucky kid named Charlie Charlie lived in a poor house with six other people Mr and Ms Bucket his parents and his four of his grandparents that were Joe and Jose, and from the dad s side, George and Georgina They were a happy family but didn t have money We are lucky enough to have this house and not living in the streets Roald Dahl In conclusion, The Buckets are a happy family with money situations.The Buckets barely make enough money for food Mr Bucket, Charlie s father, works in a toothpaste company and doesn t make enough money to buy food and supplies for the house It must be tough if you barely eat The Buckets have nearly bread all day for their food and for dinner a soup If they get lucky, they can find leftover food on restaurants Charlie got the fifth ticket to visit the Willy Wanka chocolate factory Willy Wanka s chocolate factory has been closed for years because spy s were trying to steal the recipe The spy s attracted attention and people started hating Willy Wanka and loving other recipes that are almost the same as his People offered money for the ticket, that made Charlie wondering but Charlie and his Grandpa George convinced him to go there because George used to work for Willy Wonka and this would be a huge opportunity to meet him again I used to work for Willy Wanka before he shut his factory It wasn t like any other factory his was magical Roald Dahl In conclusion, Charlie got lucky into winning the ticket.2 20 15Charlie and his Grandpa Joe, packed their bags for the day to go to the chocolate factory They are both going because Charlie got the last golden ticket to enter the factory for a day Charlie was very lucky into winning that ticket When they arrived, a big crowed was waiting for them in the entrance Mr Wonka said that the gates will open at 10 00 am Open the gates said Willy Wonka on the big speakers Ronald Dahl In conclusion, Charlie got the 5th ticket.The factory wasn t like any other factory, it was magical Everything that is made inside of the factory is made out of chocolate Grass, trees, water everything was made of chocolate There was a big fancy chocolate river that had a water fall or should I say, chocolate fall and look There is a chocolate fountain right there Ronald Dahl Concluding, Charlie is now in the factory.Mr Wonka hired workers named Oompa loumpas After Willy Wonka shut down his factory because of spies, he went out to the forest to look for a new flavor Spies were trying to get the secret recipe to the willy wonka chocolate bars Willy found creatures that loved coconuts and so Willy told them if they worked with him then he will give them all the coconuts he has Oh yeah, those are Oumpa loumpas They work for me Ronald Dahl In conclusion, Willy Wonka still had workers but didn t have humans work for them 3 6 15In chapter 7, Charlie had a birthday In Charlies birthday he spent the day with his family in his home Charlie didn t have anyone else to celebrate it with For his present he got a chocolate bar because his family didn t have anything else to get him then they told him to open it and see if the golden ticket but unfortunately, the ticket wasn t there No, i am going to share it It s mine and my decision is to share it Ronald Dahl In conclusion, Charlie had a birthday and celebrated it with his family.In chapter 8, the 3rd golden ticket was found Charlie and his family were watching the news and saw that the 3rd golden ticket was found That leaves Charlie two tickets to find Violet Beauregard was the one who won the ticket she hold the championship for the longest chewing of gum It has been announced that Violet Beauregard is the lucky winner for the 3rd ticket Ronald Dahl In conclusion, the 3rd winner of the golden ticket is found.Shorty after the 3rd ticket was found, the 4th ticket was found A boy who loves to play video games and kill fictional people know as Mike Teave has won the 4th ticket There is 1 ticket left for Charlie to find A rumor has been going around saying that the 5th ticket is found from a russian but that was a fake ticket so he tried to cheat his way in I heard the fifth ticket is found Ronald Dahl In conclusion, there is 1 last ticket left. Now I am just pulling stuff out that I read from elementary and jr high. I love chocolate and candy thats why i like this book, because it has a lot of funny things in it such as the Oompa Loompas I really recommend this book to who ever is bored or likes funny stuff or specially if you like candy and chocolate Of course I love this book How could I not. Love this book Childhood favorite. Willy wonka and the chocolate factory is an amazing fun filled book It is about a child named charlie bucket who finds a golden ticket to a chocolate factory where he goes an adventure with the owner of the factory Willy Wonka and 5 other contestants Why I decided to read this book was because this has to be one of my favorite childhood films One character I really liked was willy wonka willy wonka is a very qwerky and unusual character One thing this book taught me is that your mind has no limit to your imagination Throughout the book things that you cant even imagine and it just ahppens on a daily basis. This book was very interesting and I really like this book because this book was very interesting, there are the chocolate waterfall, candy flower, and other awesome things Also, this story teaches me that everyone can create a miracle I recommend this book, and you should read it right now.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory book, this is one of the most wanted Leslie Bricusse author readers around the world.

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