Singe (Lights and Sirens, #2)

Singe (Lights and Sirens, #2) Reviewed for RT Book Reviews Their Slow Burn Could Build To A Five Alarm Or Go Up In SmokeLights And Sirens, Book Addie Manzella Does Her Best To Keep Her Complicated Personal Life Separate From Work But After The Funeral Of A Colleague Who Died In An Arson Fire, Things Come To A Head She Goes Tequila Shot For Tequila Shot With Fellow Firefighter Eli Grant A Contest That Ends In The BedroomSure, The Sex Is Great Okay, It S The Best Of Her Life But Eli Clearly Isn T A Long Term Kind Of Guy Though His Post Divorce Antics Read Goofball Than Player, He S A Complication She Doesn T NeedBold, Brassy Addie Is A Serious Threat To Eli S Determination To Hide A Dark History Not Even His Ex Wife Knows The Whole Story Behind The Burn Scars On His Body Yet He Can T Resist The Challenge Of Pursuing Addie Especially Since She Clearly Likes Being ChasedThe Fire That Took Their Friend, Though, Isn T The Last As Buildings And Lives Go Up In Flames, Eli S Past Comes Roiling To The Present Threatening To Send Their Fledgling Romance Up In SmokeWarning This Book Contains Two Wicked Hot Firefighters, A Dark Secret, Sex In Semi Public Places, And A Smidge Of Catholic Guilt Intense and raw, much like book 1 Except it didn t feel repetitive at all I like the messiness of this series the HEAs are hard won and the ends aren t neatly tied up Addie and Eli are a good couple I do wish that the arsonist hadn t been who it was Felt like a bit too much of a stretch.Bought from kobo Oh, Singe In full disclosure, I skimmed the last 30% of this book I just couldn t do any.My review for Singe features all my same complaints as my review for Crash, book 1 in the series The backstory is a little clich The characters really are not well developed The formatting is awful Singe goes a little further though.Again, the backstory of the characters are sort of stated, and then not developed or elaborated on or resolved at all The dialogue in Singe is worse It is VERY clipped and tedious It felt like there was pages between coherent sentences It was flat out difficult to read.Addie is one of the most frustrating characters I ve ever read Her character is not developed at all She seems dense, and has some unknown chip on her shoulder over her family I m not saying that some of her family members don t completely suck, but this girl has such a complex going on Eli s problems at least make a little sense.Like I said, I barely finished this one Even the romance was a little lacking I have the third book in the series, but I do not know if I want to even try at this point. 3.5 5Ruby McNally, in my opinion, is the newcomer to watch when it comes to contemporaries Singe, her second book, deals with a relationship between two firefighters from the same firehouse Dating a co worker from the same house A bit of a no no in the firefighter world If that s not enough, there s a serial arsonist at large Add to that family problems, childhood trauma, sexytimes, plus some Catholic guilt, and you ve got quite a book Just like Crash, the first book in the series, Singe is written in the present tense While it might not work for some people, I think it really fits with the stories Ruby McNally writes.The only quibble I have is that the book ends quite abruptly Other than that, it s a solid read.

Ruby McNally double majored in psychology and cognitive linguistics before ultimately deciding her talents lay elsewhere She grew up hiding her diary from her five brothers, who will never know she writes romance She lives in Boston and has no cats You can visit her online at

[KINDLE] ❃ Singe (Lights and Sirens, #2)  ❆ Ruby McNally –
  • ebook
  • 273 pages
  • Singe (Lights and Sirens, #2)
  • Ruby McNally
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781619220782

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