Green Is a Chile Pepper

Green Is a Chile Pepper Children Discover A World Of Colors All Around Them Many Of The Featured Objects Are Latino In Origin, But All Are Universal In Appeal With Rich, Boisterous Illustrations, A Fun To Read Rhyming Text, And An Informative Glossary, This Playful Concept Book Will Reinforce The Colors Found In Every Childs Day

Also writes as Roseanne Greenfield Thong.

[Reading] ➸ Green Is a Chile Pepper  ➮ Roseanne Thong –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Green Is a Chile Pepper
  • Roseanne Thong
  • 03 January 2018
  • 9781607537076

10 thoughts on “Green Is a Chile Pepper

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    I adore this book and plan to purchase it for my class.

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    Full review at color book told through the eyes of a young girl as she explores her Hispanic neighborhood The illustrations are so vibrant and vivid and show such a diversity of people, traditions, and families The text includes bilingual words thrown throughout the rhymes.

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    A nice bilingual book that feels authentically Latin as it references ethic foods and spices, festivals and celebrations Not your average book of colors.Illustrations are colorful, bright, interesting, and engaging.

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    I adore the illustrations

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    This book represents text to world It is all about discovering colors that are all around us I can connect this to the world purely by the fact that we all discover new colors and arrays of color while walking through everyday life in our neighborhood, workplace, school, and overall environment By finding new murals on walls downtown, or watching sunsets with loved ones, we are always discovering new colors and a love for our surroundings I think young children especially have this vital step in their development when they come across a new color that they have never seen before and have to learn what it is called This book was VERY cute and is a wonderful tool for children who are still learning their colors.

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    For a children s book about colors and there are so many it s hard to stand out , this is probably one of my favorites It is a celebration of Latino culture, teaches colors in both English Spanish, and the art is festive and fun There is a glossary at the back for the additional Spanish words included in the text, too.

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    Super cute mentor text that has a lot of Spanish words in it Also I love that the basis is on colors in both Spanish and English I would probably not read to a grade higher than 3rd though My third graders weren t super impressed But they liked the Spanish

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    One connection I found in Red is a Chile Pepper, was a text to self TS connection A text to self connection involves having students identify how the book reminds them of events, characters, and themes in their own lives How does the book remind you of your own life What characters or themes can you relate to in the book This book about colors reminded me of how I have learned a new culture through my roommate In the book, the family makes different foods for the party such as green Chile peppers and salsa on top of rice My roommate is Mexican and she has taught me a lot about Mexican food, culture and festivals during our four year friendship I have learned how to make tamales, homemade pi atas and traditional Mexican tacos The events and food depicted in the story reminded me of my own life in this way My roommate always has delicious Mexican food cooking in the house and it inspires me to make my own Mexican food Now I am addicted to Mexican food and cannot stop making it

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    Credits Lively, lovely illustrations that give a flavor of daily Mexican life Detailed glossary in back Debits The verses aren t especially graceful eg Red is a ribbon Red is a bow and skirts for baile folkl rico Arbitrary color assignments eg Pink are pi atas, Purple are rides at the feria Also, selection of p rpura and marr n for purple and brown, without mentioning the legion other names for these colors in Mexico Final couplet feels like weirdly arbitrary picks In ponchos, serapes, and xylophones, too, these beautiful colors are waiting for you Also, and I know this is a quibble, but I never see rainbow painted xylophones in Mexico I just see wooden marimbas.

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    Green is a Chile Pepper A Book of Colors is a bilingual, color concept book It was recognized as an honor book for the Pura Belpr Award in 2015 for its illustrations The Latinos pictured are represented with a variety of skin tones, representative of the different shades found throughout Latin America Language is used authentically and didn t include double word use with the English word immediately following A glossary is included at the end of the book The richly colored and detailed illustrations would draw all young readers Latino children, in particular, can easily connect to the authentic cultural references.

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