Lord Edgware Dies

Lord Edgware Dies Poirot Had Been Present When Jane Bragged Of Her Plan To Get Rid Of Her Estranged Husband Now The Monstrous Man Was Dead And Yet The Great Belgian Detective Couldn T Help Feeling That He Was Being Taken For A Ride After All, How Could Jane Have Stabbed Lord Edgware To Death In His Library At Exactly The Same Time She Was Seen Dining With Friends And What Could Be Her Motive Now That The Aristocrat Had Finally Granted Her A Divorce

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Lord Edgware Dies
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 11 July 2019
  • 9780002314572

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    A book devoid of genius levels of narration but with the customary gusto of Agatha Christie is still a solid entry in the Hercule Poirot series What enhanced the reading experience was the system of chapter allocation Christie varies her ways of indenting her story from book to book But this time the chapters were short, with titles of their own I liked that.There was no stupefying twists present but the murdererwell I don t want to spoil the fun for you Altogether the translators keep on changing but the quality remains there or thereabouts.

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    13 For Dinner Thirteen at Dinner Lord Edgware Dies, Agatha Christie Lord Edgware Dies is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in September 1933 and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company later in the same year under the title of Thirteen at Dinner Before its book publication, the novel was serialised in six issues March August 1933 of The American Magazine as 13 For Dinner 2011 1372 289 20 1388 282 9789643636180 1393 .

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    Take it from me, nothing is as riveting as Hercules Poirot hanging about letting the little grey cells percolate.If you re looking for the master detective to bitch slap a Duke or put the moves on some English babe or pull out a gat and plug a few holes in the snobbish butler, move on dear reader Poirot thinks A lot.In this volume, he does lots and lots of contemplating and not much in the way of getting about and searching for clues Let that pompous fool, Inspector Japp, do most of the leg work while Poirot takes a nap or eats le omelet Hastings, my dear friend, we haven t gone over the clues in a page and a half, let us do so once again Again, I don t expect Poirot to chase a suspect, leaping across London rooftops in a single bound or beat a knife wielding thug into a bloody pulp or hang out at the hotel pool, drinking Boilermakers and ogling the honeys, but in this volume, our Belgian detective is inert than usual.Plus, this very regular mystery, doesn t offer a lot of mental gymnastics for the reader looking for a brain workout The answer is pretty much there after a quarter of the book, then Christie plays hide the suspect salami, diverting the reader away from the truth with feeble feints and jabs The fun for these types of mysteries is having to re adjust your thinking cap when different clues and suspects are brought to light this book just brought on le brain cramps.If you want better Christie or Poirot, check out The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Murder on the Orient Express or The A.B.C Murders.Oh, and the American title of this book makes very little sense in the grand scheme of things, I would have stuck with the original title, Lord Edgeware Dies It s what this perfunctory mystery deserves.

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    Incomparable according to himself Hercule Poirot overheard a famous American actress saying she would love to kill her husband Lo and behold, some time later the guy really was killed The suspect was sort of obvious in the beginning, only it turned out not only the actress has absolutely no motive for doing the deed, but it was physically impossible for her to do as she was at a dinner with twelve other people all the time thus another titles of the book Thirteen at Dinner The problem interested Poirot and so the great detective jumped into investigation to the delight of his faithful friend and sidekick Capt Hastings Much to Hastings chagrin Poirot s investigation consisted of sitting in a comfortable chair excising his famed grey cells On the negative side the story was narrated by Capt Hastings By this book of the series he became bland Also while in the previous books he demonstrated some rare, but still heightening of his intellect, here he was completely hopelessly stupid No wonder he stops being the narrator in the next books of the series No, he was not even stupid in a cute way like Forrest Gump.On the positive side I know exactly one person in real life who was able to solve the mystery before Poirot explained it The guy s reasoning was simply, I do not like this person s face, thus I know the murderer In other words, it was a lucky guess Nobody else could guess the identity of the culprit despite the fact that readers are given all the clues Poirot had In my book this is the definition of a good mystery.So while narration was not great and Poirot spent most of his time sitting on his behind reflecting on what was going on the mystery itself was top notch with plenty of red herrings and plot twists 4 stars is my rating.

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    Review to follow tomorrow, but woo hoo, was that good or what Rhetorical English question And yes it was good, a great story, fabulous characters and a real twist at the end as Poirot solves the crime s I m reading this as part of a read all of the Poirots challenge, and I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying it Some of them I have read and remember, some of them I remember from David Suchet s excellent portrayal on TV, and in some ways the best are those that I just don t know This falls into the latter category and so was enthralling and kept me riveted all the way to the denouement view spoiler Poirot is for a while stymied and cannot seem to get his little grey cells working and Japp starts almost crowing as he has gone with Poirot s original thoughts and feels he has the murderer This is despite this solution NOT answering Poirot s 5 questions You know I kept trying to answer these questions and like Porot till his epiphany I couldn t get them As per usual I was beaten by the master detective, but who cares it was one of the best with its twists and red herrings hide spoiler

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    Lord Edgware Dies Hercule Poirot, 9 , Agatha Christie 2011 1388 282 9789643636180 13 at Dinner, Agatha Christie 1372 289 .

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    3.5 stars I actually changed my mind about this book right at the end, during Poirot s gathering people together to reveal the murderer I found I did not like the characters involved in the case, and this is the first time I ve found Hastings genuinely tiresome Poirot chastising Hastings for being so simple minded throughout the book had me wholeheartedly agreeing Then, Poirot put one of the suspects through the wringer because the suspect had dared to tell Poirot a series of really dumb stories That showed a side of Poirot I had not seen before, a rather frightening side I can well imagine he used to advantage when he worked in Belgium years before And the reveal of the murderer and an explanation of the murderer s devious plan, which I d seen parts of and had even briefly suspected this person, was really smart Well done, Mrs Christie

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    So, as the title says, Lord Edgeware dies His wife tells everyone she s going to kill him and how But when he does get killed she has an air tight alibi, even though she was seen at the scene of the crime It s up to Poirot to find the true murderer I don t think I ve read a Poirot book before where he says, I was wrong so many times This one stumped him for quite awhile.

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    Sacr It took me only 2 days to literally devour this book I most certainly didn t saw that coming, I never could guessed who was the murderer, Agatha did good job

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