The Do-Over

The Do-Over This book of poems is dedicated to the poet s late stepmother in law The best poems in it uses the dead woman s name as the basis for a triplet of acrostic poems Appearing in the beginning, middle and end of the book respectively, A in May, A in January and A in September create a cycle of remembrance that goes with seasonal changes As if to evade the fixity of the acrostic pattern, the poems are full of surprising shifts and effective repetitions, the latter showing the acknowledged influence of Gertrude Stein The poems also offer haunting images, reminiscent of Plath s I will remember the dropped cherry pits in the first poem The other acrostic poems, also dedicated to the dead Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Troy Davis, Lucian Freud and Donna Summer just do not have the heft of shared lives The experimental poems in the collection do not strike me as entirely successful There is a long story called After, about a driven and manipulative colleague in a publishing company, that is interesting for its characterizations, but hardly intense enough to be a prose poem The otherworldly sub plot, which is supposed to convey the narrator s desire for transcendence, is actually less interesting than the office politicking I do like very much the last poem of the book, Oh, wow, mausoleums The prose paragraphs are borne along by the syncopation of verse How can anyone alive gainsay the wonderful line There s no fooling the sweet dumb pulse. This book is fantastic If you have any interest in poetry at all you should read this book It s heartbreaking and intensely real. This is a great collection of poetry about death, about family, about society, and about grieving but really it s also a book about life and wonder, and how we move through this world with the knowledge we have and the knowledge we acquire from others I m excited to say we ll be doing an interview together soon 1st book I read in 2015 I will admit that I while did not enjoy this poetry collection as a whole, I admire Ossip s freefall into experimental verse There were little crackles of electric language throughout and I appreciated them when they appeared That being said, at many points throughout this collection, I could not orient myself or was not washed in the language or emotion of the works In my opinion, these poems were at their worst when long Little snippets I enjoyed though When I look a cow or pig in the eyes, I see a person I don t feel that way about salmon I m eating him with a vinegar sauce from Lyric Her breath a glint Born to the lifespan of a wasp from The Road Trip and the Apron String And, finally, Expectation lingers just like a memory from One Short Lyric. By the title poem, I ve found my way into Ossip s expansiveness Or by then, at least, I m pierced by these concluding lines There s something modern within us, grieving in middle age, and its intensity stands between us and death in the school, the dappled school, of patience Can t help but think there are many depths to this middle age personal, national, ecological Wise ass, and then just plain wise, this is a sure and true book. I love the formal and tonal variety in this collection Acrostics recur throughout the book, but I was most drawn to two poems whose forms boldly stood out Lyric, which invokes silence and a range of voices through its use of white space and visual effects, and After, a 13 page essay story prose poem I also appreciated the earnestness and playfulness of the spiritual questions with which Ossip engages These poems are certainly elegies, but they re also probing into what it means to escape, to enjoy, to revise, to harm, to live I admire how Ossip refuses to compromise in the face of these big, unanswerable questions. 3.5 4 this gathered steam as it went on. The third section was devastating in the best possible poetry way Will be re reading this as I work on my own ms. A Much Anticipated Third Collection With Poems Mourning A Mother Figure, As Well As Recently Deceased Cultural IconsPraise For Kathleen Ossip Ossip Conjures Delightful And Unexpected Muses Shrewd And Ambitious New York Times Book Review The Do Over, Ossip S Third Collection, Is A Lyrical, Open Ended, Meta Leaning Meditation On The Subject Of Death A N Exquisite Cocktail Of Displacement, Minutiae, And Metapoetic Introspection Boston Review The Biggest Surprise In Poetry For Is This Second Book By Kathleen Ossip It S Got Everything One Could Wish For In A New Collection Of Poems It S Just Beautiful And Terrifying Publishers Weekly, Best Books Of The Poet Has An Uncanny Ability To Convey What It Actually Feels Like To Be Alive Today Ossip Is One Of Our Foremost Ethnographers Of Contemporary Unreality The Believer How Do You Stay In Heaven Ossip Asks, Is It A Kind Of Sophisticated Rewind Her Third Collection Of Poems Is Haunted By The Idea Of Rewind, And Especially By The Teasing Possibility That We, Too Like The Moon, Like A Plant May Be Granted Cycles Of Life, Death, And Rebirth The Book S Overarching Narrative Is The Death Of The Poet S Stepmother In Law, A Cherished, Loving, Eccentric Woman Who Returns To Its Pages Again And Again But In Spite Of Its Focused Grief And Ontological Urgency, The Do Over Is A Varied Collection Short Acrostics Mourn Recently Dead Cultural Icons Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Donna Summer There S An Ode To An Anonymous Chinese Factory Worker, Three True Stories That Read Like Anecdotes Told Over Drinks, And The Do Over Is An Unsentimental Elegy To A Mother Figure, A Fragmented Portrait Of Its Difficult, Much Loved Subject It S Also A Snapshot Of Our Death Obsessed, Death Denying Cultural Moment, Which In Ossip S Gifted Hands Turns Out To Be Tremulous, Skeptical, Unsure Of Ultimate Values And, Increasingly, Driven To Find Them I Am Still Studying, Aren T You She Begins Readers Will Eagerly Embrace The Surprise, Humor, And Seriousness Of Her Quest I love everything she writes, so I m biased But really It s fucking brilliant.

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