I Belong Only to Myself

I Belong Only to Myself I Belong Only to Myself does well in contextualizing Leda Rafanelli s writing within the political landscape of early 20th century Western Europe I appreciate the author s honesty in her acknowledgement of inconsistencies in Leda s beliefs and how coming of age in colonial era Italy inevitably coloured her views on the Middle East and North Africa as a convert to Islam This book is by no means a comprehensive collection of Leda s writing if such a thing could exist , but definitely furthered my understanding Italian leftism in the early 1900 s I would recommend it to anyone looking to better understand the role of narrative and fiction in political writing. Leda Rafanelli Was One Of The Most Prolific Propagandists In Early Twentieth Century Italy She Began Working As A Typesetter In Her Teens, And Went On To Found And Run Several Publishing Houses Her Own Body Of Work Included Scores Of Novels, Pamphlets, Short Stories, Children S Books, Essays, And Poems A Comrade Of Benito Mussolini Before He Was A Fascist, She Converted To Both Anarchism And Islam At The Age Of Twenty, A Combination Characteristic Of Her Iconoclastic Approach To Life And Politics Rafanelli Developed Her Own Uniquely Social Form Of Individualist Anarchism, Which Shunned The Egoist Trappings Of The Times, And Practiced A Deeply Personal Form Of Islam Even As She Denounced Religion She Countered Both Patriarchy And Bourgeois Feminism With Feminility, A Concept That Predates Some Similar Tenets Of Radical Feminism By Many Decades As Some Anarchists Fell In With Marinetti And Futurism S Often Reactionary Bravado, Rafanelli Boldly Declared Herself A Passist Weaving Excerpts From Rafanelli S Novels, Poems, And Essays Presented Here For The First Time In English Translation With Extensive Biographical Research, Andrea Pakieser Traces A Biographical Path Through The Waves Of Strikes And Insurrections That Accompanied The Shaky Foundation Of The Italian Nation The Evolution And Offshoots Of The Anarchist Movement As It Mixed And Blended With Syndicalism And Egoist Currents And The Chaos And Insecurity Brought By Fascism And Global War Withdrawing From Public Life After WWII, Leda Embarked On A New Career As A Palm And Card Reader, While Working On Writing Biographical Sketches Of Her Anarchist Comrades And Continuing To Invent Her Personal And Unorthodox Forms Of FreedomAndrea Pakieser Is A Andrea Pakieser Is A Writer, Researcher, And Translator While not the kind of book I d typically pick up to read though I do like biographies, I read the book because I know the author editor One of the reasons the author editor wrote the book was to have the conversations and discussions surrounding promotional activities to be as inspiring and enlightening as the process of researching and working out the book itself She can definitely chalk this one off the list I m an educated man but in the course of reading this book I had to revisit innumerable topics that I thought I knew only to find that the Americanized version of this rich history as presented in the 60s was severely deficient The reading was marvelous I loved the way Leda s story was intertwined within the commentary on the historical activities of the time One of the things I really grew to appreciate was the editor s precision with defining terms and activities in the historical context of the times so to speak, used the terms and explanation of the late 1800s and early 1900s It took me two to three times as long to read this book as the intrigue spun within the book lead me on my own journeys to learn about the person and her times The journey to engage in a new examination of concepts like propaganda , the effect of literacy, the elevation of the concept of equality for women into her newly coined phrase of feminility , tons of historical references to the politics of Italy along with significant European events and all turned out to be worthy jaunts I am sooooooo glad I read this book Bravo Andrea Lorenzo ElseI Belong Only to Myself The Life and Writings of Leda Rafanelli This book was unexpectedly delightful I know little about Italian anarchists in history and knew nothing about Leda Rafanelli before AK sent this book along Anyone who is interested in turn of the last century leftists, Italian history, obscure social justice fiction writers, or just radical bohemian women who tried to carve out their own life despite expectations will likely enjoy this. Such a fascinating translation and commentary on such a little known writer, propagandist, paradox of a woman I wanted to read Italian woman writers who were observing and writing during the rise of fascism Rafanelli really was a voice of her times And Pakieser does a great job of putting all her works together in one book potent examining and reflecting.

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  • Paperback
  • 175 pages
  • I Belong Only to Myself
  • Andrea Pakieser
  • 13 April 2018
  • 9781849351959

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