Drifter (The 1929 Series, #4)

Drifter (The 1929 Series, #4) I am toughing out reading this series I don t like how the story jumps from one storyline to a completely unrelatated storyline in each book Eventually, the stories link up, but it is a very convuluted way. Great book Continues on with the saga of the characters from the 1929 series Provides a lot of background on what happened to Aryl Sullivan after the explosion on the boat Aryl crosses paths with Richard Sloan, a detective from Boston, who discovers Aryl s identity and takes him back to his family and friends On the long trip home, we get to hear what has happened to Aryl during the year he has been missing and presumed dead The series just keeps getting interesting. We Are Led Into The World Of Richard Sloan, A Massachusetts Missing Person S Detective Who Seems To Be Losing His Touch After Six Months He Hasn T Found Anyone Alive And Becomes Desperate To Redeem His ReputationAryl Sullivan, Who Suffered Amnesia In A Boating Accident, Finds Himself Caught Up In A Series Of Events That Land Him In London While In The Hands Of Gina, A Secretive And Controlling Woman, And Her Boss, Mickey, Aryl Is Forever Changed As He Does What He Has To In Order To SurviveFollowing Leads On A Serial Cop Killer Terrorizing Boston, Detective Sloan Unwittingly Stumbles On Information That Leads Him To Aryl Sullivan, A Man Everyone In Rockport Thinks Is Dead This series is entertaining, if nothing else But there is something else in the present book that is bothersome addiction to opiates Aryl disappeared from his family eleven months prior to his homecoming After being shipwrecked, he was picked up by a cargo boat full of opiates For pain he took the medicine Somehow he gets home only to fall into another ship bound for England By this time he is hooked on the medicine He is thrown under a bridge where a supplier happens along He lives in a warehouse where all kinds of drugs are kept which is fortunate for an addict His story combines with Sloan s story Sloan is a detective specializing in finding lost people Sloan miraculously finds Aryl and escorts him home Sloan has marital problems stemming from his wife being a habitual aborter I think after three miscarriages a woman is a habitual aborter These two men tell their stories through flipback which is a new word I just created Read the book and determine for yourself if flipback is an appropriate descriptive word This book will not stand alone Thank you, Ms Gardner, for a good read. Great SeriesI just finished book number 4 of the 1929 series and it was great There are a few editing mistakes that should have been caught, but not strong enough that you couldn t follow the story I m on to the final book in the series Great Series, M L Gardner Don t know why I stayed with it to end Story, if it can be called that, didn t move Scene changes were abrupt and without description Names changed in a confusing manner Went back and forth from first person to narrative All characters hokey and trite, borrowed from other failed books and B movies Won t waste time with this author again. The story gets hard to follow at times I read the Kindle edition and perhaps the print editions are laid out better, but it would have helped me a lot if the different character s tales were in different fonts since the author does not tell the reader which character is telling his story. Not crazy about this book I am enjoying the series, but if this was the 1st book, I would think twice about continuing with the series.I thought it was choppy and jumped from one time period to another Looking forward to getting back to the real story. I ve now read the first 5 books in this series my review for every book is will be the same I wrote will be since I know I ll keep reading to the end of the series In a nutshell, these are books I love to hate The storyline is engaging, and I definitely want to keep reading to see what happens to all the characters Having said that, there are SO MANY historical inaccuracies that it s almost, but not quite, enough to make me walk away Other readers have pointed out some of the obvious errors, like showers in the NYC tenements, etc I ll point out a couple of things that just about drive me crazy 1 the author s constant use of bad grammar in an effort to make the dialogue authentic at least I can only assume that s why she uses it Case in point, Me and Caleb used to go there when we were younger OK, this isn t a direct quote, but you get the idea Every time I read another example of Me and did such and such it makes me grit my teeth 2 Getting a very simple detail like the Ides of March incorrect In Book 3, one of the chapters is titled, March 10, 1931, and starts off The Ides of March, Jonathan grumbled as he carried Jean back to his bed NO NO NO The Ides of March is the 15th The Ides of any month is the 15th IMO, this sort of error is inexcusable 3 In Book 2, a large chunk of the plot is lifted straight from the movie Ghost Hardly original.OK, so it s obvious I have a number of issues with the series writing BUT, as I ve said above, I ll keep reading to see what happens And I guess ultimately that s what matters to the author. This book was in major need of an editor, and someone to point out the major inaccuracies so they could be fixed I liked the main premise but it just didn t work It was hard to look past the bad grammar not even historically accurate as well as everything else This was two men telling their stories while on a ship headed to the U.S but at times it was difficult to keep track of names nor was it always readily apparent when narrators had switched Their timelines were also certainly not linear so could lead to confusion The ending was a let down and only made partial sense I know this is part of a series but I m only vaguely interested in continuing with it certainly not enough to buy them.

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