Avalanche This Is A Novel About Friendship, Maybe In Its Unusual, Extreme Form The Two Main Characters, Mike And Nick, Meet In The Alps On A Scientific Expedition They Become Very Close, But Struggle To Place Their Relationship In The Context Of Their Lives They Fear That The Bond Between Them Will Not Survive Outside Their Research Hut, And That The Outside World Will Present Challenges Impossible To Overcome This Story Is An Investigation Into The Nature Of Ties Between People, The Limits Of Loyalty And The Power Of Conventions

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Avalanche  By Xena Semikina – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 486 pages
  • Avalanche
  • Xena Semikina
  • English
  • 07 July 2019

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    Avalanche starts off as a gripping medical thriller set in the Alps and transforms into the relationship drama and romantic suspense Except for the fact that the romance here is of no sexual nature.Imagine, a bond between a mother and her child, between two siblings.What happens when two people meet and develop a bond so tight and sublime that nothing seems to destroy it Well, the circumstances may still destroy Nick and Mike How will they cope with it if it takes than they can bear How can they evade vicious circles of doubt, worry, misjudgement, blackmail and outright hostility.Days after I ve read it, I still can t stop thinking about it If you have ever experienced a book hangover , you know you ve come across something precious Avalanche will sweep you away, you ve been warned.

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    This book spoiled me It starts out with such an exhilarating beginning that it s hard to put the book down and just when you think things are about to settle down they take another turn and lead to a whole list of other problems It s a rollercoaster of emotions both frustrating and beautiful An absolute must read I say it spoiled me because after reading this I haven t found anything to draw me in as much as this book did.However, although I do love the book I personally feel it lacked one thing I m not sure if this may be considered a spoiler so heads up the consummation of physical love, not in an erotic way but in the nurturing way of wanting to fulfill your soul mate s every aspect 100% and then some I hate reading a story with gratuitous love making scenes but the development of this story as it is would be one perfect example were a simple kiss of love would be triumphantly rewarding But filling the blanks is part of the joy of the whole adventure and it makes for this story such a wonderful read.

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    The beginning of this book, pulled me in It s well written and smart, and completely unique The premise was enjoyable I found it a little hard to relate to the characters because their friendship is so completely intense and immediate, almost, but I still was sucked in It ended up, however, overpowering me with the angst, manipulation and out right doubt I m good with angst, and all of these other emotions, but it s simply too much The comfort balance is barely there, but, still, it does what it is intended to do, taking you along for the ride, making you as off balance as the characters in the story That s good.What isn t good, or at least for me isn t good, is the suspense of disbelief necessary to buy into it, full heartedly.We have characters that are so head over heels in love with each other, that who have such intense inner dialogue and depth and have literally exhausted you with their friendship, and they are literally so internally homophobic that they STILL at the resolution, and on the way to their HEA, still can t even comprehend the idea that they might be gay, and certainly never act on it This is so unrealistic I can t swallow it They push themselves to the point of dementia, and possible death, to be at each others side, come what may, and they can t even THINK to themselves in their alone time that this is anything than friendship, and never so much as kiss lol These straight, not at all gay men cuddle on the couch, they passionately embrace, snuggle and drag each other from the depths of despair at every turn, while reiterating, over and over again, no homo and that just makes me horribly sad, for a book that could ve nailed it Having said that, this was written than a decade ago, I see The literary world has come a long way baby Maybe back then we weren t ready.Maybe we still aren t.I cared enough about the characters to tell myself maybe these crazy kids are living in a chateau, with Mary, who is about 11 just now, and living the family life they so desperately deserved

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    This is the very definition of emotional roller coaster It s a story of a friendship or some might call it a compulsive platonic love that can endure anything.

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